Often seen as a little sister to basketball, netball has gone through something of a revolution, reinventing itself as the cool, new, team sport on the block.

It's getting huge investment, participation is soaring, and men are getting in on the game.

And the new-style netball kit is A LOT better.

If you haven't given netball a second thought since school, check out whats new.

Netball Is The New Cycling

The recent apparent overnight success of cycling was actually the result of years of incentive schemes, investment, and hard work put in by athletes. For example in the UK back in early 2017, Sport England made their funding announcement and netball came out a big winner. Although cycling will receive the biggest investment, netball is right behind it in second place, with £16.9 million.

Netball even got promised more funding than stalwart favourites like tennis, rugby, and athletics - a sure sign that the games profile is on the up in the UK. And now the rest of world is catching up!

It won't be long before we're seeing pro netball players in glossy mags and sports panel shows, surely!

The New Netball Kit Doesn’t Look Like Your High School Netball Uniform

The new team netball kit is VERY different. Using hi-tech fabrics and the latest printing technology, made-to-order netball kits have left their stuffy image behind. The modern netball kit is really wearable and designed with athletes in mind.

I remember our school netball uniform consisting of a sort of mini kilt, worn over the top of cycling shorts to protect our modesty (because they were pretty short . . . ). And not just any lycra shorts, cycling shorts with a neon stripe down the side. Of course, this wasn’t the regulation uniform; it was just the 90’s and neon cycling shorts were a big thing, especially in the microclimate of our high school.

Customised netball kits have definitely grown-up! Firstly, netball dresses. Fitted and practical, our customisable netball dresses are available in dry-fit fabric or Lycra; both a huge improvement on that scratchy nylon kilt. The updated fabric on the netball dresses is light and breathable, helping to keep you comfortable and give a great performance on the netball court.

team netball dress

If you’re looking for netball team dresses, we offer you the choice of a straight dress, or a pleated netball dress - a nice nod to the traditional pleated netball skirt. There is also the option of reversible netball dress designs, which are a brilliant way to get a home netball kit and an away netball kit, in one!

An alternative to the netball dress is a two-piece netball kit consisting of a netball jersey and a netball skort. As well as being my new favourite word, I think the skort may be my new favourite piece of clothing. No doubt influenced by the ingenuity of 90’s schoolgirls (no need to thank me), the skort is a skirt and shorts combo.

team netball skorts

The skirt is much more lightweight and made from the same performance Dry-Fit or Lycra fabric as the netball dresses. The attached lycra shorts mean you’ll never be distracted by pulling your skirt down and you can really get into your game.

Boys Can Play Netball Too

Contrary to some old-fashioned beliefs, netball is not basketball for girls. Admittedly, netball is predominantly female sport in the UK (less than 1% of players of school age are male), but in other countries that play netball, male netball players are pretty common.

The US has a growing number of male players, and has a men’s basketball league and in Australia and New Zealand, the male to female ratio of netball player is roughly 50/50. In fact, netball might be the only team sports in which mixed gender teams are popular!

Pro Netball Players Are A Thing

Although maybe not on the same pay grade as pro footballers, professional netball players are walking amongst us! Actually, they’re more likely to be walking on Australian beaches, as this is where the most opportunities in pro netball are, but the point is, it IS a career path!

And just like other professional athletes, they are paid a fee to dedicate their time to improving their game, and have sponsorship deals in place too.

It’s A Global Net-Work

Netball was invented in England in the late 1800’s, but it certainly was not content to stay home. Its British roots explain why it is often assumed to be a mainly UK-based sport. It also explains why it’s such a big deal throughout the rest of the Commonwealth.

Netball has really taken off in Australia and the national women’s netball team hold the Netball World Championship title, and rank top of the International Netball Federation’s (INF) table.

Netball Can’t Get No Olympic Love

Despite 20 years of trying by various countries, netball has never been part of the Summer Olympics. Outrageous!

The lack of male participation and old-school reputation are thought to be factors in not recognising netball as an Olympic sport. But with increased funding and other netball-playing countries picking up Australia’s lead, the netball world is hoping that evening out the gender gap will give netball a shot at a future Olympics.

Although netball is a no-show at the Olympics, it has been a permanent fixture at the Commonwealth Games since 1998. And the Australian Netball Team regularly beat everyone there too!

We Want To Help You Design Your Custom Team Netball Kit

Brand new printing technologies make wonderful things possible when you design your new custom team netball kit. The fabrics take bold colours and big designs really well and seam to seam printing makes a real impact.

The netball skorts and netball jersey kit is a great route for mixed gender teams, as your netball team players can choose to chop and change between netball skorts, base layer shorts, or even looser basketball shorts, all produced in matching colours and designs.

custom printed netball kit

We’ve seen some really original designs for skorts, with bold colours on the skirt, and a custom, individual pattern being used for the shorts. You can have sponsorship logos, team badges, or anything else you fancy, printed on your netball skorts shorts. And if you’re a national team, you could even have your country’s flag printed on your netball skorts; who knows, flag-printed shorts may give you the winning edge over the unbeatable Aussies?