The idea of couples wearing matching outfits conjures up horror images of the Beckhams at the height of their Beckham brand-building activity, stepping out in matching Gucci all in ones; or Britney and Justin on the red carpet, doubling up on the double denim. We thought it was dead. We thought we were safe. But then the newest power couple on the celeb circuit, Zayn Malik and Gigi Hadid, shows up on the cover of Italian Vogue, donned in complimenting blazers, and suddenly, it's all cool again.

The latest incarnation of the trend hails from South Korea, where it became fashionable for young, trendy couples to dress alike, to show the world they were together. Helped by the rise of gender neutral clothing, particularly from sports brands, the trend soon spread to China, Japan and the rest of Asia, and now looks set to become a style across Europe!

matching couple

It's a tricky style statement though, and requires attention to a subtle, but very important detail: avoid anything 'unisex' like the plague. Rather than suiting everyone, unisex tends to level things out by looking bad on everyone. Instead, make sure you opt for something made for your more individual shape.

We specialise in tailoring our customised clothing for a range of shapes and sizes, and we also offer male and female versions for all of our clothing. So, whether you're a his n hers couple, a his n his, or a hers n hers, we can offer you top quality kit, in the best fit possible.

Here are some of our favourites for the matchy matchy trend.

Polo Shirts For Power Couples

Let's start with something easy: polo shirts! The humble polo shirt in a good fit makes everyone look relaxed, yet polished.

Our customised polo shirts are available in both men's and women's fits, with the female version allowing for a more flattering contour around the bust and waist. Both our cotton pique polo shirts and our jersey polo shirts are customisable in a huge range of colours and patterns; you could go full-on matching with the same design, or have different, but complimenting designs, a la Zayn and Gigi.

Our new polo dress adds a nice 'hers' twist to the traditional polo shirt too. And with the athleisure wear trend still going strong, you can easily bling up your polos shirt, or dress, with some very unsporty accessories to make a standout statement.

Don't be tempted to wear it like a uniform - mix up the rest of your outfit so it looks like a trend choice, not like you've been together so long you've morphed into one another. That is definitely NOT couple goals!

Ride into The Sunset in Matching Cycling Gear

his n hers customised cycling kit

One for the sporty couples out there! Cycling kit is more functional than the other items on this list, but that doesn't mean it can't look good too!

All of our customisable cycling kit is available men's and women's fit, because if a good fit is important anywhere, it's in performance clothing.

Our Summer Cycling Jerseys are an easy item to apply the matching trend to - simply match colours and patterns. To make it more complimentary than matchy, you can order your summer cycling jerseys in mirroring designs; one in a black base with a red slash and vice versa, for example.

Matching, customised cycling race suits really show you off as a sporting power couple, and can bring out your competitive edge! Our sleek racesuits can be customised with extra performance-enhancing tweaks too, such as rear stretch pockets and reflective tape. You can also opt for slim fit (men's and women's) for a tighter fit, and choose between short or long sleeves.

We regularly take orders from professional cycling clubs and multinational companies taking part in cycling challenges, but we don't have a minimum order amount. That means that even if you're a team of two looking for some matching, personalised cycling kit, you'll get the same top-quality kit and the same customer service as the big boys!

Better Than Unisex - Tailored Hoodies For Men OR Women

Hoodies tend to be thought of as the ultimate unisex item of clothing, and are often sold as such. Unfortunately, unisex hoodies tend to be saggy and shapeless, and look like something you threw on rather than chose to wear.

Our lightweight hoodies are one of our most customisable items, with nine 'base models' to choose from: full zip, no zip, collared, button collar . . .

On top of that, each element down to the hood lining is completely customisable. You choose your colour, your drawstring style, your pattern; you can even add your own logo. If you're aiming for Beckham-level couples customisation, consider having your own coat of arms designed and we can add that as a logo!

And of course, you choose the all important fit. Our hoodies are available in men's sizes from X-small to 4X-large, and women's sizes from 6 to 20. On top of that, both men and women can opt for a longer length, and you can also choose between classic fit, if you like your hoodie a little looser and slim fit, for a more fitted hoodie.

Blazer It Like The Beckhams

Fashion forward couples won't have missed the emergence of the preppy blazer as a style essential.

Our custom blazers were designed initially as rowing blazers and are obviously very popular with rowing teams as official club blazers, and as official tour blazers for rugby clubs, crickets clubs and other sporting clubs.

They also work well as a high-quality, preppy fashion blazer. Our customisable blazers can be created in a huge array of colours - we can even colour match a pantone if you have something really specific in mind. Single colours work really well for matching with multiple outfits, or opt for traditional rowing stripes as a full-on statement. Blazers especially suit logos and badges for a true old-school look.