From Go Karting to F1, there are no lone wolves in motorsport. Every level of motorsport is a team activity, requiring drivers, pit crew, and many other support roles. A successful motorsport race, event, or business involves people with arguably the widest range of technical skills of any sport. And then of course there is an army of racing enthusiasts.


We produce a fantastic range of motorsports apparel, to help every member of your crew feel, and look, like part of a winning team.

Get Them in Your Team Early With Wearable Go-Karting Merchandise

Go-karting is where most motorsports aficionados catch the motorsports bug. For youngsters who go on to become F1 champs, the local go-karting centre is where they're introduced to the sights and sounds of the race track. Customised motorsports tops, or company branded motorsports team jackets, make a great uniform for your go karting staff. Your customers will also appreciate the attention to detail that adds to their authentic motorsports experience.

Customised motorsports t-shirts, motorsports fleeces and printed motorsports hoodies also make fantastic merchandise, helping you to upsell each booking, while giving your customers a top-quality souvenir of their day. Coupled with an edgy design, the standard of our customisable apparel makes it perfect for re-selling. A great design also means that your customers are more likely to wear it out and about, giving you non-stop advertising too!

Go-karting centres love our customisable outerwear: your company logo printed on a fleece gilet, or made-to-order waterproof jacket will protect your go-karting staff from the weather, and make it easy for go-karting customers to pick the staff out in a big go-karting centre.

Our dry-fit polos and dry-fit t-shirts are super practical for everyday wear at go-karting tracks and race centres. They're hardwearing, breathable, wash really well and are perfect for seam to seam printing of bold designs.


Customised Motorsports Race Team Pit Crew Kit For Pole Position In The Style Stakes

Amateur, semi-professional, and professional racing teams can set themselves apart from hobbyists with a dedicated team kit. A sport relying on the latest technological advances needs an up to date, high performance kit to match. Leave the sweaty fabrics in the dirt with fabrics that keep you cool under pressure and a bespoke fit worthy of a pro F1 crew.

Our customisable dri-fit t-shirts come into their own in the high pressure environment of the race pit. Our bespoke dry-fit tops are lightweight and non-clingy, making them super comfortable and easy to wear. The technical fabric t-shirts wick sweat away from the skin, and the anti-bacterial properties keep your crew feeling and smelling fresh.

Customisable dry-fit t-shirts are also the perfect choice for motorsports teams because of their endless design possibilities. Seam to seam printing means you can create huge, wearable designs with ease and Pantone colour matching means we can get your team colours bang on.


And design isn't just about style kudos. Clever use of design and colour can make your team race pit the safest and quickest on the track. Use different elements of your team colours to differentiate between roles and have crew names printed as big as you can, making it easy to instantly see who is where in the pit.

Raising funds is a constant need for motorsports teams, amateur and professional. Fan and supporter merchandise offers a double whammy of funding - merchandise sales to fans and increased sponsorship opportunities. As with personalised go-karting centre uniforms, a fantastically designed merchandise line can really rev up your team's financial pot.

The customisable classic polo is the perfect starter line; it's smart, effortlessly wearable, and suits pretty much every fan! Serious motorsports fans spend a lot of time outdoors, so they really appreciate the opportunity to buy a team-branded branded waterproof jacket, or a warm and smart gilet embroidered with your team logo.

And because our products get better value when ordered in bulk, you can order the same custom polo shirt or bespoke fleece lined waterproof jacket for your race crew, and for reselling as merchandise, which will really increase your head start.

Sponsors Will Want In On Your Race Crew Clothing

As interests go, if it's remotely related to cars or motorsport racing, it's going to require a steady stream of cash. From go karting regulars and motor racing spectators, to amateur and pro motorsports teams - motorsports is a pricey endeavour.

Of course, this extends to the world class F1 teams, too like Ferrari and McLaren, who fund the multi-million pound cars, drivers, and race teams with multi-million pound sponsorship deals. Sponsorship is a brilliant way for smaller scale pro motorsports teams, and amateur racing teams, to get some much needed investment. And with our range of customisable motorsports clothing and bespoke pit crew clothing, getting sponsorship is a doddle!

Bring A Race Track Feel To Your On-Road Motor Business

The sports car experience isn't all about the track. High end sports car showrooms, garages, and suppliers of specialist services and after sales car parts and accessories can also benefit from staff personalised uniforms with a motorsports feel.

It's all about the experience. Being served by staff who are dressed smartly in customised uniforms with a well-thought out nod to the motorsports industry gives customers the experience of being involved in a world they aspire to. The key here is a nod to the motorsports world, as opposed to themed. Going over the top and having your service desk receptionist dressed up in a flameproof race suit is straying into the realms of fancy dress. Adding a helmet as part of the uniform is just plain impractical and may even be breaking some workplace laws. Stay classy: go for subtle.

Classic Customised Rugby Tops For Classic Car Companies

Motorsports is not all about petrol heads and top speeds. Classic cars and classic motorsports are a hugely valuable industry, with a wide range of companies involved. From specialist classic car garages and mechanical service providers, classic car parts dealers, and even classic car convention organisers, there is still a lot of love out there for the old classics.

We can help you match your classic car company uniform to the feel of your business. Let the speed freaks keep the dri-fit polos and the fleece gilets and opt instead for customised motorsports apparel with a more timeless feel.

Classic cotton polo shirts complete with embroidered logos are perfect as a practical uniform for classic car companies. We even have made to order customisable quilted jackets which evoke images of driving down country lanes.

Classic car companies that specialise in American classic cars might want to take a look at our customisable varsity jackets, which instantly conjure up the world of classic Americana.

Car modification specialists love our customisable waistcoats and hoodies, as they are the ultimate customisable garments. And it's all thanks to bespoke linings. Choose any pattern, any print, or any photo (classic car related or not) to have printed on the lining of your personalised waistcoat - perfect for looking smart at classic car meets. Our hoodies come with the option of photo print hoodie linings, making it a great classic car hoodie for around the garage or workshop.


Whichever motorsports niche your company operates in, we can work with you to design a motorsports company uniform, or re-sellable motorsports merchandise that will speak volumes about your business and drive plenty of traffic your way.