School Leavers Hoodies and sweaters have caught on over the past few years. And why wouldn't they? They're the perfect piece of memorabilia for school leavers: practical and customisable and always in fashion. However, not all leavers hoodies are created equal. If you've been put in charge of ordering the school leaver hoodies for your school year, read on to find out how to get top marks!


If you've started planning your leavers hoodies for the class of 2017, we bet we know what's come to mind: a block colour hoodie, with a big number ’17' on the back, formed from the names of all the pupils leaving that year? It's an eternally popular choice - and to be honest, it's popular because it's a great design idea - but there are other options. For example:

  • Use your school logo - If your school has a logo or badge, we can include this in the highest quality embroidery, printing, or appliqué. You can also incorporate it into the main design, or just use it for inspiration. Custom Leavers Hoodies can also have school mottos, awards, achievements, and interesting facts printed and embroidered onto them. Maybe you're designing leavers hoodies for a school club, or sports team? We can help you choose imagery and design that speaks louder than words.
  • Include a theme - Themes are a great way of tying things together. With so many bespoke elements available, it's easy to match up your bespoke school leavers hoodies with your prom theme, or a school’s unique quality or achievement.
  • Stick something on the front - Selfies are difficult enough anyway without having to make like an owl and twist your neck 180 so that your face and the design on the back of your hoodie are both in the shot. Our custom leavers hoodies allow you to play with ALL the space; we even have the ULTIMATE bespoke element: printable hood linings. As well as being able to select a template design, you can upload an image (photo, drawing, text) to have printed on the inside of your hood! A guaranteed, completely unique detail and a great talking point.


    If there's one, single feeling that sums up leaving school, it’s the feeling of FREEDOM! Nobody's going to tell you what to do anymore! As it turns out, life after school is just different people telling you what to do - never mind! In the honeymoon phase, before you find this out for yourselves, we’ll let you call the shots! We won’t dictate how your leavers hoodies should look based on what colours we’ve got available. We won’t tell you that you can’t have a green hood and pink sleeves. You just wave your magic cursor and tell us what you want.

    There's a reason you don't see size labels in shops that say ’36-37 Years’. That's because grown ups come in all shapes and sizes, and so do our school leaver hoodies. As well as the great range of tailored sizes, which adjust arm length and torso length instead of just adding some width, our leavers hoodies are available in both male and female fits - the female version having a flattering, more tailored, fit.

    Making sure your leaver hoodies look AND feel fantastic matters. It’s not much of a memory if all you do is take it off and put it in your mum’s attic after the ‘Class of 2017 Leavers Hoodie’ photo is taken. Your leavers hoodie is supposed to be your buddy for the transition to the next stage of your life. Going on a gap year? Your leavers hoodie will keep you cosy on coaches and in airports. It will remind you of your lifelong friends when you’re feeling lonely out in the world. It will be a conversation starter with strangers in far flung places: “Wow! A green hood with pink sleeves? Where you from exactly?”


    The main thing you want out of a good memory is for it to last. Although bespoke leavers hoodies are a relatively new idea in the UK, they’ve been around a lot longer in America, where it’s not unusual for them to be passed down to the next generation. It is true that for that kind of longevity you're going to need to pay a little more than the budget or off-the-shelf options, but it is oh so worth it! More money gets you better materials, craftsmanship, and attention to detail - all of which add up to a superior product that lasts longer.

    It matters to us that you get a top-quality school leaver hoodie for the best price we can offer, but we also care about other things. It also matters to us that our business isn’t needlessly damaging the environment, or taking advantage of the people who do the hard work for us. If this matters to you too, we’re happy to be able to tell you that

  • our inks and dyes are eco-friendly
  • our fabric cut-offs are all repurposed
  • we’re committed to becoming carbon neutral (and we’re very nearly there), and our production team work in a thoroughly safe and regularly checked environment.


    Our design team are on hand to help you create the PERFECT custom leavers hoodie . We know what works and what REALLY doesn’t. We can also point out details that would be missed by the untrained eye: font sizes that wouldn’t show up, sloppy spacing, colour combinations that don’t suit ANYONE. We’ll never say ‘no’, we’ll just make some suggestions! That way, you can look like a design expert, even if you don’t know where to start!

    It can be daunting, being in charge of getting the leavers hoodies for your whole school year, but our customer service team are on hand to help things go smoothly. And keeping a whole school year, or sports team, or school club happy with their souvenir leavers hoodies can be particularly challenging.

    We’re here to help you with the boring but essential stuff too: order dates, timeframes, sizings, etc. If anyone can make sure you get your order of crowd pleasing, school leavers hoodies on time, in full, and to spec, it’s us.

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