Some sports seem to willingly resist change and modernisation; golf has definitely been a past offender. But with a new wave of young golfers and golf fans, golf is being brought bang up to date.

It's been a while since tweed plus fours and Rupert the Bear trousers were the norm on the golf course, and our customisable modern golf kit has become one of our fastest growing lines.

Clashing colours area a tradition on the golf course

But just because custom golf wear has become modernised, it doesn't mean that golf clubs and tournaments are any less strict on the rules. Don't forget that this is a sport in which a pro golfer can grab headlines for daring to wear shorts. And we're not even talking about hot pants.

Here's a breakdown of the up to date golf club kit we have on offer, how it stays in the guidelines, and how it can be customised to help your golf club stay ahead of the pack.

Custom Golf Polo Shirts Look At Home On The Green - In Any Club Colour

The polo shirt has found a permanent home in modern day golf. The collared design and button planket are a nod to a formal shirt, and also up the garment's smart rating, helping it stay the right side of the golfing rulebooks.

DryFit fabric has revolutionised the polo shirt. The lightweight, high-performance fabric keeps golf players cool and comfortable with its sweat-wicking and anti-bac properties. It's also super smooth against the skin.

Dry fit golf polo shirts suit everyone

Both our customised cotton polo and our custom DryFit polos are available in long and short sleeved versions, and both look sharp under a sleeveless sweater or custom golf gilet.

Our ladies custom golf polos have the extra option of capped sleeves, which adds a more modern, tailored look to our women's custom golf club kit, whilst not being too rebellious in the rules department.

Golf may have its stuffiness, but it has never been shy when it comes to colour! Although a neutral colour palette is still the most popular amongst our golf club customers, we can create your custom golf club polo shirts in a huge array of colours. For our custom DryFit golf polos, we can even Pantone match your club to your colours, free of charge!

Lightweight Waterproof Custom Golf Club Jackets - Just In Case

It is a big fat lie that it never rains on a golf course. And if you're walking over miles of open land for a couple of hours, a surprise rain shower is inconvenient at best. A lightweight waterproof jacket is easily carried in a club bag and means play can continue if the weather turns.

It is a lie that it doesn’t rain on a golf course

If you enjoy a colourful golf club kit, you don't have to let a golf waterproof jacket dampen your spirits because we can Pantone match or seam to seam print any colour, pattern or design across our customisable waterproof golf jackets too. From customer feedback, we know that a bold printed waterproof jacket gets a lot of wear, both on the golf course and off it. Our lightweight custom golf jackets get a lot of attention; perfect if your club is trying to up their profile and their member numbers.

Our custom waterproof golf jackets are as customisable on the inside as they are on the outside. Choose from regular or heavyweight fabrics; hoodless, detachable or hidden hood; elasticated, button, or velcro wrist openings; and optional microfleece lining upgrades.

Custom Club Golf Gilets That Won't Hinder Your Swing

Maintain core toastiness without hindering your swing. Gilets are the most addictive garment you'll come across, whether they are our customised lightweight waterproof golf gilets or our personalised luxury microfleece golf gilets.

Our microfleece golf gilets are perfect for golf training sessions; for the driving range, and for casual games. They keep your core warm, which in turn maintains the blood flow to arms, hands and feet (actual science).

A custom golf gilet won’t get in the way of your swing

But it's our custom waterproof golf gilet that's the bee's knees. Offering the same custom options as our waterproof jackets, but in a sleeveless version! The engineered golf gilets look sharp and professional, especially when coupled with either a short-sleeved polo shirt, or a long sleeved polo shirt. The sleeveless design of the golf gilet leaves your arms free for a full swing. The bulk of sleeves and rustle of fabric on a jacket can be distracting, meaning that many golfers opt to take off their waterproof outer layer between holes; a golf gilet makes for a fuss-free game.

Again, we offer the same personalisation options as our waterproof golf jackets: all over printing of patterns or designs, and Pantone colour matching. And with a gilet, you can go even bolder - it's amazing how much more you can get away with design-wise if you take away the sleeves!

Custom Golf Kit With A Club-Pleasing Fit

It can be really hard to keep everyone happy. Never more so than when ordering clothing for them. The usual tactic with custom team sports kit is to go down the middle; a one-size sort of fits everyone approach. The point to remember here is that just being able to get into a golf club polo shirt, doesn't constitute it fitting. And a good fit is so important.

Your personalised golf club polo shirts, golf club jackets, golf club gilets, and other custom golf club kit should be a joy to wear. It should flatter each player's shape and help them perform at their best. you custom golf club kit definitely should not hinder their movements or distract their focus.

Fit is really important to us. That's why we offer an extensive range of sizes for men, women and children; and we also offer tailored cut options on a lot of our garments. And that's before we get started on sleeve styles and length, and collar options too!

You'll find a detailed sizing guide on each of our product pages, but if you need any more help with getting your golf club kit sizes spot on, get in touch. Our customer service team know our products inside out and can answer all your sizing questions!