A new regatta season is nearly upon us. Long, summer days, sat on a picnic blanket on the riverbank, clinking Pimms glasses and cheering for your side. Can there be a more welcome thought after months of short, dark days, bundled up against the cold?

From local village river festivals to the famous Henley Royal Regatta, rowing regattas are about as good-natured a sporting event as you will get. They're colourful and timeless and are as much about the spectators enjoying themselves as they are about the competitive rowing.

Whether you're a rowing team, rowing supporter, or just a fan of the regatta events and atmosphere, it's time to start prepping!

Here's our guide to getting regatta ready:

Dig Out Your Old Rowing Club Blazers

Mens rowing blazers and womens rowing blazers

As the rowing training ramps up, it's a good opportunity to dust off your existing rowing club blazers and give them the once-over. Rowing club members tend to have ownership and responsibility for their own rowing club blazers, so do a roll call and get your rowers to present their blazers.

Some more traditional clubs count their rowing club blazers as club property, passing them down through the generations of club rowers. For these clubs, now is the perfect time to get their blazers into the light of day and give them a good airing.

Check for damage from wear and tear or stains from last year's regatta festivities - a dry cleaner should be able to help with both. Of course, for the very traditional rowing clubs, the stains and scars are part of the club's history and washing your rowing blazer is banned! Unhygienic, yet cost effective!

Measure Up The New Team For New Rowing Blazers

There's no rest in the winter for serious rowing teams. Even though during the colder months, the summer days of the rowing regatta are a distant memory, training doesn't stop. Soon, rowing clubs will be finalising their team selections, which makes it the perfect time to order new rowing kit and to measure up new rowing club members for their official rowing club blazers.

design your own striped rowing blazer

The rowing blazer is no longer an athletic garment like it used to be. Instead, it is used as a formal piece of the official rowing club kit; something smart to wear off the water at dinners, regattas, and for official rowing club photos. To help your blazer look like it was made just for you, we make it, just for you!

We offer separate men's rowing blazers, women's rowing blazers, and children's rowing blazers, and a really wide range of 'base' sizes in each. Our detailed sizing guide shows you clearly which size corresponds to individual measurements and the guide also gives you some handy tips on how to measure your rowers properly.

Once the measurements have been taken, you can choose which fit you would like each blazer to be. For the women's rowing regatta blazers, we have classic fit, or the more tailored slim fit. Our men's rowing regatta blazers come in slim fit, classic fit, and also mighty fit!

On top of the huge range of fit options, we individually tailor each rowing blazer to back length and arm length measurements, giving your rowing club a set of truly bespoke rowing blazers.

Time For A Regatta Redesign - Rowing Blazer Designs That Really Push The Boat Out

Think back to last year's regatta. How did your club's rowing blazers fare against the other rowing club blazers? Did you get rowing blazer envy? Maybe it's time for a rowing blazer redesign?

Our design service can take your existing blazer design and update it, or start from scratch with some fresh inspiration. The one thing to remember when designing a rowing blazer is that this is not a suit jacket. A rowing regatta blazer is not something you sling on on a Monday morning to blend in with the crowd on the way to the office. A blazer is meant to blaze; to be an eye-catching beacon that is instantly recognisable as belonging to your rowing club.

we can help you design your striped rowing club blazer

Adding meaning to your rowing blazer design is a tradition that harks back to the beginning of rower's blazers. And for such an institutionalised garment, the traditions can be quite anarchic. Take Cambridge Archetypal's blazer; a seriously colourful specimen which brings to mind a Fruit Pastilles lollipop. The story goes that to earn the famous blazer, you must complete the triple achievements of rowing in the Oxford/Cambridge boat race three times, have spent three nights in jail, and have strategically gained a third in your degree, thereby just about scraping a 2:2.

Now, we're not suggesting designing your striped rowing blazer around feats quite so ruinous to your future, but redesigning your bespoke rowing club blazer gives you the opportunity to weave some new traditions into your rowing club.

If a rainbow-striped blazer would jar with your club's personality, take a design lead from Cambridge's nemesis, Oxford, and opt for a simpler, subtler design. Their navy blue traditional rowing blazer can seem very tame by comparison, but you can add standout details in the piping, embroidered club badges, and really push the boat out with a unique, printable rowing blazer lining.

matching striped rowing trousers

There's no need to limit yourself to a JUST a rowing blazer either. Wow the crowds at your next rowing regatta with matching striped rowing trousers, and even a striped rowing waistcoat. We offer the same level of tailoring and attention to detail as we do for our rowing blazers, so you can be sure of some sharp looking stripes.

Swell Your Ranks With Striped Blazers For Rowing Club Supporters

While you're putting in an order for new blazers, you might as well make the most of our bulk pricing structure and order some blazers for your whole team. Coaches, club staff and supporters are all surprisingly into blazers and other striped rowing outfits!

And imagine how encouraging it would be the have hoards of your team stripes cheering you on from the bank. Striped rowing blazers for supporters are a wonderful way of creating a tribe feel within your club.

So, you're training's on track, your new members are measured up and your bespoke rowing blazers are ordered. All that's left to do is start planning a killer picnic hamper and pray for some sunshine this summer!