Most people got into their favourite sport because they were good at it at school, or because they wanted to get fit - looking good in the kit probably wasn't part of the decision making process. In fact, a lot of sports kits are a put-off. Take cycling for example; padded lycra shorts are pretty hard to make sexy.

If you're looking for a new sport so that you can meet new people, improve your fitness, AND look good while doing it, then you should definitely consider rowing.

University is a common starting point for getting involved in rowing, but most towns and cities with nearby rivers will also have their own rowing clubs.

Rowing clubs tend to be very social, with team bonding happening on and off the water; it's fantastic for fitness (there's a reason rowing machines are in gyms!) and literally ALL of the rowing kit makes you look great.

Retro Rowing Zephyrs

As well as being the most awesomely named garment, a rowing zephyr is a lightweight rowing top. The traditional design is a short sleeve, collarless top, with a round, button neck and finished with neck and sleeve trims in your rowing club colours and patterns. The design is a little bit preppy; a little bit retro, and looks fantastic on everyone!

Our customisable zephyrs follow the same, traditional design, but have been updated with modern, hi-tech fabrics, so you get the best of both worlds: traditional rowing tops with a high performance twist.

Whether you're training or competing, your kit needs to be comfortable and help you perform your best. Our made to order rowing zephyrs are available in our classic DryFit fabric or Lycra. Both fabrics offer moisture wicking benefits, meaning you stay cooler, dryer, and more comfortable while rowing.

The custom rowing club zephyrs are also available to order in an unbeatable range of sizes. Men's rowing zephyrs are available in X-small to 4X-large; women's rowing zephyrs in sizes 6 to 20, and children's rowing zephyrs in 2X-small to X-large. Once you've selected your size, you can choose between classic or slim fit, and even add extra length to your club rowing zephyr. We've even added sleeveless zephyrs and long-sleeve zephyrs!

And of course, because we are customised sports kit specialists, we can create your club rowing zephyrs in your club colours and designs. Striped trims at the neck and sleeve edge are traditional and a really effective contrast to a plain block colour rowing zephyr.

Show Off Your Hard Work With Lycra Rowing Kit & Lycra All In Ones

People without model-perfect physiques can be a little afraid of Lycra, but honestly, good quality lycra rowing bottoms, rowing tech tops, and rowing all in ones can actually be really flattering. The key factor is the quality of the materials.

Rowing bottoms and rowing tech tops are worn for rowing training sessions and for competition, so are a really good buy. The rowing tech tops retain the preppy silhouette of the zephyr, with modern updates like the zip neck. Just like the custom rowing zephyrs, our customisable rowing tops are available in an unbeatable range of sizes with options for men, women and children, and in a classic or slim fit. Again, we have three sleeve options: long sleeves, short sleeves, or sleeveless to really show off the guns all the rowing is giving you!

Our rowing all-in-ones (or rowing AIO) are mainly worn during rowing races, and fit and flatter a rower's physique; by the time you're taking part in rowing races, all that training will have really toned you up! More importantly, our rowing AIO suits help rowers perform at their best, with deep scoop necks and underarms for minimum hinderance. Optional extras like silicone leg grips and padded seats add to the exceptional comfort.

Go For Bold With Club Rowing Blazers

rowing blazers

Rowing blazers alone are a reason to join a rowing club! These colourful blazers are now something of a cult fashion item and are regularly seen at larger rowing races, such as the Henley Royal Regatta, as well as working their way into mainstream fashion.

It may be hard to believe, but these wool rowing blazers used to be worn by rowing club teams while racing. However, they have now been consigned to off-water business, such as rowing club dinners.

We offer both twill and wool club blazers, and both are completely customisable. Rowing club blazer design is a big deal, and for that reason, we offer a huge amount of rowing blazer design options.

Block colour blazers with contrasting trim piping look elegant and look really special with embroidered club logos; you can even go a step further and contrasting stitching too. Bold, contrasting stripes are another classic rowing club blazer designs, and a nod to the original rowing blazers.

Rowing club badges embroidered on to rowing blazers offer a timeless and meaningful touch and you can have these added onto either a patch or a pocket. For the ultimate in bespoke design, we can even add a custom printed lining from any design you like, including a photograph!

The fit makes or breaks a blazer. Our custom rowing blazers are available in men's and women's fits and sizes for the most flattering fit possible. For men, we offer an additional ‘mighty' fit, because we really weren't joking about those rowing guns! We even let you adjust each individual blazer's sleeve and arm length - we really mean it when we say we offer ‘bespoke' rowing blazers.

So there you have it: if looking good in the kit is an important consideration when you're looking for a new sport or hobby, rowing is the answer!

Whether you're a rowing club newbie or a competing professional rower, we can supply you with all of your rowing club on and off water kit.

We have low minimum orders, a fast turnaround, and offer a free design service to make sure your new rowing club goods looks as good as it can!