Now that Christmas and New Year are out of the way, you can get on with the really important stuff - planning your sports club's Easter tour!

When you're on tour, you're a team even when you're not on the pitch

Whether your tour is at home or abroad, you're the away team, the strangers in town. Put on a united front with a customised tour kit that you want to wear off the pitch. Custom hoodies are the most popular option: they're perfect for wearing while traveling and because everyone loves a cozy hoodie, you'll look like an official team even when your are off duty!

Chances are, your official team kit will already be in place, but going on tour demands a little something extra. A custom tour kit or garment complements your playing kit; you can custom design hoodies, design your own ​polo shirts, ​personalised bags, and even ​bespoke socks to match your team colours - and you can personalise it with your tour title, dates, and theme.

A great benefit to wearing an 'off-duty' custom tour kit, is that all your photos looks great! Every group selfie is a team photo - your club Facebook page will look fantastic!

This is especially true at 'official' events, such as attending dinners put on by your hosting club. Turning up in a coordinated show of fantastic club tour kit, like ​bespoke club blazers, makes you look the real deal, and it shows you appreciate the hosting team's hospitality.

If you play for a team, you'll know the effect pulling on your team playing kit has: you feel part of an exclusive club and it readies you for action. A ​custom tour ​hoodie​<​/a> or ​made to order polo shirt has the same effect. You instantly become part of your team, and if you feel bonded to your team off pitch, you'll be a better team on the pitch too!

Kit that looks so good, it starts conversations

You get what you pay for and there's no denying that better quality kit will also be a better looking kit. The top-quality materials and finishing details on our garments shine through, and the superior cut gives you a much more flattering fit. As well as a full range of sizes, we offer male and female ​made to order polos and hoodies, as well as ​custom baselayers. One size and cut definitely does not suit all!

The main benefit to a better-looking custom tour kit is that your team will LOVE wearing it. Custom club tour kits will cost more than off-the-rail options, but if your team looks great, feels confident, and can't wait to wear it, then you're going to get a lot more wear for your money.

Also, if your team has sponsors, they're going to be chuffed to see their logo on something like a top-quality ​custom sweatshirt, and one that's getting worn constantly because it looks and fits great.

We can work with with you to create a bespoke club tour kit that stands out from the usual high-street sports shop gear. With so many customisable elements, including photo print hood linings, you'll be sure to have a unique item of clothing that's a conversation starter wherever you're traveling to.

What goes on tour stays on tour . . .

..but maybe some things should come back, and in one piece!

It's likely that the tour will require quite a bit of saving, and that's before you factor in custom sports tour kit. Given all that money, you're going to want something to show for it once the tour is over. All of our ​bespoke hoodies, ​polos, and ​custom accessories are made to last using top-quality materials and skilled manufacturing, meaning they'll stand a better chance of surviving the antics on tour.

Our made to order ​polo shirt may be more expensive than off-the-shelf versions, but given that they'll still be worn for years to come, they actually represent really good value for money.

If you don't want to wear your ​custom tour hoodie after the tour, you can frame it and keep as a souvenir. Bespoke ​team beanies make fantastic souvenirs; well-earned and evocative of a brilliant tour. You can't wear you're official team kit to the gym, but you can always throw on your hoodie to inspire you, or pack your souvenir sports tour bag for a weekend away.


If you've been put in charge of organising the off-duty kit for your sports club Easter tour, this is your moment to shine! And impressed teammates buy drinks! (Unimpressed ones give you forfeits!)

It's a big responsibility, but we can help you be responsible for something amazing. Our design team will be on hand to help you create a stylish and unique piece of bespoke team clothing: a ​custom hoodie or ​polo shirt that stands out from the crowd; personalised socks or a team-branded kit bag your team will want to show off.

The design's the fun bit, but there are some other really important considerations when you're in charge of coming up with the custom team tour kit: getting the sizes right, getting the details right, getting it on time, and getting it all. Our staff put in a proper team performance when it comes to delivering custom Easter tour kits; when you place a bespoke order with us, we know it's a big deal. You can be confident that the kit that you pay for will be delivered on time and in full, and to your exact specifications.

Ordering custom Easter tour accessories is a great, low-commitment way of testing us out as a supplier for your main playing kit too. We're confident you'll love the products and service so much, you'll be inspired to let us help you get your team a fantastic, official 2017 kit, when the time comes.

So, if you've started looking into your custom Easter tour kit, start by checking out some of the fantastic examples on our site and getting in touch for advice on turnaround and costs. Get the whole team looking forward to the tour, right now!