To show you how versatile our custom stag polo shirts are, we'll give you the perfect design ideas for each of the top 10 stag destinations. We'll also give you some pros and cons to each, to help you decide!

1. Krakow

Krakow Stag Do


Krakow is very well set up for stag parties; the city is fairly tolerant of stag party antics and ready to suggest some of their own. Weaponry seems to be a big deal, with everything from axe throwing to machine gun shooting being offered to groups of men who have had access to cheap alcohol for the previous 48 hours. You can really enjoy yourself for not a lot of money; the beer is about £2 a pint and food (including epic portions of steak) is really well-priced. Flights are easily available, and cheap too.


With a destination that is SO set up stag dos, it's easy to get exploited. There are lots of pre-arranged packages available to stag parties, such as pre-paid pub crawls. Be careful, as these can often be cheaper shots and watered down spirits. If you're after some sunshine, Krakow may not be the best choice.

Krakow Stag Do Polo Shirt Design Ideas:

Poland's national flag, and the colours of their football team, are red and white, so if you want to make a few local friends, opt for those colours!

2. Bristol



The number one UK destination for stag and hen dos, although it's not really that far away from anywhere to be classed as a destination . . . but maybe that's the point. Bristol is easily accessible from anywhere in the UK, with excellent road, rail and air links, making it fairly fuss-free. It's full of culture, if you like that sort of thing, but it's also got a fantastic mix of night life; whether it's craft ales, cheap bars, or swanky nightclubs, you'll find it in Bristol. With a decent sized student population, it's not too hard to find a great deal on drinks and food.


It's not very exotic. If you've told your stag that your surprising him with an exotic location, and you whip off the blindfold in Bristol, you might have a tantrum on your hands.

With it being the top UK destination for stag dos, the bars and clubs can sometimes have a stricter policy for not allowing in stag dos, so you'll still need to do some checking up before you go.

Bristol Stag Do Polo Shirt Design Ideas:

Famous for their colourful houses and hot air balloons, bright pastels is a good theme. Bristol also has a strong history of pirates, so pirate names printed on the back of you stag polo shirts is very fitting.

3. Tallinn


Most people have only heard of Estonia if they watch the Eurovison Song Contest, and that's never the best first impression. But you might be pleasantly surprised.

This Eastern European capital is actually a perfect mix of old town charm and well-priced pints. Flights are regularly the cheapest on the websites of budget airlines and accommodation is very reasonable. Tallinn has a fantastic modern vibe, and an exciting night life - brilliant club scene and lots of entrepreneurial expats.


Depending on the time of year, it can get really cold (although a Winter-themed trip to the Christmas markets would be something different). It's growing in popularity for expats, so prices are getting pushed up. Sometimes, the only flights available are from London airports.

Tallinn Stag Do Polo Shirt Ideas:

Incorporate a hedgehog into any design and you're onto a winner: their national, mythical hero, Kalevipoeg, was said to talk to them.

4. Budapest

Budapest Stag Do


The big draw for Budapest is that it is CHEAP! At about £1.50 for a pint, it's one of the cheapest nights out you can have in Europe. They also have some pretty unique ideas for entertainment: river boat parties and stag shooting packages with AK-47s.

Budapest is also home to some of the coolest bars in Europe: 'ruin bars'. These super trendy establishments are set up in abandoned buildings, using flea market furniture and the work of local artists. They're unique to Budapest and reason enough to go! Plus, flights are easily available and cheap!


The weather isn't the greatest and it doesn't score highly on the glamour points. If you're after a TOWIE style weekend, this isn't going to tick the boxes.

Budapest Stag Do Polo Shirt Ideas:

Given the abandoned warehouse bars and the prevalence of gun-themed stag activities, we really like 'A-Team' themed stag polo shirts! A khaki base with your 'A Team' nicknames work well.

5. Edinburgh


UK-based for those who don't want to leave the country, with heaps of world-class events, like the Edinburgh Fringe Festival, going on all year round. There's enough to do and see in Edinburgh that drinking doesn't have to be the central activity, but there are also whisky tours!

It's a stunning city and as you walk around, you can see exactly where J K Rowling got her inspiration for Hogwarts, so you should be able to get some gorgeous selfies with the city as a backdrop. A fantastic mix of bars and restaurants: George Street for the relaxed bars, Old Town for the traditional pubs and whisky bars, and Grassmarket for a lively, edgy night out.


