If you were making a delicious cake, perhaps even a chestnut & amaretto roulade, then you best start with some decent ingredients to get the ball rolling. Sure you could skip the cream and use something like Elmlea (which is alluringly described as a blend of buttermilk and vegetable oils) which will save you a little up-front...

However, fast forward a few hours and what you end up with may just look like the picture in the recipe book but it is unlikely you or any of your more discerning dinner guests will be rushing for seconds. Let alone encouraging you to make it again!

Buyers remorse is a horrendous feeling, and when we are talking about personalised clothing rather than Bake Off Specials, you are creating something that your club members / colleagues / friends want (or have to) wear time and again once delivered.

So when you are searching for your customised clothing supplier imagine tucking into an Elmlea filled roulade versus a Cornish double cream alternative - or perhaps more fittingly a lightweight polyester hoodie versus a sumptuously thick cotton hoodie in your bespoke design and sizes:

The above image shows a comparison between a stock polyester hoodie on the left side and made to order Clifton cotton hoodie on the right side - from fabrics (poly v cotton) to sizing (unisex v male/female) and trims (just look at the neckcords) - for those looking for a long lasting, naturally sourced and ethically manufactured product there is no alternative to a Clifton custom hoodie. We could extend our comparative observations to custom cotton polo shirts, bespoke t-shirts and even made to order onesies!

Always remember, like us, that Mother Nature is the true artist and nobody honestly craves the touch of polyester in their custom leisure clothing - start with the best raw ingredients and satisfaction is guaranteed!

n.b. the roulade is quite delicious and you can find the recipe here - just be sure to use the best double cream!