Thoughtful, original gifts are harder and harder to come by, to the point where the only way to gift someone something really special, would be to make it yourself. Personalised merchandise is the next best thing!

Offering customers, and their friends and family, the chance to buy a piece of unique merchandise from you will not only put some extra cash in your till, but help boost your profile, spread the word about your business, and give you the chance to unleash your creative genius too.

Classic Rugby Shirts With Your Modern Designs

Let's start with some establishments that definitely have regulars - pubs, bars, and coffee shops!

Customised leisure rugby tops for christmas and merchandise

A leisure rugby shirt, customised with your pub logo, and personalised with individual names or nicknames, is a fantastic gift for your regulars! Have a couple of mock up images in the bar and your customers will be sharing it and dropping hints before you know it. The retro look customisable rugby shirts are perfect for wearing to the pub to watch the match, walking dogs, or just pairing with jeans on the weekend.

The luxury cotton rugby shirts look classic, and long-sleeve versions are particularly useful, as they're warmer and can be worn with just a light jacket, or the ever popular padded gilet (you can make customised padded gilets too!)

If you're peddling more caffeine than alcohol, custom leisure rugby shirts or customised brand hoodies make the perfect weekend outfit for hanging about in your coffee shop! Hoodies in particular are deal for creating a cult following. They get worn out and about tonnes, to the shops, to the gym, even to work. Printed with a big, bold design incorporating your logo and shop name, you'll soon have more customers queueing up for hot coffee and cool hoodies.

Keep Your Fans Happy With Waterproof Jackets

Supporters are arguably some of the most important people to a club. Come rain or shine, turning out to watch the match and cheer on their team. Offering your cub supporters the chance to buy a little bit of official club kit makes them feel valued, and is a real earner for sports clubs of all sizes, anywhere in the world.

Design a waterproof jacket for your business

With customised club merchandise waterproof jackets, and customised waterproof gilets, there is a whole spectrum of flair. Take advantage of our bang up to date printing technologies which allow you to exactly recreate your club colours using Pantone matching. And if you can get your club colours perfect, you might as well print them all over your new customised waterproofs!

Our seam to seam printing helps to crate a BIG impact. Take the brightest colour from your club logo and use it all over the jacket, or go for a more neutral background and a large format logo printed on the back - you can even add contrast stitching for a stylish touch, and individual names for a really special gift idea.

And if you think of your official club merchandise as shop stock, it makes sense to create a range. Just because a group of people support your club, it doesn't mean they support the same style choices! Consider creating a bespoke club waterproof jacket with in a subtle design, and also a more lively one, in brighter colours or even covered in a repeating pattern of the club logo.

Your supporters probably won't mind spending a little more on a personalised waterproof jacket with some fancy extras. Faux fleece lining, photo printed collar linings and storm flap zip collars are all option extras that add to the overall quality feel of your customised club waterproof jacket.

Waterproof jackets are a great but of supporter kit. Practical, the right price range, and something supporter would probably use even more than the players. It'll also swell the stands with more of your team colours!

Pad Out The Christmas Bonuses With A Customised Padded Gilet

OK, so it's not technically selling merchandise, but offering a top-quality, customised, wearable gift alongside your usual company bonus (if you offer such a thing) is a clever way to get more bang for your buck.

Create your own padded gilet

Padded and quilted gilets are an athleisure fave, and they suit absolutely everyone, so you there's no need to worry that your workforce is a pick n mix of shapes and sizes. A customised padded gilet, in a crowd-pleasing neutral, embroidered with a company logo or message is a practical and welcome staff gift. They can wear it at work (perfect for quashing arguments around the office thermostat), and outside of work for a bit a crafty advertising for your brand (shhhh)!

Keep the customised design classy and subtle, though as you don't want your staff thinking that they are being 'gifted' marketing department leftovers. The perfect way to add some subtle but effective branding is to make the most of our photo print collar lining feature. It's perfect for adding a flash of bright coloured logos and branding message too, and is a super stylish way of putting your mark on the personalised padded gilets.

You can pretty much guarantee a padded gilet will get a lot of wear through Autumn, Winter, and even Spring. An optional hood (detachable or hidden) will make this wardrobe superstar even more of a favourite, practical item.

Maximise Your Customised Merchandise Earnings

As well as our free in-house design service at your disposal, our Customer Services team know our products inside out, literally! If you have a budget to spend on merchandise, they can help you to make the most of it, and give you feedback on which items are likely to be good sellers for your business or club. They can also help with advise on turnaround times, sizing, and any extras you'd like that aren't on our website.