Time and time again, wearable promotional items have proven to be the most popular marketing items with the best ROI. But they also tend to be the most expensive.

This has led to a dangerous pitfall: budget promo wear starts to look very appealing. Going for the cheapest promo t-shirt, or basic printed baseball cap may save your marketing budget, but is it spreading your message at all?

Marketing conversion from rugby jerseys

The trick to successful promo clothing is to combine modern design with quality manufacturing, to create a piece of promotional clothing that people will look forward to wearing.

And our leisure rugby shirts are just that!

If you're looking to create promotional clothing to raise the profile of your company, sports team, or club, here is why we think customisable leisure rugby shirts are top performers.

Size Up The Crowd With A Range Of Rugby Shirt Sizes And Fits

Rugby jerseys in dedicated children's sizes

Most promo wear lumps the end users into a really simple sizing structure: all items are available in 2X-Small to 5X-Large (for men) and Sizes 6 - 24 (for ladies) as well as a full kids sizing range. Whether you're a man, woman, child, or Golden Retriever, you WILL fit into one of these size categories.

Our casual rugby shirt sizes are a little more detailed. To kick off, we offer separate sizing for men, women, and children; and we offer a really wide range of sizes in each. On top of that, you can choose between classic or slim fit, and long sleeved or short-sleeved, so you really get the look you want, for the season you want it to be worn.

Leisure Rugby Shirt Design Templates That Do The Work For You

It's rare that one of our customers is also a graphic designer, and therefore a whizz at knocking up a custom rugby shirt design that is appealing AND gets the marketing message across. That's why we have a free in-house design service to help you. And that's also why we have a large selection of ready to go templates for your customised leisure rugby shirt designs.

Print your marketing message on a rugby leisure shirt

Our templates include the most popular patterns for retro rugby shirts, including bands, rings, stripes, squares and block colours. All you have to do is add the colours of your company, team, or club, using our intuitive design tools.

All your changes are uploaded in real time, so you get to see exactly what your custom leisure rugby jersey will look like.

Our powerful customisation tools and mock-up designs are a great way for you to show the rest of your marketing team (or accounts department!) what a fantastic idea promo rugby shirts are!

Classic Leisure Rugby Shirts That Will Get Worn Until The End Of Time

There's something so classic about a retro look rugby jersey, that it ultimately suits everyone. The cut is more formal than a casual t-shirt and the open neck is much more flattering.

As our custom leisure rugby jerseys are a little heavier than a t-shirt, they don't tend to be thrown on for the gym, or for doing the gardening, as would be the fate of many promo t-shirts. Instead, our leisure rugby shirts are put to more sociable uses, which means your message travels further and gets more exposure.

You know your crowd; you know your team and supporters. Customise a leisure rugby jersey that will please them! Each element of our retro-inspired rugby tops can be tweaked to give you exactly the look you need.

Get the word out about your team with rugby supporter jerseys

Collar and planket width and style, cuff details, and sleeve length can all be picked by you. If you know your target audience appreciate a popped collar, choose a wider collar width. If you envisage your club members or team supporters wearing your promo rugby shirt at Summer matches, give them what they want and go for the short sleeves. You have the power to do it all!

Luxury Leisure Rugby Shirt Fabrics That Feel As Good As They Look

Your promo rugby jersey or rugby club supporter jersey can look as fantastic as you like, but if it doesn't feel as good as it looks, it's not going to get worn and get out into the world.

The Watson made-to-order leisure rugby jerseys are available in two top-quality fabrics. Traditional cotton twill fabric is smart and structured, giving a classic old-school look. Our luxury jersey fabric is softer and cosier, but also top quality at 260 gsm.

A Helping Hand From The Leisure Rugby Jersey Experts

We're huge fans of the leisure rugby jersey (in case you hadn't noticed). We're on the lookout for them everywhere we go. Sailing club rugby style jerseys; rowing club rugby style jerseys; rugby club supporter jerseys; university social club retro rugby jerseys; even stag do rugby style jersey tops. We see them everywhere and we gather design inspiration constantly!

So if you want a helping hand designing your rugby club jersey, our dedicated design service can help you, free of charge.

Cotton Leisure Rugby Jerseys and Soft Jersey Classic Rugby Tops can be embroidered, printed or appliqued, and each method has their own look that will suit different messages.

An embroidered club badge or company logo looks classic and discrete, while a full printed back rugby jersey looks modern and attention-grabbing.

A large applique design looks preppy and retro, and mimics those being sold (for lots of money!) by high-end, casual fashion brands.

If you're creating a custom casual rugby jersey as a promo item, or as a giveaway, the custom design is make or break. A discrete but attractive design is likely get your promo rugby jersey worn out and about a lot. Or a fantastic design that suggests rather than screams, your brand name and message also creates a desirable top that people will want to wear again and again.

We have other creative ways of adding your branding too: under collar printing looks high-end and adds something special. If your rugby jersey is a club supporter jersey, you can even put hidden message or team slogan under here - very stealthy!

We can get your customised short-sleeved leisure rugby jerseys to you in time to enjoy the rest of Summer too. With our Express Service, you can get your customised leisure rugby jerseys in your hands in as little as three weeks.

So let's get customising!