Our love affair with the polo shirt is no secret - we haven't been subtle about it. And it seems we're not the only ones.

Take a look around the next time you're in a crowd of people and check out how many people are wearing a version of the polo shirt. Sports clubs, schools, workers, smart casual dress codes; the polo shirt covers them all.

Of course, this means that the standard polo shirt is pretty widely available, so what makes our customisable polo shirts stand out? Well, we're in the business of customisation, so we understand details, and how even the smallest tweak to a fabric or a collar can change the look and feel of something standard.

Custom polo shirts for work uniforms are one of our best-sellers, but that doesn't mean that we've made a million that look exactly the same. And although the uniform polo shirt is something of a utilitarian hero, it doesn't have to look purely functional.

Custom polo shirts make smart workwear

We love polo shirts with a little flair; bold colour combinations, interesting patterns and stylish details. And what we love even more is creating a workplace polo shirt that represents the look and feel of your business.

The Fashion Led Customisable Polo Shirt For A Stylish Workforce

For businesses and clubs that have a stylish aesthetic, a polo shirt can still make the perfect choice as part of a work uniform. By opting for a thin, button-down collar, and thin placket, some of the purely functional elements of the polo shirt is removed. This gives your custom work polo a dressier feel.

These fashion-led work polo shirts team perfectly with jeans, or smart trousers and skirts. A full block colour polo with minimal pattern can even look fantastic under a more formal jacket, especially for stickier Summer months.

The slightly mod look to these smart custom polo shirts lends itself to any business that wants to project a smart but approachable image. High-end fashion brands, such as Ted Baker, are making this style of polo shirt desirable and on-trend, so your staff will look forward to putting on their uniforms each day.

Luxury polo shirts as seen by high fashion brands

And because of the huge range of polo shirt customisation options, you have complete control over the end result. Gone are the days when a custom work polo shirt simply meant a single block colour with an embroidered logo. We encourage our custom corporate wear clients to experiment with adding contrasting stitching, patterned collars and pockets, fabrics, and brand personalisation.

Customisable cotton pique polo shirts and personalised luxury lightweight jersey fabric polo shirts are our most popular options for a sharper, smarter, customised work polo shirt. These fabrics reflect those used in high-end polo shirts from luxury fashion brands, and they compliment smart trousers, skirts, denim, and chinos. As well as separate men's and women's sizing, we also offer classic and slim fit in all of our polo shirts. Opt for the slim fit work polo shirt for a sleek, tailored look.

Polo shirts in luxury jersey make for popular staff uniforms

Embroidered work polo shirts are still the go-to when it comes to personalised work uniforms. Embroidery looks classic and is really durable - perfect for a garment that gets laundered time and time again. Take a tip from the Ralph Lauren and Ted Baker polo shirts and choose a small, discrete embroidered logo on the chest for a really classy look. You can always add your company name and other details to the back of the polo shirt for maximum branding.

If your workers are a little more practical and hands-on, they will love our custom dry-fit polo shirts. Widely used in sport, the dri-fit polo shirts are also perfect for tradesmen, delivery drivers, and even desk-bound jobs within industrial businesses; reception staff at a garage, or sales staff at a luxury car parts showroom, for example.

The dri-fit fabric allows great freedom of movement and its moisture-wicking properties mean that your staff stay cool and fresh in work. One of our favourite features of dri-fit work polo shirts is the all over printing potential. Designs, logos, patterns, even names can be emblazoned big and bold, AND free of charge. Perfect for inspiring a team atmosphere in your workplace.

The Retro Preppy Champion of Custom Polo Shirts

American preppy style is an evergreen trend, and with good reason. The classic look is flattering to everyone and evokes a relaxed, wholesome vibe. Preppy-look polo shirts are a super wearable garment that work a bit of this style into your custom workwear.

It's all in the collar with this retro-look polo shirt. Wide, stiff collars (perfect for popping) with a matching, thicker placket and traditional buttons, makes an instantly recognisable statement. Cotton pique or a medium weight jersey fabric are the norm, as made popular with brands such as Superdry and Abercrombie & Fitch.

Retro inspired polo shirts have distinct wide collars

Customise your preppy polo work shirt with applique details for a real Americana look. Think varsity style fonts and large patches and appliqued logos or branding. Bright or pastel block colours work perfectly with the angular elements of this custom work polo, so don't be afraid to pick a standout colour; it can take it! We have a wide range of colours to choose from in our online customising tools, but if you don't see what you're after, you can always get in touch with our free design service for help.

Contrasting stitching is small but mighty detail, adding a little shot of colour and giving you scope to include more of your brand colours in your customised preppy polo work shirt. Or for something even more special, make sure you have a look at our custom collar lining option: include another brand colour, or a pattern, on the inside of your polo shirt collar.

We've supplied preppy style work polo shirts to a range of businesses: restaurants, bars, event staff, vintage trainer stores, classic barbers . . . And with our extensive sizing and fit options, you really can make sure that all of your staff get a custom work polo shirt that makes them feel fantastic.