Contrary to what is stated in that annoyingly repetitive song, we don’t think it is a small world after all. In fact with so many different peoples, customs, cultures and traditions, it’s astounding anyone came up with such a silly song in the first place. There are so many different ways of saying things, seeing things and doing things. It’s a wonder any of the 193 nations have ever managed to agree on anything!

Even when we've got something to celebrate it seems the world is divided on how to do it best. In Britain it’s considered very rude to give a gift with the price tag still on. Heaven forbid everyone see how extravagant or stingy you’ve been! Meanwhile over in China the politest thing to do when first offered a gift is to decline it as the giver will be expecting to offer it multiple times. Once the gift has finally exchanged hands you should then open it in private as it would be rather ungrateful to embarrass the giver by opening it in front of them. This is all before you’ve even had to leave the house; the moment a celebration requires you to venture out and about you’re in a whole new minefield. In India if you invite people to a bar or restaurant the implication is that you will be paying for everyone too. Then in the US leaving only a small tip for your waiter will leave your guests feeling very uncomfortable. In fact for good service anything less than 20% will be considered pretty tight. And if you’re out to dinner in South Korea, blowing your nose at the table could result in the entire restaurant feeling offended!

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