A new sporting revolution is here, and the rebels are wearing pinnies - lacrosse pinnies.

Lacrosse is an intense and exciting team sport, and its popularity is exploding across the world.

If you play lacrosse, you'll understand the common description of it as being a cross between ice hockey and basketball, two already established American sports.

And you'd be forgiven for thinking lacrosse has its origins in France, but it's actually the most American sport of all, as it was invented by Native Americans and brought to Europe by French missionaries.


Although it doesn't sound like a hardcore sport, lacrosse players know that it's a super physical sport; after all, it was originally played to build up the skills of the warriors of the tribes and in modern play, a helmet and mouth guard are classed as essential!

Lacrosse is popular with both men's and women's teams and the games only differ in that there is less contact in the women's games.

UK universities are a huge driving force in the growth of the sport, providing a steady and increasing influx of new players to university lacrosse teams, as well as local lacrosse teams and national lacrosse teams. The UK this year hosted the Women's Lacrosse World Cup! So if you're looking for a new team sport where you get a full workout, purge some stress AND wear a pinnie - look no further than lacrosse!

Lacrosse is one of those sports in which there's quite a lot of kit to wear, and it's mostly unique to lacrosse.

So for lacrosse newbies or lacrosse pros, here's our guide to the essential lacrosse kit.

Pinnies Aren't Just For Bake Off


Most clubs will provide you with the standard kit of a lacrosse stick and a helmet and although standard activewear can be worn, Lacrosse actually has quite a specific lacrosse kit.

Lacrosse pinnies are the most recognisable piece of lacrosse wear. Similar to basketball vests, these loose, sleeveless jerseys have been designed with freedom of movement and heat control as a priority. That should give you an idea just how physical a game lacrosse is.

Our customisable lacrosse pinnies are available in men's or women's fits; much better than the 'unisex' option, as one size definitely does not fit all! We also offer children's lacrosse pinnies, if you're starting them young!

You also get to choose between the classic Custom Lax Pinnies or Racerback Lax Pinnies. The regular style features a classic sleeveless design, whereas the racer back has more of a cut-in back, exposing shoulder blades for more movement and a cooler jersey.

Lacrosse pinnies differ from standard sports vests in their length. Lacrosse pinnies are longer, with them hem landing mid-thigh. This style has been inspired by the intense, physical aspect of the sport and the length prevents the lacrosse pinnie from riding up and distracting you during play.

Free Names, Free Numbers & Reversible Designs!

We include player names and numbers in the cost of our lacrosse pinnies, so no need to worry about adding that on top. We'll also deliver anywhere in the world!

Our dry-fit fabric and relatively large surface area of lacrosse pinnies makes them perfect for bold designs. Bright colours are traditional, to match the high energy nature of the sport.

As there are no buttons or collars, we can offer our lacrosse pinnies in reversible designs!

Lacrosse players often need a second team colour to choose from , in case the opposing team has a similar colour.

Distinctive team colours are important in all sports, so you know who's on which team, but it's essential in lacrosse as all the players have their faces covered by helmets. You literally only have those lacrosse pinnies to go on. It's also why we offer free name/number printing on lacrosse pinnies - it's just that essential to the game!

Brand New Customisable Lacrosse Jerseys!

The lacrosse pinnie isn't everyone's cup of tea. A popular alternative to the classic team lacrosse pinnie, is the lacrosse jersey. More similar in style to a modern football jersey than the basketball look of the lacrosse pinnie, the customisable lacrosse jersey is more suitable for colder winters.

Our lacrosse jerseys are a fairly new addition to our range and our design team can help you create the perfect design for your new season's lacrosse kit.

Although they are a less open and airy design than the lacrosse pinnies, the dry-fit fabric is moisture wicking to keep you cool and comfortable.

Like the lacrosse pinnies, reversible designs are available, and we can pantone match your lacrosse team colours perfectly.

Just Call Us Clifton Five Bottoms


Once you've chose your lacrosse team tops, there are also five types of lacrosse bottoms to choose from - that's five types of bottoms, specifically designed for lacrosse! We really are something of a UK lacrosse kit specialist!

For men, there are two lengths of shorts: regular length lacrosse shorts and longer length lacrosse shorts. For the girls, there are lacrosse shorts, lacrosse skirts, and lacrosse skorts if you want the best of both worlds.

All five customised lacrosse bottoms are lightweight, soft, and breathable and as you'd expect from a custom sports kit specialist, available in absolutely any colour. As with the printed lacrosse tops, the lacrosse bottoms can be pantone matched and offer a fantastic canvas for colourful designs, logos, badges, and sponsorship branding.

Lacrosse People - Look No Further!

If you're a Lacrosse team looking for a specialist Lacrosse kit supplier, you've found us!

We're proud suppliers to lacrosse teams worldwide. Our website is intuitive and easy to use and don't forget, we offer delivery of lacrosse kits to anywhere the world.

We offer small minimum order numbers, which is perfect for returning lacrosse customers who just need to kit out new lacrosse players in a new team kit.

Our standard turnaround time is six weeks, but we can get your new, printed lacrosse team kit to you in as little as 2-3 weeks with Express Delivery.