Students live in hoodies - FACT! They're super-comfy, they rarely need ironing, and you can throw them on with anything. Plus, they're brilliantly snuggly and even lightweight university hoodies are handy for adding an extra thermal layer.

Of course, it would be great if one university hoodie was enough to see you through the three or more years, but hoodies do need washing now and again. With that in mind, here's our quick guide on where to get an armful of hoodies in your first week at university.

Student Hoodie

Promotional Hoodies at Fresher's Fair

Top of the list for the university hoodie haul is Fresher's Fair. Fresher's week has grown into something of a festival for new students arriving into town t Customised hoodies o start their uni life and one of the highlights is the Fresher's Fair. As well as finding out about and joining official uni sports clubs and weird and wonderful societies, Fresher's Fair is also full of companies bidding for your attention and money for the next three years . . . tread carefully!

University Sports Clubs Hoodies

Student Hoodie Haul

Definitely your best bet for really good hoodies! Customised hoodies are the uniform for pretty much any university sports club. Every other club will also have official kit and hoodies branded with their logos and are ALWAYS available to buy in Fresher's Week!

All Kinds of Niche Society Hoodies

Chess Club Hoodies

Whatever you are into, you can bet your life some previous students have started a society based around it. Societies are where you find your kindered spirits; the new friends who share your niche interests. You may not think your hobbies are cool enough for your new, uni lifestyle, but you should definitely wear that chess club hoodie, loud and proud!

It's also worth trying something new and random. Archery, lawn bowls, synchronised golf . . . just because you've never done it before, doesn't mean you won't love it! It's also worth remembering that a lot of the time, it's more about the socialising than it is the extreme ironing activities. The more new people you meet, the greater the chance of finding your crew!

Goodie Bag Swag Hoodies

Big companies are fast climbing on the Fresher's Fair bandwagon, and whereas you might be against the corporate takeover, maybe it's best to protest by milking them for all they're worth!

The money and thought companies put into Fresher's Fair goodies varies hugely; don't be tempted to sign up for any old nonsense for a clicky pen, or a canvas shopping bag. Hold out for the good stuff!

Banks tend to offer the biggest swag, followed by subscriptions to services like gyms and mobile phone providers and utility companies. Obviously, weigh up the value of a branded hoodie against an expensive monthly commitment!

Volunteering and Helper Hoodies

Helping out the student union or the university is a fantastic way to get to meet some new people quickly, and a lot of the time, you're rewarded with an official university hoodie so that you stand out from the crowd. Many universities look for volunteers from second and third year students to ask as guides, showing new students around. Freshers are also recruited to help at organised Fresher's events and to meet with international students get to grips with their new home.

Other organisations, such as charities and student welfare groups will also be looking for volunteers during the busy Fresher's Week. And you could get some additional benefits to a customised hoodie, including making new contacts, adding some value to your CV, and a warm glow from knowing you're doing a good deed!

Competition Prize Hoodies

Your personal details, like your email address, are valuable and companies will offer all kinds of things to get you to part with it. Fresher's Week is awash with competitions; including wearables like promotional hoodies. Although it's not a guaranteed way of bagging yourself a new customised hoodie, it's worth a shot!

Just be careful who you give your details too; sometimes the spam isn't worth the goodies!

Bring Your Own: Leavers Hoodies

Make sure you pack your school leaver's hoodie.

Once the excitement and the novelty has died down; you've sobered up and the hangover's gone, you may be surprised to find yourself homesick. Which is weird, given how long you've been desperate to strike out on your own and move home. This will pass, and EVERYONE feels the same way at some point.

It's the perfect time to dig out your leaver's hoodie and snuggle up, maybe catch up with some school friends on Facebook and compare stories of Fresher's week antics.

Your school leaver's hoodie also makes a good conversation starter at awkward first meetings or lectures, and when meeting your new roomies for the first time.

Work Uniform Hoodies

Getting a part-time job may not be near the top of your list of priorities during Fresher's Week, but it actually makes sense. For one, it should make your student loan last a bit longer. You'll meet loads of new people and gain valuable work experience; most important of all, you're likely to be given a uniform! Lots of shops and businesses now opt for a lightweight, customised hoodie as a uniform: it's practical, easy to take care of, has tonnes of space for branding.

And with all that extra cash, you can buy even more hoodies to spend the next three years in!

Buy An Official University Hoodie

If all else fails, most university shops now offer a really good selection of clothing, kit and accessories, all in official university colours and branded with your new university's logo. Fresher's week is a great time to get your branded university hoodie as there'll more than likely be a fresher's offer.

As well as university hoodies, you can go a little more subtle with a scarf in university colours, or a customised university hoodie for something more casual. You may be tempted to pledge allegiance to your new home by adding matching pens, rulers and backpack to your new university hoodie, but maybe it's best to start small.