Until recently the only way one could get a bespoke blazer made, of any high standard, was to visit your local tailor.
Unfortunately this tradition has dwindled over the years, no one appreciates the comfort and elegance of a bespoke fitted blazer the way they used to. Lack of time and the convenience of store bought blazers have led us to be lazy and nonchalant when selecting a blazer.

That's where Clifton stepped up, one should not have to settle for less nor should one have to take hours out of their lives to travel to, select designs, materials and be measured for ones bespoke blazer.

For months the big wigs at Clifton sat down with the product designers, operations team & web developers to plan a bespoke tailoring service that provides premium quality, bespoke fitted blazers, all from the comfort of the customers own home, phone or workplace!
We have been able to produce and now offer a complete online service which covers your material choice, style, design, logos and precise sizing specifications all in one place!

It's a no brainer, save time, see exactly what you are going to be getting (before it's even been made), show your friends, make adjustments before your very eyes and then fill in our specific sizing chart to have your blazer tailor made to fit your body, like a very big glove...

Our system is engineered not only for individual orders but for groups as well, in fact, most of our orders are group orders! With the opportunity to enter each members sizing before check-out you can relax knowing that everyone is catered for.
Not sure you want to do your entire order online? Submit an enquiry instead and we'll provide that personal service, checking through sizing with you and making sure each element of your design is exactly how you want it before ordering.

Could it be any easier??


"I must thank Clifton for providing the boys with the blazers, coming to a special occasion like this you need to feel special. The blazer that we have been provided with has some history to the design as well and to have someone like Clifton providing them for us has been great."
Mana Otai - Tonga Rugby Head Coach