There are some genuine reasons to love Winter: darker nights mean guilt-free staying in, Christmas is getting closer, and comfort food is basically a survival necessity. The change in the season also means you get to crack out your custom coats, jackets, gilets, and other customised outerwear.

It doesn't quite make up for the end of Summer, but it's something.

Waterproof jackets and gilets in any colour

Change It Up And Warm It Up With A New Custom Winter Kit

Sometimes it's just nice to change things up a bit. After the Summer months of t-shirts, training vests and shorts, an excuse to get into something new is exciting.

If you're part of a Summer sports club or team, it doesn't matter that your Summer season is over, training goes on! Don't let team unity go to the dogs by letting players throw on any old waterproof jacket; invest in a Winter team training kit, in your club colours. Your team spirit will thank you for it!

Custom jacket and gifts for winter sports kit

And for team sports played in the cooler months, a team waterproof jacket will keep your whole team looking professional during warm ups and on the benches.

If you're in need of a new Winter training kit, playing kit, or off-pitch kit, talk to our designers before you re-order. A little tweak is all it takes to see things looking fresh, or they can even come up with something brand new to get you through the Winter.

Don't Cover Up Your Promo - Order Promo Outerwear!

Customised polo shirts, t-shirts and other personalised workwear are the go-to for smart marketing departments. They look great and are a powerful tool in spreading your marketing message. But their power is dampened in the cooler season - covered up by jackets and coats, meaning less exposure for your brand.

Custom promo outerwear adds another layer and another level to your promotional campaigns! And you can guarantee that custom printed jackets and gilets get so much wear, likely more than your t-shirts.

If you've never considered a promo jackets or branded company gilets before, you probably don't know just how much impact you can make with one. With our customisable waterproof jackets and gilets, you have the option of seam to seam printing - that's 100% of money being put towards displaying your brand message. How efficient is that?

Add A Smart Edge To Workwear With Printed Jackets and Gilets

Perfect workwear gilets

Just like with promo wear, don't let Winter ruin your workwear look. It doesn't matter how smart your personalised shirts are once any old coat gets thrown on top.

Employees are big fans of a work uniform - it's one less thing to think about in the morning and one less thing to spend money on. So they like a uniform, but they LOVE a stylish uniform that goes beyond the 'bare minimum' criteria. And personalised jackets and gilets fit the bill perfectly.

They'll happily wear a 'uniform' coat travelling back and forth to work, and even when off-duty. That's an indecent amount of PR exposure for your company.

Sports Specific Custom Jackets and Gilets For The Ultimate Performance

Athletes have needs; very specific needs! That's why we produce sport-specific waterproof jackets and gilets.

Our bespoke cycling jackets and gilets give cyclists lightweight protection from the rain while keeping them cool with ventilating micro mesh panels. We've also included a longer back to keep cyclists covered when extended over handlebars, and essential rear pockets with reflective tape.

Our rowing jackets and gilets have been designed with the same attention to detail. Our made-to-order rowing splash tops will keep you dry from splashes, and from sweat, thanks again to our magical micro mesh panels. The high collar stops errant drips running down your back and the waterproof rowing jackets are available with cuff thumbholes, to keep your sleeves where they should be. See, we've thought of everything!

You Don't Have To Commit To Arms!

Not ready to commit to the full cover up just yet? Then consider a customised gilet. Our clever sleeveless gilets are available as waterproof gilets, padded gilets, quilted gilets, and microfleece gilets - all completely customisable.

There's no getting away from the fact that a custom waterproof jacket is going to keep more of you dry than a sleeveless gilet, but a custom gilet is a pretty powerful thing.

For starters, gilets keep you really warm - even the bits that it doesn't cover. By keeping your torso insulated, your body will happily keep pumping warm blood to your limbs and extremities. If your torso is cold, your body panics and stops pumping blood to the outer parts to preserve your core temperature, resulting in blue hands and frozen feet.

It's Getting Cold In Here - Custom Workwear for Chilly Workplaces

'Custom Outerwear' doesn't have to be something you wear out of doors - just outside of the rest of your outfit. And if staying warm is a bigger concern than keeping dry, take a look at our top quality personalised microfleece jackets and custom microfleece gilets. Our custom microfleece tops are ideal for so many situations: custom workwear for warehouses, branded up promo tops if your marketing team is at events, an off pitch kit, or custom supporter fleece. The customisable microfleece gilets, in particular, are perfect custom workwear as the sleeveless design is lighter and unrestrictive.

If you want to pump up the warmth, our customisable padded jackets, and super popular padded gilets are just the ticket. Cosy and cuddly, they're designed to keep as much precious body heat in as possible.

Customised quilted jacket

Want to go all out with your customised workwear jackets, or personalised official team kit? Our Marshal Custom Quilted Jackets have a timeless style that you can tweak to your liking. Team coaches on the sidelines and supporters in the stands love the chunkier collar option for keeping out the cold.

As with lots of our bespoke workwear and custom team kit, you can add a truly personal touch with a custom printed jacket lining. Choose any design, text, image or photograph, and we will print it on the jacket lining. And you can have your made to order jacket and gilets created in a huge range of colours - even Winter Blue.