Wedding season is in full swing, which also means that it’s open season on stag and hen parties!

In years gone by, a stag party or a hen do was touted as the final night of freedom before getting married, but these days, it’s something much more fun! Now, a stag or hen do is an excuse for a get together, and increasingly, a great reason for a long weekend away, or a mini holiday in the sun.

Destination stag and hen dos are one of the fastest growing travel sectors, with more money, time and effort being poured into their planning than ever before.

An essential part of any stag or hen weekend, especially a destination stag or hen do, is some customised stag or hen clothing.

Stag and hen t-shirts, customised with names, nicknames and pictures have become the ubiquitous stag and hen weekend uniform - they’re wearable, good value, and are a great way of tying the gang together, not to mention a great opportunity to embarrass the stag or hen.

In fact, your standard stag and hen t-shirt has become a bit expected; a bit unoriginal and tired. So, instead of a printed stag or hen t-shirt we’ve come up with some alternative options for customised stag and hen accessories to fly your colours in the best way possible.

Top Off Your Stag or Hen Weekend With a Customised Baseball Cap

The classic baseball cap is an easy and affordable customisable accessory for hen and stag parties.

They’re lightweight and easy to pack, and are adjustable so you don’t need to worry about getting everyone’s sizes. To top it all, the classic style baseball caps suits just about everyone…


Being the absolute best when it comes to customisable hen and stag accessories means that we don’t just have one style of custom baseball cap to offer; we have three, meaning you can really get the look you are after.

For example, if you want to opt for a sporty-themed stag or hen party, then our classic baseball caps offer a great canvas for printing team names and nicknames. You can even use a college sports font to really keep the ‘team’ theme going.

Our printable trucker caps can go two ways: hipster, or humour. The extra roomy front section offered by trucker caps is perfect for printing satirical slogans, like Trump’s campaign slogan, “Make America Great Again”. He famously didn’t come up with it himself, so no need to worry about copyright lawsuits.

Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff - Wrist and Headbands for Stags and Hens

Personalised Sweatbands are a super-quick fix for adding just a little splash of fun to stag and hen groups; bright colours with slogans or nicknames are particularly popular.

If you don’t want to go down the fancy dress route, or the matching printed t-shirts avenue, customisable sweatbands mark you out as a squad, whatever you’re wearing.

Maybe, our embroidered sweatbands could even inspire a fancy dress outfit? Tight-shorted, moustached, retro squash players look particularly fetching, just team neon sweatbands with a tutu and a (temporary) bad perm, and you’ll have an 80’s themed outfit Madonna would be proud of.

Our sweatbands are very affordable too, starting at just £4.00 with a minimum order of 10, design online by clicking here.

Making sure your carry on stays nice and light!

Upgrade The Standard Stag And Hen T-Shirt To A Customised Polo Shirt

These are perfect for extended stag and hen parties. They can be worn with ease for the minibus journey to the airport, or for a more low-key pub crawl.

And you can make our cotton polo tops as classy or as crazy as you like – from an embroidery of the stag’s pretty face to something more exotic!

Embroidered Polo Shirt

As well as comfy travelling attire, our stag and hen DryFit Polo Shirts are perfectly suited to sporty stag and hen dos. Sports event based stag and hen weekends are more and more popular; a few days watching the cricket, or a cycling trip around Amsterdam are perfect alternatives to boozy weekends.

As well as being brilliantly practical, our embroidered jersey polo shirts for stags and hens are even more customisable than your standard cotton tee, and because they come in an excellent range of tailored sizes (male/female) and fits (slim/classic), there’s no reason why your hen or stag polo shirt has to be unflattering.

Invest In DryFit For A Hot Hen or Stag Weekend

DryFit Vests are another excellent choice for sports-themes stag and hen weekends. They’re also a fab idea for a destination stag or hen do in hotter climates. If you’re planning some time by the pool or on the beach, they’re perfect to throw over your bikini or trunks, and throw into a beach bag.

Custom Dry Fit Vest

They’ll ensure you stay cool and comfortable, all while looking like part of the posse.

Blaze A Classy Stag or Hen Party Trail with Printable Blazer Linings

Bespoke blazers aren’t your obvious option for stag and hen parties, partly because of the cost and the formality, but a ‘team blazer’ adds a discerning touch of class to group clothing.

Again, perfect if your stag or hen do involves an elite sporting event, such as Wimbledon, Henley Regatta, or the races.

Custom Club Blazers

And you don’t have to worry about your blazer looking office-like at all, our blazers are customisable in any colour you wish, as well as bold striped design and classy piped colours.

Our all time favourite way to make a blazer stag and hen-worthy? Cheeky, printable linings!

They make a lovely keepsake too, and who knows, depending on the design there is no reason why you can’t wear it again and again. Business on the outside, party on the inside!

Having a Romping Stag or Hen Do in Made-To-Order Onesies

Technically, more suited to a slumber party, custom onesies, or playsuits, for men have been getting a lot of press attention lately. Someone seems to be trying to set them up as a genuine menswear trend…

They offer tonnes of space to print names and other text, and you can create them in any colour you like.

And if the men’s playsuit trend does take-off, you’re all set!

Custom Stag Do Onesies

Obviously, for girls they’re more of a lovely idea than an embarrassing plot, and are definitely going to be worn until they fall apart (which will be ages, because as was well as being very cute, they’re very well made, design yours by clicking here).

So if you’re looking for some printable hen and stag items for this summer, get in touch, we can deliver within most deadlines even if you think you’ve left it too late. Don’t forget our free design service can help you create something eye-catching and unique; something that will be talked about for years to come!