Tennis Is Getting A Lot More Colourful

It was just a few weeks ago that a good portion of the worldwide population were looking at Great Britain, watching Harry and Meghan get hitched. And now, Wimbledon is upon us; we have reached peak Brittania!

Much was written in the press ahead of the Royal Wedding Day speculating on Meghan's dress and the rules and etiquette she would have to follow. The neckline, the veil, the length of the train - were are some strict rules, as you can imagine. But not as many, and not as strict as the Wimbledon dress code for players.

The infamously strict code focusses on ensuring that all of the player's kit is white. Not cream, or off-white, or white with a pattern; white! The official line, which Roger Federer has previously branded as ridiculous, is that the kit should be 95% white, making it nearly impossible to display logos, designs, or even any individuality! The rule even extends to players underwear and practice kits.

We always see a surge in orders from tennis clubs after Wimbledon. They're either refreshing their kit, or ordering more, because of a wave of new members. And unless you're planning on playing in the big time, we're seeing a lot of colour being injected!

So, what exactly are the options if you're ordering custom kit for a tennis club?

Get On Top Of Your Game With Tennis Polo Shirts and Tennis Vests

Let's start at the top. What we think of today as the ubiquitous polo shirt, should actually be called the tennis shirt, or the tennis polo at the very least. Fred Perry re-invented the original tennis playing shirt have shorter sleeves, a 'tennis tail' and a soft, unstarched collar.

Little has changed in the design, but new, hi-tech fabrics have upped the game! Custom dry-fit tennis polos for tennis clubs are the go-to for tennis match tops, and for tennis practice tops. They help tennis players stay cool and focussed on their game.

Our customisable tennis vests are made from the same hi-tech dri-fit fabric, but with choice of super comfortable cuts. Crop vests are popular as part of a custom women's tennis kit. The racerback frees up the shoulders and the sleeveless, cropped design helps keep you as cool as possible.

Our tennis club vests are also available in a sleeveless tank, or a sleeveless tee. Like our custom dry-fit tennis polos, they too offer seam-to-seam printing and Pantone matching, if required. This means that club colours and designs can be replicated exactly, ensuring a polished, professional custom tennis kit.

Serve Up Your Best Performance In Dri-Fit Tennis Shorts

Lightweight shorts are the standard tennis playing attire, but they don't have to look standard.

We have a fantastic 15 design templates to start you on your way to creating your customisable club tennis shorts. Whether you fancy a block colour, stripes, or an arty swish, just select the design you like best and click on your colours and patterns in our colour selector. Your dream tennis shorts are created before your eyes!

And if you want to get even more specific, we can even Pantone match your tennis club colours for some truly custom tennis club shorts.

Our tennis shorts don't just look the bees knees, they back it up with a grand slam performance. Lightweight dry-fit fabric for comfort, drawstring waist and optional silicone gripper for a secure fit, and men's women's and children's cuts and sizes for choice.

Win The Doubles Game In The Perfect Tennis Skorts

Custom Tennis Skorts Are A Favourite

Tennis clubs worldwide have been early adopters of the custom tennis skorts. This hybrid shorts and skirts combo offers up the best of both worlds: a rule-abiding tennis skirt with practical, hidden shorts.

Universally flattering, our customisable tennis skorts are the perfect piece of sports kit, in that wearing them means you can fully concentrate on your game. No pulling down the hem of your tennis skirt constantly, or fidgeting with doubled up waistbands of tennis skirts on top of tennis shorts.

The double duty nature of our custom tennis skorts means that you can apply twice the amount of creative flair. A huge range of colour options and seam-to-seam printing is available on both layers. For the ultimate in personalised tennis kit, you can even have your tennis skorts shorts printed with your own pattern or photo! Wimbledon wouldn't approve, but we certainly do!

Layer Up in Luxury Loopback Tennis Club Hoodies

Loopback tennis hoodies are a lightweight and luxurious addition to your custom tennis club kit. Perfect for warm up sessions, throwing on to cool down in after your match, or for representing your tennis club, off the court.

The classic loopback fabric mean that the interior side of the hoodie acts like a towel, wicking away sweat from your skin, so you stay comfortable for longer.

And with the loopback fabric being suitable for printing, applique, and embroidery, you can customise your tennis club hoodie in any way you like!

For an even more personalised hoodie, make sure you take a look at our photo print hood linings; any image or photo, printed on the inside of your hood!

Get Match Ready In Lightweight Tracksuit Bottoms

Keep your muscles toasty and flexible right up to the start of your match, with easy tennis tracksuit bottoms.

Our dry-fit tennis club kit bottoms work equally well on and off the court. Their super lightweight and easy to get off over trainers, so great for warming up or for practice matches. They're also smart enough to form part of your official spectator or non-player tennis club kit.

Fall In Love-Love With Official Tennis Club Blazers

Tennis Blazer In Wimbledon Colours

More muted than their namesake, tennis blazers are traditionally created in whites, creams, neutrals and pastels. Customised tennis club blazers are one of our favourite pieces of kit - they look fantastic with bold piping, pastel stripes and embroidered club badges.

Custom club tennis blazers definitely fall in to the off court kit category, but with tennis clubs being some of the most social sports clubs we've come across, your custom tennis blazer will get plenty of outings!

Super Serena Leads The Way For Tennis Club Cat Suits

Base Layer Tennis Leggings

We've always thought Serena is a superhero and should legitimately be allowed to play in a cape. As well as her world-dominating performance, her personality and her outfits add a fresh injection of excitement to every match.

And if you're a tennis fan, you won't have missed Serena's recent return to the tennis world, along with her headline-making all in one. Serena called her outfit her "Wakanda-inspired catsuit" because it made her feel like a superhero.

Get in early on the Serena catsuit trend with our customisable base layer leggings, teamed with a dry-fit tennis club vest.

If you're ordering customisable tennis kit for your tennis club, you may want to check the club kit rules, and even the rules of the tennis association your club plays under.

If the tennis association you play for has some strict rules about kit design, get in touch with us and and we can help you get it right. This includes recreating the perfect colours, rule-abiding design, and appropriately sized logos!