You're unlikely to top up your tan before the wedding - Edinburgh is cool most of the year. Accommodation can be expensive and for most of the country, flying is the easiest option and your group might think they may as well have gone abroad.

Edinburgh Stag Do Polo Shirt Ideas:

Harry Potter inspired, for sure. Hogwarts House colours and wizard names ...

6. Dublin


Have you ever met anyone who didn't love Dublin? Bars, culture, shopping, great food - Dublin has it all. It's fantastically well connected to everywhere in the world, via Dublin International airport and you can get some great flight deals. Temple Bar is the most popular drinking spot, but you're never too far away from a pub wherever you are in Dublin!


Can be pricey; drinks tend to be a little more expensive than the Eurozone average and accommodation isn't a bargain either. The weather isn't any better than the UK, so it won't be a sunny break away.

Dublin Stag Do Polo Shirt Ideas:

Black and white polo shirts look sharp, and are a nod to a pint of Guinness!

7. Blackpool

Blackpool Stag Do

A proper Marmite destination this one.


You can really relax and have a good time and you hen and stag dos rarely get turned away from the bars and clubs. The beach can be lovely and the retro seaside vibe could be ironically hip! You can find some great drink and food deals - everyone loves a bag of chips and an ice cream by the beach!


If you and your group are after something a little more bling, or a little more cultured, you may struggle in Blackpool. It's quite a way if you're travelling from Scotland, or the South - you could be in the Canary Isles in the same amount of time. And someone always tries to get the hen or stag on a donkey.

Blackpool Stag Do Polo Shirt Ideas:

Make like the famous Blackpool Illuminations and use a lot of colour. Deckchair stripes will also fit right in!

8. Marbella

At the other end of the scale, we have Marbs! Marbella is a sunny, blingtastic playground for those who like to flash the cash. If your group likes to get dressed up and quaff champagne on white three-piece suites on the beach, Marbella is the ultimate destination.


The cost! Regular tales of 15 euros for a bottle of beer. The obligatory 'No Carbs Before Marbs Diet'. The cost of everything. The endless selfies and Instagramming. And the cost of everything - did we mention it's expensive?

Marbella Stag Do Polo Shirt Ideas:

Nothing shy and retiring. Pastel colours will work well with the customary white shorts and deck shoes and instead of (or as well as) names printed on the back, you could design your own stag do crest do have embroidered on the front!

9. Las Vegas

Las Veas Stag Do

The furthest flung destination on our list (but probably still not as expensive as Marbella). This is one for the extreme stags and hens.


It's Vegas baby! A lifelong dream destination for many people, Vegas has to be seen to be believed! Even though they have some of the world's most expensive hotel rooms, you can actually find some really well-priced accommodation and some not too horrendous flight prices.

Touted as Sin City, Vegas has a lot to entertain, but it doesn't have to be completely off the rails. Pool parties and casinos can be fantastic fun (and are pretty unavoidable anyway), and they can also be a good supply of 'free' drinks and snacks. The clubs are glamorous and the entertainment is world class, with superstar singers and world-famous performers. The nearby desert offers some more active entertainment too.


Pricey, and can be a big ask of the group. It's also a long flight for a short trip. A bad idea if there are any compulsive gamblers in the group too!

Las Vegas Stag Do Polo Shirt Design Ideas:

Stag polo shirt designs in black and red are a nice way to incorporate the casino culture; poker player nicknames make great stag do names too. Or go one step further and have your stripper names printed on your custom stag polo shirts!

10. Playa de Las Americas


At just over 4 hours, Tenerife is a short enough flight for a few days away. The biggest plus though is the near year-round sunshine. Playa de las Americas is a mere 20 minutes from the airport, so you can get started as soon as you land!

You can go either way with Playa de las Americas: Marbs or Blackpool, with cheap drink deals in bars on Veronica's strip, or swanky cocktails on rented sun loungers overlooking the beach. It's easy to find flights and if you book early enough and don't go in peak season, both travel and accommodation can be really well-priced. Food and drink can be same price as UK.

If you don't want to spend all day drinking, Siam Park has been voted the world's best waterpark for two years running, and is 5 minutes up the road.


A very popular family holiday destination with many all inclusive hotels, so you could end up surrounded by kids! Not fun for them late at night, and not fun for you the next day with a hangover! Flights and accommodation can go up in Summer holiday times too.

Playa de las Americas Stag Do Polo Shirt Ideas:

Go for bold colours to suit the sunshine, or black and orange to honour the huge volcano - Mount Teide. The Siam Park rides can make surprisingly fitting stag do names too!

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