The Henley Royal Regatta – each word of the title of the annual rowing competition conjures up images of a very traditional, very British day on the river.

First held in 1839, the event now brings amateur rowing teams from all over the world to the Thames, in the hopes of winning one of several pieces of silverware on offer.


If you’ve ever been to the Henley Royal Regatta, or have seen pictures, one thing will stand out: the teams dressed in colourful customised rowing blazers. It would be unthinkable to have the regatta without the blazers, and the blazers simply would not exist without the regatta. It was the competing teams at the early regattas that thought up the idea of wearing different coloured jackets, so that the spectators could spot the competing teams from their spots in the river banks.

Brightly coloured jackets were popular, as they were easy to see from a distance, and it was the ‘blazing’ bright red of the Cambridge rowing team jackets that is at the root of the word ‘blazer’. The Henley Royal Regatta Rowing Blazers were the beginnings of sports jackets, and are now unequivocally linked to preppy, sports style.

The run up to the Henley Royal Regatta is a very busy and colourful time for us. It’s not just competing teams that we create custom club blazers for, but fans and regatta visitors too.

Here’s what we can offer in the way of customised rowing blazer for the Henley Royal Regatta.

Earn Your Stripes - Striped Rowing Blazers For Teams and Fans

To keep your custom rowing blazers for Henley super traditional, opt for stripes. Of course, if you're ordering custom rowing blazers for your rowing team, your design choices are likely to be governed by the team's existing colours and design.

Stripes were a practical design choice for traditional rowing blazers in the formative years of the Henley Regatta. Once all the bright, block colours were taken up, teams needed to opt for colour combinations. Stripes of bright, contrasting colours were far easier to spot than striped blazers in tones of subtly different colours.

Even though the Henley rowing blazers aren't worn while competing anymore, the tradition for stripes has stuck. And we're very glad it has! They make the Henley Royal Regatta a really colourful event, and add a timeless, preppy style to rowing team photos.

If you've been given carte blanche to design your custom rowing team blazers from scratch, our online tool will let you view your colourfully striped creations before you commit to ordering them for the whole team: a real lifesaver!

Try Piping For A Little Bit of Striping

As well as striped rowing blazers, you'll spot a lot of piped rowing blazers at the Henley Royal Regatta.

Piping is a narrower stripe that runs along the outline of the blazer, and can be a single piping, as well as a double or a triple. It's a more subtle alternative to a striped blazer and looks classy and timeless.

It gives you the chance to include four colours on your blazer before you even start thinking about customising them with club badges.

A piped rowing blazer is a great way for racing supporters and fans to pay homage to their favourite Henley racing team, as they can include all the striped colours in a toned down design.

Wool Blazers for British Summertime Warmth

The blazers aren’t worn on the water anymore - they’re more for official uses, such as team photos and formal dinners.

It’s probably a good thing, as we still make custom wool rowing blazers. A bit warm for a rigorous rowing session, but excellent for both those balmy British summer days and chilly evenings due to Wool fabrics natural breathability!

Wool blazers have stood the test of time for many reasons, even though more hi-tech fabrics have come and gone.

They’re incredibly durable and long-lasting. Just ask the Dutch. The Dutch rowing teams don’t buy their own blazers - they inherit them from the previous generations of club rowers. Something made possible by the fact they’re made from top-quality wool!

One of the downsides is they’re not allowed to wash them unless they win (which almost never happens). Eww.

Traditional Blazer Meets Modern Printing Technology

The first Henley Royal Regatta took place over 150 years ago and now features teams from all over the world, each with their own version of the bespoke rowing blazer. That’s a lot of blazers!

Even though tradition dictates a lot of the design, it’s still nice to add an updated finishing touch; something that will make you stand out from the crowds of other colourful rowing blazers.

A bespoke blazer lining offers the perfect opportunity to add a twist to a traditional design. You can choose from a bright and complimentary (or garishly contrasting!) block colour; a subtle or bold pattern; or even your own photo!

Custom photo printing on your blazer lining is something we offer and a big crowd pleaser, and a sure fire way of making your rowing blazer unique.

Bespoke Tailored Rowing Blazers For Men And Women

You can generally get away with an off-the-rail fit blazer in black; it's a colour that doesn't draw attention to itself.

The same cannot be said for green and orange stripes.

As well as endless custom design combinations, our bespoke rowing blazers can be customised to fit you perfectly.

Many rowing blazers take the traditional element a bit too far and are only available in men's fit and sizing. We're better than that.

Our customisable rowing blazers are also available in women's sizing, once you've selected your size, you can also tailor the arm length and back length for EACH individual blazer in your order.

For men, we have slim, classic, and mighty fits, with the option again to tailor the arm length and back length on individual blazers.

So there you have it.

Our bespoke rowing blazers are everything you're looking for, and more. They come in traditional wool or striped twill, are available in men's and women's fits before further tailoring, can be created in any combination of club colours and patterns, and customised both inside and out.

If you're attending the Henley Royal Regatta and are looking for new custom rowing blazers, get in touch.

And if someone sees the Dutch, give them our number, for everyone's sake!