Not everyone wants to spend their summer holiday lounging by a pool. The cycling enthusiasts amongst us aren’t counting down the days to a package holiday or dieting to get a beach body. Instead, we’re planning our route to follow the Tour de France or Clasica in San Sebastian, or building up our stamina for a cycling break.

To the uninitiated, an amateur cycling holiday doesn’t make sense at all. Why use up your precious annual leave on gruelling exercise? But for those of us that have ever been on an amateur cycling holiday, be it with friends or family, or with a cycling club, we know that it’s an unbeatable way to spend time together, to share an experience and build a bond, all while seeing some stunning scenery.

Whatever your reason for looking forward to the summer cycling season, we can help you be a better performing cyclist, and a better dressed cycling spectator.

Yellow Suits Us

If producing cycling kit was a competitive sport, we’d be wearing the yellow jersey. We’re simply unbeatable on our range of customisable cycling kit. We offer a staggering variety of customised on-bike kit, from personalised cycling jerseys to full cycling race suits and padded cycling shorts.

Yellow Jersey

If you’re an amateur cyclist, getting out there for the weather, the socialising and the thrills, we can offer you all the suitable gear, without breaking the bank on unnecessary extras.

Our made to order cycling leggings and personalised cycling shorts, and our bespoke cycling jerseys are a great starting place for a basic cycling kit. Unlike buying off the rail, our on-bike cycling gear is completely customisable. You choose your size, choose between classic or slim fit, and then choose EXACTLY how you'd like it to look with a huge range of colours and design options.

You can even take it up a notch and choose to add extras, like four-way stretch fabric, silicone-grip waistbands and seat padding.

For the professionals and competitive cyclists, we have our ever-popular Harrison Custom Cycling Racesuits. These all-in-one cycling racesuits are top performers, with micromesh panels for ventilation, silicone-grip hems on the legs, a three-quarter length front zipper, and anti-bacterial padded insert for ultimate comfort!

Our made to order cycling racesuits are also available in four-way stretch fabric and are the perfect canvas for bold club or corporate designs.

And if you’re more of a watcher than a doer, then our bespoke off-bike kit means you can be part of the team, without putting in any legwork. Printable gilets, waterproof cycling jackets and cycling caps are fantastic value, and promote you from a spectator to a supporter. If you want something a little less sporty to wear for post-cycling drinks, we have top-quality custom hoodies and ever-practical embroidered polo shirts to add your own designs to.

They're also a great option for team cyclists to wear in the evenings and to round off their official kit; off-bike kit makes great mementos from team cycling holidays, too.

We’re No Surprise Newcomer

Experience of working with the biggest brand names means that we know how to keep our customers happy. We’re trusted by the likes of DHL, easyJet and BT to deliver top-quality, PR-worthy cycling kits for charity races.

Corporate marketing departments demand the best of everything: the best products to represent their company, with the best quality printing to recreate their branding, at the best price to get the most out of their budget, and delivered on time. Can you imagine getting DHL’s charity cycling kits to them late? We’d be laughed out of town!

easyJet Cycling

Our usual turnaround time is about six weeks, but a quick chat with our customer service team will give you a better idea of how long your designs are likely to take. We like to do things properly, so if you've got some particularly tricky artwork, it may take a little longer. Of course, you may need your new, made-to-order cycling jerseys quicker, so we also offer an express service which will cut your wait time by to 3 weeks or under. Just get in touch and we can give you all the details (form at the bottom of this and every page!).

Our reputation for being the go-to name in customised cycling kit means that we sell to companies and charities, large and small, worldwide. Organisations from Colorado to Cote d'Azur have trusted us to design and produce their corporate branded race gear, and they always come back for more!

Good Guys Don’t Always Finish Last

We’re really proud to have become the leading supplier of bespoke cycling kit, without sacrificing our values.

When we started the business, we agreed that customer satisfaction would be the cornerstone of everything we did. So, in 2014, when we were awarded ISO 9001 status, we knew we were doing something right!

ISO 9001 certification means that our company has been recognised as being committed to providing a quality product, quality service and continually looking for new ways to improve.

A big part of our dedication to a great customer experience, is our transparent pricing. All of our products are listed alongside clear pricing information, so you're never going to have a horrible surprise at the checkout!

It's not just our customers that we want to make happy; ethical production is really important to us, too. Our production facility has been independently vetted and awarded SEDEX certification, meaning that we have a fantastic work environment and everyone who works for us is taken care of. As well as giving us a warm glow, this is great news for our customers too - happy workers make nicer things!

Recycle and Reuse

We're also careful not to negatively impact the environment; all of our dyes our eco-friendly and none of our fabric goes to waste, with any off-cuts being sent to a fabric repurposing site.

Count Down The Days To Your New Cycling Kit

If you've started planning your summer cycling holiday, check out all of our made-to-order cycling kit in our cycling section.

Select a jersey, or a racesuit and have play with our customisation tools to see just how quick and easy it is! We also offer a COMPLETELY FREE professional design service to help you get the best-looking customised cycling kit possible - you definitely don't get that in your high-street sports shop!

We have some really detailed size charts to help you get exactly the right fit and all our pricing structure is right there on the product page, loud and proud! Questions? Just get in touch!