It’s fair to say that cycling as a competitive sport has exploded in the UK in recent years. Bradley Wiggins’ win in the Tour de France and Team GB’s performance at the Olympics have made us a cycling nation!

Cycling clubs have seen their member numbers rocket and road races and charity cycling trips have become commonplace. There's even a naked cycling event (they don’t need that much in the way of custom cycling kit though).

But for the rest of the cyclists - the newcomers, the cycling club stalwarts, and the corporate sponsored charity cyclists - kit is a major part of the experience.

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Cycling Kits That Put In A Performance

You’ll notice a lot of buzzwords when you’re shopping for your custom cycling kit . Words like ‘performance’. It sounds impressive, but to call something a ‘performance’ product, it needs to perform.

When we label our made to order cycling kit as ‘performance’ it’s because it works hard; it puts in a performance to help you to perform better.

We include a lot of hard-working elements in our custom cycling jerseys, cycling shorts, cycling tights, and cycling racesuits:

    - micromesh panels at key areas to help keep you cool

    - four-way stretch fabric that endures, ride after ride, without splitting or sagging (non-stretch fabrics also available)

    - engineered joint sections to free up movement

    **and** - optional extras, like silicone grips, for a secure fit.

Custom Cycling Gear With An Expert Input

We wanted to make the best customisable cycling kit possible, so we consulted the experts.

A performance cycling jersey is much more than just a tight fitting top. Road cycling means that you will inevitably be outdoors a lot of the time, and different seasons, different terrains, and different race styles will all require tweaks to your custom cycling kit.

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We offer long sleeve and short sleeve versions of our custom cycling jerseys and cycling racesuits, so you can adapt your kit to the weather. We also offer cycling base layers and custom light-weight waterproof cycling jackets so you can adjust the level of insulation and protection to suit you perfectly.

We work with professional cyclists to create a pro cycling kit with all the latest technological advances and designs. They're competitive and they don't want the competition to have the edge because they have a better cycling kit.

Similarly, we work with experts of the amateur cycling world, seasoned cyclists who take their sport seriously. They have helped us create a range of custom cycle clothing that also includes kit suitable for amateur cyclists.

Crossing Your Fingers Won’t Help You Win The Race

Made to order cycling kit is an investment. As with all custom items it costs a little more than an off-the-rail item and you don’t want to spend that money twice. Make sure it’s a safe investment by doing some research into the company selling you your new custom cycling kit. We’ve all seen the horror stories about clubs emailing their measurements overseas and six weeks later, receiving cycling jerseys that are six inches too short and six shades too lime green.

Getting delivery of your custom cycling kit is exciting. If that makes you a newly-minted cycling nerd, so be it! The last thing you want is to be disappointed. It taints the whole experience and the waste of money can be galling. If you’re getting into cycling for the first time, and you’re laying out for the bike, and the kit, costs can add up. It can be tempting to go with the cheapest kit supplier and send your money off to a faceless supplier, then cross your fingers, and hope for the best. That technique doesn’t work for winning races and it won’t work for ordering kit!

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Our custom cycling products are all designed in the UK and our Customer Service team are just next-door (by that I mean they’re in the next room, not in France). This means that any communications are really quick and simple, and there’s little room for misinterpretation, which is exactly what you want if you’re custom ordering anything!

Fly The Right Colours - Pantone Matched Printing For Charity Ride Cycling Kits

Charity cycle races, often lengthy endurance races covering several days and crossing country borders, have become really popular. They raise loads of money for charity and give the riders an unforgettable challenge. They often include a lot of riders sponsored by their companies; after all, they’re golden PR opportunities.

To avoid having to take off the time as annual leave, you really want to make the case that you’re representing your company on this cycle ride, and not just having a jolly at the expense of the marketing budget. The great news is that our custom cycling jerseys can help you do just that!

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Companies like easyJet and BT trust us to produce their custom cycling kit because we make their brand look good! As well as top-quality manufacturing, our cycling kits can be fully customised to Pantone match your company or sponsor’s branding. We can produce custom cycling kits in any colour and you can even select different shades for elements such as stitching and collars. Our seam-to-seam, pantone matched printing ensures your custom cycling kit looks professional and polished. We also offer a free design service to help you incorporate your company logos and club badges onto your cycling gear.

Cycling kit is close to your skin. Really close.

As anyone who has driven behind a serious cyclist will testify, cycling kit is very close fitting! You don’t want to be distracted during a ride by anything, especially not something as trivial as bad fabric.

We can’t overstate the importance of premium quality fabric in custom cycling jerseys, personalised cycling shorts, and customsied cycling racesuits. Take a long-distance ride in a cheap cycling kit and you’ll suddenly see the appeal of the naked cycle ride.

Premium-quality fabric cycling kit will reduce friction and chaffing, regulate temperature, wick away sweat and free-up movement. It will also be much more durable, lasting multiple practice rides, races and washes.

When it comes to custom cycling kit, we really do have something for everyone.

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For professional cyclists we have the fully engineered race suits, cycling jerseys, cycling tights and bib shorts. All of our customisable cycling kit has been tested by literally thousands of happy customers in professional races, charity rides and club events. Even the directors of the hugely successful London to Paris Cycle event chose to wear our custom cycling jerseys and custom padded cycling shorts!

As well as our dedicated cycling gear we also offer customisable sportswear such as made to order t-shirts, custom hoodies and embroidered polo shirts. These are perfect for a more casual cyclist and make a smart amateur club kit.

And for the naked cyclists we have custom messenger bags, because you still need somewhere to put your keys.

Check out our range today - just click here - then design online or get in touch with your ideas!