Top-quality construction is integral to any piece of hard-working sports kit, cycle jerseys included. But no amount of expert craftsmanship can make up for lacklustre fabrics.

Fabrics are a game changer with cycling jerseys; if they're not bringing something extra to the race, then they're an uncomfortable hinderance.

We get very excited about our cycle jersey range, which is manufactured using the most up-to-date fabric offerings. Read on to find out how the different fabrics can help your cycle club achieve their goals this summer.

Cycle race season means new custom club cycling jerseys

Italian Lycra For Lightweight Luxury Custom Cycle Jersey

Our custom year-round cycling jerseys are made with the highest quality Italian Lycra.

Italy has a strong history with cycling and cycling races, so they know a little about what makes the perfect custom cycling jersey.

Our main aim when designing our Curzon Custom Cycling Jerseys was to keep them lightweight. Italian Lycra helps us to achieve that, and more; it's luxuriously soft too. We think of it as the closest thing to stretchy silk!

Short sleeved custom lycra cycling jerseys

The Italian Lycra cycle jerseys are not only superbly stretchable, ensuring that they move with you, but are also masters at returning to their original form, time and time again. This makes it the perfect fabric for intense cycle rides, and endurance races.

And even though it has such fantastic sticking power, the Italian Lycra cycle jerseys do everything they can to stop you feeling overheated, sweaty, and well, sticky. The extraordinary permeable material allows air to get to your skin, and to circulate, bringing with it cool relief and setting sweat free!

Italian Lycra is used extensively in swimwear, not only because it looks fantastic (it really does), but because it is quick to dry and stands up to the elements; salty or chlorinated water, hot temperatures, sun cream, and the sun's harsh rays. And even though a tough cycle race isn't a day at the beach, what you're throwing at a cycling jersey is pretty similar! Minus the ice cream.

Design your perfect custom cycling jersey

With such great stretching powers, the customised Italian Lycra cycling jerseys fit like a second skin; moulding to contours with a pleasant amount of compression: high function and feel, but aesthetically fantastic too.

Hi-Tech Eyelet Fabric Breathes Fresh Air Into Our Custom Cycle Jerseys

Eyelet fabric has a bright future in all performance sportswear; we particularly love it for our bespoke cycling jerseys. It's a slightly different construction than the Italian Lycra used in our Curzon Custom Cycling Jerseys, but that doesn't mean you'll be melting in a puddle. Far from it.

Eyelet fabric is the master of moisture wicking. Covered in tiny perforations, the eyelet fabric cycle jerseys have an increased breathable area and benefit from optimal moisture wicking powers. Keeping the sweat away from your skin is key and our eyelet fabric custom cycle jerseys do just that.

Long sleeved custom eyelet fabric  cycle jersey

The four-way stretch properties mean that your new custom cycle jersey moves fluidly with you, cutting down on resistance and supplying zero hinderance to your cycling performance.

Our Little Extras Add A Super Boost To Your Customisable Club Cycling Jerseys

If you want to give your custom cycle club jersey an extra boost - a supercharge as it were, we have included some extra features that will up its game and give you the winning edge.

Silicone gripper strips are included in all of our bespoke cycle jerseys and keep the bottom hem of the cycle race jersey from riding up. A seemingly small addition, but one that prevents you from getting distracted and uncomfortable mid-race.

Micro-mesh underarm panels give cyclists cooling comfort where they need it most. The breathable panels increase air circulation and reduce moisture, sweat, and odour - three fewer things to worry about!

Rear pockets on custom club cycle jerseys are so useful, we wonder why they don't include them on every garment for everyday life. Our cycle jerseys come complete with a panel of pockets - three stretch pockets with reflective taping, and an additional secure zip pocket.

Sometimes, the best optional extra is just having your cycle jersey exactly the way you want it. That's why we let you customise every aspect. Both our custom Summer Cycling Jersey and our made-to-order customisable Year-Round Cycling Jersey give you the option of three sleeve lengths (sleeveless, short sleeved, and long sleeved), zip length (quarter zip, three-quarter zip, or full-length zip), and of course, a bespoke fit.

Don't Put Your Cycling Shorts To Shame

It's fine to embarrass the competition with the best looking personalised cycle jerseys at the race, but make sure your shorts aren't thrown into the shade.

We can Pantone match your custom cycle club shorts, and Pantone match your cycle jersey, so they match each other and match your cycle club colours perfectly too.

All of our bespoke cycling shorts are made from endurance Lycra, created with a four-way stretch and contraction, meaning your cycle shorts keep their shape, no matter what you put them through.

The flat seams get rid of any chaffing issues, and the targeted support means that even the most stretched seams hold their own.

Engineered, cooling fabric has been included in all of our custom cycling shorts, including our customisable cycling bibs and custom cycle club leggings, which have a micro mesh panel behind the knee.

Top It Off With A Custom Cycling Club Cap

Cycling caps look so simplistic, but in reality, they have a pretty tough job. Primarily designed to protect cyclists and club riders from the harsh sun, they also need to fit under a cycling helmet and not block the rider's view.

We offer two styles of personalised cycling cap; the peaked cycling race hat, and the bandana style head covering. And both do their job admirably.

Our traditional customised race cap has an ever-popular retro styling, as well as full head coverage and an unobtrusive, sun-blocking peak. The neat cap also fits snuggly under your cycle helmet.

Our more modern, bandana style race cap does away with the brim and adds a tie fastening. The customisable race cap protects the rider's head from dangerous, strong sun, and wicks away sweat for ultimate comfort.

Both styles of cycle club cap can be customised with your club colours and printed with your cycle club logos and designs.

Visit our dedicated Cycling section to see our all of our customisable cycling jerseys and accessories, and get customising!