Let's be clear, when we say 'club spirit animal', we are not talking about your club mascot. One's a huge, plushie animal suit that smells kinda unpleasant; the other is a mythical beast that sums up the personality of your club.

striped blazer

Every sports club has a spirit animal, and it comes in handy when you're designing a new custom sports kit, or trying to pick a design for your new club blazer.

A custom club blazer can make someone long to be in your society, whether they like what you do or not - this is GREAT for attracting new blood.

Just like club varsity jackets, your sports team blazer doesn't have to just be worn at a few official social gatherings. Design it right and your custom sports club blazer can be worn by your club members as part of their uniform or work wardrobe.

As you can see, there's a lot riding on the right club blazer design, which is why your spirit animal is here to help.

So, deep breath, clear your mind and think about the following.

When Does Your Spirit Animal Hunt?

Animals, sports, schools, TV shows - they all operate in seasons. Working out when your sports team is most active will help you shape your new team blazer.

For example, if you're designing a custom rugby blazer, you may want to consider the slightly warmer fabric of the Hollands Wool Blazers. Perfect for the cooler season days and the autumn and winter evening team socials.

If your spirit animal is more of a summer beast, our Hollands Blazers in twill will help you see the season through, keeping you cool and smart.

summer sports club blazer

If you want to be that little bit extra, take a look at our brand new customised team waistcoats, also available in both wool or twill to perfectly complement your new sports club blazer.

Is Your Club Spirit Animal A Panther Or A Peacock?

blazers for peacocks

Does your club's spirit animal stalk stealthily into a room with confident, quiet power? Or do they burst into the room in an explosion of noise and colour, not content unless all heads turn in their direction?

Your club's spirit animal will be decided, among other things, by the sport of your team. The spirit animal of rugby teams and footballs is a darker, more sombre creature than that of ballroom dancing squad, for example.

Our custom club blazers can be designed to dress either spirit animal's personality. Those at the panther end of the scale can opt for block colours with the subtlest of detailing, such as piping and embroidered pocket patches.

For teams with a peacock as their guide, striped blazers are real attention grabbers and can be produced in any colour combination you fancy.

Of course, the panther to peacock scale is a sliding one. Panthers can go a little more peacock with a striped waistcoat, or a bright tie, bow tie or pocket square. Vice versa works too - a block coloured accessory will help balance the bright stripes of a peacock's bespoke team blazer.

striped waistcoat

Your club's spirit animal is channeled by its players, so it's important to pay attention to what they will feel comfortable in. This is where your spirit animal will help you to see your team's personal spirit, and not what the history and stereotypes of your sport dictates. Just because the expectations would be that women's rugby blazers would be quite down to earth and plain, that doesn't mean you have to play by the rules. A women's team blazer in subtle, neutral stripes will stand out in team photos while not looking OTT showy.

What Hidden Qualities Does Your Spirit Animal Have?

Some animals have a little surprise up their sleeve; chameleons can change colour, dolphins are surprisingly intelligent and have a playful side, some birds can mimic phones ringing.

If your club spirit animal has a hidden surprise, then we have the perfect club blazer feature!

Bespoke blazer linings are a much-loved element to our made to order sports team blazers. Send us any print, pattern, or photo and we can recreate it as a blazer lining. It's perfect to add a flash of pattern to plain blazers; you can add a team motto or slogan, have your club photo printed, or any other design you choose. It turns your bespoke team blazer into a valued keepsake and something truly unique.

Lone wolf or leader of the pack?

Whether you're in charge of the made to order blazers for a chess club of ten members, or the rowing club blazers for a local team with a huge fan base who want to dress for the Henley Regatta, we can help.

The thing about a pack, is that its members come in all shapes and sizes. Our bespoke club blazers are individually tailored, so your team can look sharp when they're lone wolves, or out as a pack.

Both our twill and wool custom men's blazers are available in slim, classic, and mighty fit; and customs women's club blazers are available in a flattering slim fit. Each blazer's back and sleeve length can be individually tailored too, meaning a perfect fit for each member (or fan!)

New Silkly Soft Bomber Jackets For Newly Discovered Species of Spirt Animal

Maybe your spirit animal is something so newly discovered, it would get David Attenborough hot under the collar. Maybe, a classic tailored club blazer just won't cut it for your spirit animal, but you still want something smart and eye-catching to bond the squad together.

personalised bomber jackets

Our new custom bomber jackets offer the same classic designs of block colours or stripes as our team blazers, but in a much more modern design. The lightweight fabric and slightly more casual fit, make the club bomber jackets less formal and perfect for everyday wear.

As well as being perfect for sports clubs with a more relaxed spirit animal, custom bomber jackets are a great bespoke blazer alternative for corporate wear, events teams, and non-sporting clubs too.