Our Story



We're two brothers who had an idea to challenge and change the custom clothing industry forever.

It's literally what we said - pretty confident, right? Our idea was to solve this common problem...



ordering custom clothing for groups wasn’t exactly...customised

To us, buying custom clothes should feel like going to a tailor and getting the perfect fit, not like getting a loose and dusty t-shirt with your logo stamped on it. After looking for custom clothing for ourselves and seeing what others were offering, nothing looked or felt original about it. The results were all the same...

How come my only options are poorly fitted shirts and hoodies?

The colours and designs we chose online don’t match what we received.

Parts of orders were missing and you still get charged.

Too many companies shipped late and missed delivery dates.

And appalling customer service with no one replying to emails.

We created CLIFTON to introduce a better option - one that actually delivers on quality with the quantity. When you order with us, what you see on the screen is what you get - delivered on time, to the right specs, and in full. And if for some reason there’s an issue, we promise we’ll make it right without delay.


It started with a simple idea.

We didn’t have a fashion or tech background, nor did we have wealthy investors backing us. What we did was listen to customers, try new things, learn from mistakes, and genuinely care about every order. We didn’t stop improving - from our manufacturing to supply chain to shipping. We became experts in designing quality customised leisurewear and sportswear ethically and sustainably - and combined that into a refreshingly simple online shopping experience.

Today, the number of people wearing CLIFTON continues to grow, and so does our range of options. In what started as selling personalised hoodies for local sports teams, we are now a go-to supplier for customised promotional clothing across the globe. This includes supplying British Airways with their Olympic uniforms, the Tonga Rugby Team with their official World Cup blazers, and bespoke options for well-known companies like Wanda and DHL.

So that’s CLIFTON. Working hard every day to make group ordering for custom clothing simpler for everyone. We love what we do and hope you will too.