Everything in our range is completely customisable and made to order, many of our customers provide their own artwork or logos for us to apply to their clothing, to really make their items unique to them and/or their group.

Artwork can be supplied in any format, but prior to production we may request a vector version of your artwork. We want your clothing to look absolutely perfect and in order to ensure this the vector version of your files are sometimes necessary.

We will ask you to send over these logos (your sponsors and marketing teams will usually have these to hand), to optionally re-create them for you (at cost with a copy sent over for your future use) or your approval to use what you have otherwise provided us with - don't worry we will help you!



Once you place your order and have cleared payment we will send over an order pack PDF, this will show you exactly how your items will look once delivered along with logo dimensions and the sizes you have ordered.

Making sure that everything shown in your order pack is correct is your responsibility, so help we’ve made you a checklist to go through as you check your order pack:

- The sizes and fit type are correct (and I’ve checked sizing against the CLIFTON size guides)

- I’ve zoomed in and checked all layouts, spellings and embroidery 

- Fabric colours and print pantones are correct

Remember that screen images may appear differently on one computer to another and to avoid issues arising your Order Pack states clearly that the visuals are for illustration purposes only. So if anything is unclear or further clarification is required please ask us about it before approving. This will give us a chance to amend any aspects or explain any parts further.

We include 2 full rounds of design adjustments so we recommend compiling all your adjustments (if you have any) into one email so that you can maximise this allowance. Additional design adjustments are then chargeable at GBP £30 / USD $40 per round. If any requested amends cannot be made we will explain the technical reasons why (printing over seams etc). Please note that delivery is timed from the date you approve the final order pack, so delayed approval can lead to a delay in delivery of your order, we will always do what we can to catch-up if there are delays!



CLIFTON Quality Assurance means every garment and accessory we produce has been through our rigorous quality control procedure - two batches of checks in our production facility and a final check in our distribution warehouse. Your quality made to order clothing has been designed and made for you to wear with pride.

If you have an issue with your delivery simply contact us with as much information as you can including your details, order information and exactly what the issue is. We are here to help!


Ready to start your own design journey?