Footballs get all the attention. Funny-shaped balls get a lot of glory too. The small balls get a look in for a couple of weeks now and again during Wimbledon and grand-slam tennis tournaments, but they're generally overlooked. Which is a shame. because the small balls are getting plenty of action, but just not on TV. Hockey, lacrosse, and netball (bigger ball, but we'll let it go) are some of the fastest growing adult participation sports worldwide, which is why we love showing off our specialised hockey kit, custom made netball kit, and bespoke lacrosse kit.

Customised kit for netball and hockey teams

You could just let your team strut off the peg base layers, or standard personalised vests and t-shirts, but if you want to feel like a team and to make a mark in competitions, you need the correct and dedicated kit.

Let's Start At The Top - Lacrosse, Hockey and Netball Jerseys

Our customisable hockey jerseys, personalised lacrosse jerseys and made-to-order netball jerseys all have bang up-to-date, modern look. Available in Lycra or Dry Fit, the customised tops will keep put even during the most active training sessions and matches.

Custom dry-fit hockey lacrosse or netball jersey

The dri-fit fabric used in jerseys for netball, lacrosse, and hockey is a hi-tech material with sweat-wicking properties, so players stay cool and comfortable, and irritating friction is reduced. Both dri-fit and lycra give a sleek silhouette, are hard wearing, and wash really well.

Of course, nobody wants to wear a custom netball jersey, or lacrosse top that doesn't look as good as it performs. Dri-fit fabric in particular is made for bold designs and the seam-to-seam printing capabilities means that you can push your team colours and logos right to the edge.

It can be daunting being given the task of designing a new jersey - it has to incorporate team colours, meet sports association guidelines, and give a nod to the club's traditions. On top of that, it has to keep the whole team happy. Brilliant!

Our interactive design tools make things easy. And you can create a mock up to show everyone what your finished design looks like; you can even crate several designs and have a vote!

Design Your Own Lacrosse, Hockey, and Netball Shorts and Skorts

Netball, lacrosse, and hockey are all fast-paced sports, and players need clothing that isn't going to hinder them. For lacrosse, we have our specialist lacrosse shorts in two lengths. The lacrosse shorts are made from hi-tech dri-fit, and combined with the loose fit, they're effective at keeping you cool, even during the most heated lacrosse matches.

Specialist lacrosse shorts

For netball and hockey, we also have skorts! Every female athlete's favourite bottom half! This combination of a skirt and attached undershorts offers the best of both worlds, practicality wise - fitted shorts for comfort and confidence, and an overskirt that moves freely and looks fantastic. You can create some fantastic designs with hockey and netball skorts too, combining contrasting colours and adding bold patterns to the undershorts.

All In One Hockey And Netball Dresses In Your Team Designs

Custom team dress for netball or hockey

Our customisable hockey dresses and personalised netball dresses are just so easy, in every way imaginable. The all-in-one player dresses are crafted from Dri-Fit or Lycra fabric, both are supremely flattering, lightweight, and help you to keep cool during a match. More than that, the fabric doesn't tug or hinder players in any way, so they're free to just get on with the game - it's a really important factor in such high speed sports.

The two dress styles have subtle differences; straight or pleated, and both come in a slim fit as standard. The plain style has the best features of a longline top, so is great if you players like to wear another layer, like shorts or leggings under their playing dress. The pleated style is more preppy and the pleated sections add a nice style dimension with contrast colour inserts.

Essential Netball Training Bibs For Practice Sessions

We include player names and numbers in the price of our customised and netball match kits, dresses and personalised tops, but if your training kit is made up of plainer base layers, or your team trains in their own kit, then bibs are a must.

Choose from specially designed training bibs or more traditional netball position patches in a full two-side set of 14 in your choice of colours. Featuring large font player positions, they also have velcro patches for attaching to your netball training jersey or dress, and you can even add your team name and logo!

Reversible Netball Dresses, Lacrosse Pinnies and Hockey Jerseys

Fancy two kits in one? Ask about our reversible lacrosse pinnies, and reversible design hockey and netball dresses, which give you the chance to have two playing kits in one. And there's plenty of reasons why you would want customised reversible playing kit. In pitch sports like lacrosse, netball, and hockey, being able to instantly differentiate your team mates from the opposition is absolutely key to getting the winning edge. If you turn up to a match and your opponent's kit is a similar colour, there's likely to be confusion once the match starts. You could always have two separate match kits of course, but a reversible kit is more cost effective and takes up less room in your kits bag!

Our lacrosse jerseys and netball dresses aren't just for match day; we have plenty of netball clubs, hockey teams and lacrosse sides who have a dedicated training kit too. Reversible kits make real sense as a training kit, because you can create two different coloured kits, which is ideal to play against each other during training.

For netball in particular, investing in reversible kit for your team really makes sense. There will be players who can play more than one position, and providing a reversible kit with both sides in the same colours, but with different positions is a really sleek way to get around that.