Traditionally seen as an elite sport (given the need for a pony in order to play), polo is enjoying a surge in popularity among spectators. And it's easy to see why.

A day out at a polo event offers all the glamour of the races, in a more relaxed atmosphere, and with an exciting and easy to follow game to watch. All over the world, there are more eyes on polo, and more sponsors lining up to add their branding to polo teams and polo events.

To make sure your team polo shirt is worthy of all the extra attention, and your pony, follow our guide to building the best-looking polo shirt in the arena.

Bold Patterns on Team Polo Shirts Stand Out

Our Polo Shirts Are Made Of The Right Stuff

We offer you three fabrics for your custom polo team shirt, so you can make sure your bespoke polo shirt is made of the right stuff, for you.

Cotton pique has long been associated with the traditional custom polo shirt. The soft, lightweight cotton fabric was integral to Renee Lacoste's redesign of the classic polo shirt in 1933. More breathable and softer than the previous incarnation in standard cotton, cotton pique is now the go-to choice for athletic polo shirts.

Our bespoke team polo cotton pique shirts are available in two weights: 180 gsm and 220 gsm. The heavier weight is ideal for cooler climates and seasons and is also a little more durable, so it stays looking fit for royalty, for longer.

The Classic Cotton Pique Polo Shirt For Polo Teams

Our jersey fabric, as featured on our Chukka custom jersey polo shirts, has a little more of a rebellious edge, but remains a brilliant base for bespoke polo shirt design. It's a subtle difference, but the jersey fabric feels a little more casual, making it perfect for polo team training sessions.

For hotter climates, our polo shirts in dri-fit fabric are a winner. The modern take on the traditional pony polo shirt has cooling, sweat-wicking fabric and a super-durable construction - including zip or button collar options.

Each of our custom usable polo shirt fabrics stands up to the wear and tear of polo fantastically. Our customised cotton pique polo shirts, jersey polo shirts, and dry-fit polo shirts all wash really well too - essential for a game played on ponies and elephants!


Consider Your Collar

Collars are a big deal in polo. In fact, it was the game of polo that brought about the original button-down collar that became popular on shirts in the late 1800s.

We offer four types of collar on our customisable cotton polo shirts: regular button-down collar polo shirts, button-less collar polo shirts, modern collar polo shirts, and zip collar polo shirts.

A lot will depend on club history, club ethos and club kit rules. If your polo club has always gone in for club button-down collar polo shirts, then they'll probably want to carry on as is.

But if your collar options are open for discussion, customising your polo shirt with a modern collar can help you combine club tradition with an updated design.

Button down collars are still very popular in equestrian polo, as your polo shirt collar stays put when galloping at speed across the polo field. In hotter countries, such as Thailand, where elephant polo is popular, buttonless collars are worn 'popped' to keep the sun off the necks of players.

Your Arms Have Options Too!

Short-sleeved polo shirts are the most commonly seen in the polo arena or on the polo field. But a long-sleeved polo shirt offers some great benefits.

The optional full-length sleeve gives polo players additional protection from the sun and the dust and also guards against friction from bridles. Long-sleeved polo playing shirts are also popular to wear underneath forearm guards, preventing chaffing.

For elephant polo, where ambitious stretches along your steed are the norm, a custom long-sleeved polo shirt is a great option.

Don't Let Your Fit, Constrict

We offer two fits in our customisable team polo shirts: classic fit and slim fit, with the looser classic fit being the most popular.

Sports such as rugby benefit from tight fitting kit, which make it difficult for opponents to grab players. For polo, room to move is so much more important and the familiar silhouette is of a pair of tight jodhpurs, worn with a loose polo shirt. The roomier fit allows you to sit comfortably in your saddle and to perform those all-important contortions and twists to reach the ball - all without your polo shirt riding up and coming free of your jodhpurs.

Every Number Counts

Jersey Polo Shirts With Polo Numbers For Equestrian Polo

Polo teams are small when compared to other sports teams, so each number matters even more!

Each of our cotton pique polo shirts is supplied complete with your team number appliqued on to three different locations; a match essential. This is also an option for our jersey polo shirts. With our dri-fit polo team shirts these are printed.

Once your numbers have been added, there's still plenty of room on your custom team polo shirt to make the most of. Polo's glamorous image means that top-level sponsors are lining up to get their branding on made-to-order polo shirts.

Both cotton pique polo shirts and cotton jersey polo shirts print and embroider well, making adding sponsor logos and messages easy and eye-catching. And because of our endless colour options, you can even have your custom designed polo shirts produced in sponsor colours.

For a subtler option, or in addition to your sponsor's logo on your polo shirt, you can customise the collar lining of your polo shirt with any pattern, design, or even picture, that you wish. A real standout detail!

Dri-fit fabric is the perfect fabric for printing bold designs in contrasty colours, making the most of the space on your sponsored polo shirt. The modern fabric offers seam to seam printing so that your sponsor's logo, or your club colours, can easily be seen from the stands.

Of course, no equestrian polo shirt, or elephant polo shirt would be complete without an embroidered crest, and polo crests are known for being large and intricate. Often featuring heavy thread, the badges can pull cheaper fabrics, which is definitely going to embarrass your club ... and your pony.

Our expert, and completely free, design service can help design your polo team shirts. They can take a look at your team colours, sponsor logos and club history and deliver you a design that will get you hot under your button-down collar. They're also not afraid to tell you what won't work, such as heavy embroidery on cheaper fabrics, logos that won't print as expected, and colour combinations that will upset your pony!