If you've been inspired to take up rowing, or if you want to encourage new crew members to your rowing club, we have some persuasive arguments for you!

You Could Become An Olympic Rowing Champion In A Lycra All In One

Rowing has a fast learning curve and the sport is really well funded, especially in the UK and USA. The focus on getting more beginner rowers into clubs usually begins just after the Olympics, in the hope that a newbie will turn into an Olympic standard athlete within the four years until the next Olympics. And it has been done!

Helen Glover won gold for Team GB at the London 2012 Olympics, as part of the Women's Coxless Pair; she began rowing just four years earlier.

A custom team rowing kit helps your rowing team bond

If you have an Olympic rowing gold medal in your sight, check out our Moorings Custom Rowing All In One (or rowing AiO as it's known). A team-printed, customised rowing all-in-one is the Olympic standard race kit, so you really should get used to wearing it...

Rowing Training Will Give Your Legs An Amazing Workout (yes, your legs!)

Rowing is mostly legs. I've got to say, this was a revelation to me. Different sources put it at anything between 60% and 90% leg work, which seems insane given how hard a workout it looks like your arms and back are getting.

Our Crawford Custom Rowing Trou and Custom Rowing Leggings have been designed to support this heavy leg workout. The top-quality Lycra features four-way stretch and amazing shape return and retention, so you can really put them through their paces.

Speciality rowing leggings are a must for the sport; standard running tights will annoy you! The bending and pulling at your middle sends lesser leggings creeping down your hips, resulting in you exposing yourself to the unlucky rower behind you. Our custom rowing club trou and leggings feature a special high back to avoid this; you can even opt for a higher raise 7 cm waistband for increased coverage an confidence.

You'll Learn To Fear The Drunken Octopus

Unless a single scull is your shell of choice, your rowing training and competing will impart to you the importance of teamwork. You will become a cog in a very precise machine, having to be aware of and match your stroke's (the lead rower who sets the pace) timing and rhythm.

Fail to keep time and get your oar out of the water at the same point as the rest of your crew and you'll effectively apply the brakes to your boat, or 'catch a crab'. Multiple rowers failing to keep time results in oars at all angles, or the dreaded 'Drunken Octopus'. Of course, these mistakes happen a lot in beginner rowing teams, and the eagerness to avoid them results in a quick learning curve, which is one of the most satisfying elements of learning to row!

A rowing shell is not a democracy and learning to row is excellent for getting you used to taking orders! Coxswains sit at the stern of the boat, giving orders to the crew, keeping them in line and encouraging the best performance. Even if you're not very good at taking orders in your day to day life, being part of a rowing team makes you far more invested in the team success than being bothered about a bossy, shouty person.

Customised team rowing training kit is essential for team building, especially if you need to make new team members feel involved quicker. Our customisable rowing all in ones are perfect for making everyone feel like they're in the same boat, as it were. Pulling on a rowing club all in one gets you in the rowing frame of mind, not least because you're unlikely to wear your club Lycra all-in-one for anything other than rowing!

Getting into your team colours bonds you instantly too, and your whole crew will feel ready to row!

Regular Rowing Club Practice Means You Can Eat A Lot More Calories

A person weighing 155 pounds (11 stone) can burn up to 500 calories an hour, rowing at a moderate pace. Seasoned rowers training for events such as regattas or the Olympics can row at a more vigorous pace an train for longer each day.

While in the throes of his training schedule, Team GB Gold medallist James Cracknell was putting away more than 5,000 calories a day to feed his regime. And he was only rowing for six hours a day. Slacker.

The key to being able to put more calories in you is to burn more calories during your rowing training and competing. This will result in buckets of sweat. Nothing our Sutherland Custom Rowing Club Zephyrs can't handle.

Rowing zephyrs look smart and traditional for rowing meets

We can create your team rowing zephyrs in either Lycra or Dry-Fit, and both have fantastic sweat-wicking properties to keep you cool and fresh.

The traditional rowing zephyr tops can be made in short -sleeved or long-sleeved version and printed up with your club colour and logos. It's the custom to have your rowing club colours displayed as stripes on the sleeve edges and around the neck, and it makes for a really attractive garment! You can even add an extra shot of colour with contrast stitching in a colour of your choice.

Rowing Is Actually A Low Impact Sport

Considering the amount of puff rowers put in, and the amount of movement, you'd be forgiven for thinking that rowing was a high-impact sport.

Unlike running, there's very little shaking and jolting about; so if you're looking for a calorie-busting sport with a smoother ride, rowing may be for you.

Plenty of runners who are forced to cut back due to joint problems find that rowing offers up the same competitive aspect and goal-hitting satisfaction as running but without the need for a knee replacement!

Your Social Life Will Explode (but you'll be in bed earlier)

If you've ever been to a regatta, you'll know that rowers like to have a good time. Rowing is an enjoyable spectator event, so any competition like a regatta tends to draw the crowds and have something of a festival atmosphere.

Rowing teams will attend a handful of regattas each year, but that doesn't mean that it's quiet for the rest of the year. The strong team vibe of rowing means that rowers often socialise together all year round. Drinks after training, official club dinners. . . you'll need to clear some time in your diary.

Team GB Rowing Team In Our Custom Rowing Polo Shirt

That said, regular weeknights out on the town become rarer as early morning training sessions are the norm: it's lighter, the water's calmer and it's beautiful out there before the day has properly started. Unfortunately, early morning fitness sessions tend to require an earlier night.

We can't emphasise enough the importance of being a properly gelled team in the world of rowing. That's why an off-water team kit is almost as important as a competition or training kit.

Rowing club polo shirts, in cotton pique or dri-fit, are an easy fix. Choose slim fit, which is more tailored, if you want them to be worn at social events, or classic fit for a roomier club polo shirt that doubles as a rowing training top.

Our customised sports polo shirts are highly recommended too; check out Team GB in our Arlington Custom Cotton Pique polo shirts, customised with Team GB logos and sponsor's branding.

Order traditional striped rowing blazers

We can't talk about rowing kit without mentioning rowing club blazers. The brilliantly bright colours and contrasting chunky stripe rowing blazers have achieved cult status throughout the sporting world. Essential for official rowing club dinners, and of course, all those rowing regattas you'll be attending!