If there's one thing that makes a serious cyclist stand out on the roads on a weekend, it's a cycling jersey.

Sunday Cycle Ride

There doesn't seem to be a gentle slide from amateur cyclist to cycling addict, especially where the kit is concerned. But cycling is one of those sports where the right kit makes a huge difference your performance.

Cycling jerseys used to be predominantly for competitive cycling and races, but with more and more cyclists challenging themselves, the benefits of the performance-enhancing jersey were picked up and adopted by cyclists riding just for fun.

Cycling in a customised cycling jersey is a game changer and a completely different experience to cycling in a standard t-shirt.

Here's our guide to our cycling jerseys, and how they'll help you up your cycling game, and keep friends.

All Of Our Cycling Jerseys Are Made From Sweat-Sucking Fabric

One of the big attractions of cycling is the intense calorie burning. And one of the downsides of calorie-burning is all the sweating. Our custom cycling jerseys are created from moisture-wicking fabrics to help. It won't stop you sweating, but it will draw the sweat away from your skin, helping to keep you dryer and more comfortable.

Keeping the sweat away from your skin also means that you will suffer less with chaffing and rashes associated with sweat, and it's also more hygienic and less anti-social when you stop for your post ride pint!

Our Custom Cycling Jerseys Are Full Of Holes

Who would have thought holes could be heroes? But that's exactly what the micro mesh underarm panels on our custom cycling jerseys are. Just there, doing their thing, not wanting any recognition, helping to circulate cool air.

Together with the moisture-wicking properties of our custom cycling jerseys, these heroic underarm panels help to keep sweating to a minimum. This is great news for long rides, and even better news for cycling commuters, and their co-workers! You can arrive at work fresher, not having baked in a standard t-shirt, or gained sweat patches and a meeting with HR about your personal hygiene.

Our cycling jerseys are so sleek and lightweight, they won't take up much room in your bag when you get changed out of it. The hi-tech fabric we use in our custom cycling jerseys doesn't take long to air and dry, so if you have somewhere to hang it, it will probably be dry by home time. Top tip: server rooms are usually a good hanging place - they're infamously warm and most co-workers are too scared to venture in there.

A Cycling Jersey That Just Won't Let Go

Whatever shape you're in, the idea that you might be flashing large expanses of back flesh at riders or motorists following you is distracting. And having your cycling jersey bunch up around your middle constantly is just plain irritating.

That's why we fit your custom cycling jerseys hem with a magical strip of silicone grip. These clingy silicone strips work wonders to stop your cycling jersey moving about too much during a ride, so you can keep your head on the ride, your hands and the bars, and your eyes on the road.

They've Got Pockets! Our Cycling Jersey's Have Pockets!

If you put a basket on the front of your road bike, you won't have to worry about buying a cycling club jersey because no club will have you.

If you are, however, quite keen on the cycling club idea, then our brilliant rear stretch pockets will save the day.

The pockets are large enough to store the essentials: a water bottle and some ride snacks, phone, keys, money.  It's much easier to reach around to your back while cycling rather than grapple with a water bottle holder and with separate phone and zippered change pockets, you won't have to worry about losing anything important. We can even customise them to your size requirements!

I honestly want one of these cycling jersey back pockets on every top I own.

And because we've designed these jerseys specifically for cyclists, we've tried to pack every inch with as many cycling essentials as possible. We add reflective tape to the rear pockets on all of our custom cycling jerseys, helping to keep you safe on the roads in lower light. We can add more if you like!

Your Custom Cycling Jersey, Your Custom Size, Your Custom Sleeves

Long Sleeved Cycle Jersey

Any garment as form-fitting as a cycling jersey needs to have a well thought out cut. Even though the fabric has fantastic stretch and recovery properties, getting the perfect fit means everything will be where it is meant to, and your cycling jersey will perform its best. We offer a huge range of sizes in men's cycling jerseys, women's cycling jerseys, and children's cycling jerseys; you can also choose between classic fitting cycle jersey and a tailored cycling jersey. Once your size is sorted, it's onto the sleeves!

Both our Baobab Summer Cycling Jerseys and our Curzon All-Year Cycling Jerseys are available as short-sleeved cycling jerseys, long-sleeved cycling jerseys, or sleeveless cycling jerseys.

It might not make sense at first glance why you'd want an all year cycling jersey without sleeves, but it's all to do with how you feel most comfortable during a ride. Whereas a long-sleeved cycling jersey will keep you warmer on winter rides and protect your forearms, some cyclists prefer to wear cycling layers.  If this sounds like you, then a thicker cycling jersey in a sleeveless design is perfect for being worn under a waterproof cycling jacket.

A Cycling Jersey Design To Cover Every Inch

Sponsor Printed Cycle Jersey

Cycling jerseys have a long history of being colourful and displaying bold designs. From the yellow jersey of the Tour de France to the bold designs of Team Sky AIO race suits.

Cycling jerseys and sponsorship have always gone hand in hand. When knitted cycling jerseys were replaced with the cooler silk cycling jerseys, a fortunate side effect was that the silk took ink colours far better, and the designs were able to be bigger, bolder and brighter.

This symbiotic relationship has continued through the decades of cycling jersey evolution, right up until the present day.  The high-performance fabrics used for our Boabab Cycling Jerseys, Curzon All Year Cycling Jerseys, and AIO Cycling Racesuits not only keep you cool but also acts as the perfect canvas for bright designs and sponsorship logos.

Our seam to seam printing acts like a full wrap decal on a car - big, bold designs are possible over every inch, giving your new cycling jersey a completely modern look to match its high-tech feel.

We also offer Pantone matching, so you can get your printed cycling jerseys looking exactly like you've imagined. With cycle racing jersey designs being something of a cult fashion, getting your colours recreated perfectly is so important.

To give you a really good idea of how to design your custom cycling jersey, head over to one of our cycling jersey product pages and have a play with our interactive design tools. You'll be able to pick from hundreds of colours, add patterns, contrasting elements and upload logos and other designs. That's not all; if you want some professional input on your cycling jersey designs, our design team are here to offer advice and help, free of charge!