Blazers are BACK! Well, they never really went anywhere; they have enjoyed an uninterrupted mainstay in sports clubs, societies, and institutions since their creation. But now, they are well and truly back in style as a fashion choice.

A blazer says you're part of something. More than that, a blazer says you're proud to be part of something.

American preppy labels such as Ralph Lauren and Tommy Hilfiger have never let the retro blazer fall too far from the runway, but now with preppy and vintage inspired blazers making their way on to the high street, the time is right to invest in blazers for your people!

Let's look at the top 5 groups of people who most deserve a customised blazer!

Team Players Bond With Their Custom Blazers

Customised blazers make great team photos

For sports teams, a playing kit is essential for the game, but an off-pitch kit is just as important for team bonding.

Depending on how formal your sports club is, club blazers can be worn just at official dinners, or at post-match drinks after every game and training session. One of the best things about a custom blazer is that it can dressed up or down and looks equally at home either way. Teamed with jeans and a polo shirt, a custom blazer is smart casual and practical. With smart trousers and a dress shirt, a customised team blazer is formal and dressy.

Customised sports club blazers come into their own on tour; for a touring sports team, a customised team blazer is armour! Designed right, it and gives your team a unified look, scaring the opposition before the games have even begun!

As well as being available in men's, women's and children's sizes, our bespoke blazers are available in a range of fits: slim (fitted) and classic (looser) for children and women's blazers, and slim, classic, or mighty for our men's blazers. Each individual blazer is then tailored to exact arm and back length, so whatever size and shape your team players, they're guaranteed a perfect customised blazer.

Neutral colours are popular for sports team blazers but don't rule out 'blazing' colours as too much. A bespoke team blazer is the perfect opportunity to add a bit of colour and impact to those official team photographs!

Custom Club Blazers Make Club Members Blazer Official

The players may be the kitted-out face of the team, but any sports club, amateur or pro, knows that a team is so much more than its players. The management, coaching, and support staff are all integral to any sports team's success. Make them feel like the important team members they are by making them Blazer Official!

Non-player customised blazers can be the same as team player blazers; they can feature some subtle, tweaked differences, or they can be a different yet complementary design. Our in-house design team are experts on this kind of thing, so definitely get in touch with them if you want a specially adapted blazer design.

Our design team can help you design your own blazer

And let's not forget the supporters! What would any team be without its army of loyal fans? Official club merchandise is a popular way for clubs to earn funds, and personalised team blazers are a fantastic high-ticket item. As clubs find more creative ways to finance themselves, crowdfunding has become popular, with different levels of funding meaning the contributors bag themselves bigger and better exclusive items. A customised team blazer makes a perfect top level item, especially with added personalisation and tailoring.

Our low minimum order of just 10 blazers makes it easy to create more than one design for your club; an official custom player blazer, and an official customised blazer for supporters.

Customised Blazers Carry On Traditions For Society Members

We ship our customised blazers anywhere in the world

Not all clubs are sports clubs; social clubs, societies, and member groups are all previous (and returning) customers who have ordered their own customised blazers.

Despite their recent return to the high street fashion stores, blazers are timeless and traditional and society blazers carry on a long tradition for many societies whose members wear them with pride to meet ups and events.

And just because a blazer is traditional, doesn't mean it can't be bang up to date! Society colours, logos, and crests are the main factors to consider when designing an updated custom society blazer, but there are lots of ways to include these elements in your design.

If your club colours are mainly bright and contrasting, but you don't want a standout blazer, you can add your colours as a subtle stripe, or as an attractive piping colour. Similarly, club logos and symbols can be incorporated in many ways: embroidery and applique remain popular for customised blazers.

To take your customised blazer in the most modern of directions, we offer full seam to seam printing, meaning we take your design, or club logo, or even any photograph, and print it across your entire custom club blazer!

Of course, some societies are a little more stealthy, not wanting such a brazen blazer for their members. We have the perfect answer: custom printed blazer linings! Our custom printed blazer linings let you print anything - any design, pattern, or even photograph, on the inside of your jacket. Perfect for keeping your club membership close to your chest!

School, College And University Students Represent in Custom Blazers

Contrast piping on blazers is traditional and eye catching

University sports teams is where blazers began their story when the University rowing teams wore 'blazing' red jackets to make themselves easier to spot from the riverbanks. Ever since, the classic image of university life has been that of a student wearing a blazer in school colours.

For primary and secondary schools, personalised blazers in school colours with embroidered crests make the classic school blazer; a super smart and practical way to finish off a school uniform. And parents love them!

For colleges and universities, where students do not wear uniforms, a custom coloured blazer is optional and rarely worn in day to day student life. Customised university blazers do make fantastic mementoes of university life, however, and are a really popular item in official University shops.

Our made-to-order blazers are available as a classic wool blazer or a lighter, cotton twill blazer, and both are completely customisable with team colours, piping, buttons and custom print linings.

That's a lot of customising, and if you're wondering where to start, our free design service is here to help! They can pull your club colours and logos together into a brand new design, or they can tweak, or reproduce an existing custom blazer design. Get in touch and see what they come up with for your club.