A huge amount of our waking time is spent at work. Whether you're an employee or an employer, you'll know that most of your week is taken up with the job, and therefore, with your colleagues or staff. It's one of the reason's why work friends are cited as the favourite thing about the job for a lot of people. And becoming buddies outside of the work is really beneficial for your happiness levels at work, and, if your'e a business owner, it's important for staff retention.

Bonded staff are happy staff

Big corporates spend a good chunk of their HR and training budget each year on team bonding, that's how important it is. Team bonding tends to centre around being tasked with a project, or shared goal, and coming together as a unified team to complete it. But there other creative ways of going about team bonding too.

Get Your Staff Bonding In Lycra (Or DryFit)

Organised events such as fun runs, 10Ks, and Tough Mudders etc, are booming, and that's a fantastic thing for your HR department to get on board with. By creating a company team to participate in physical events, you give them a common goal to work towards - it gives them something to talk about and the shared experience will make them closer. Providing company sponsorship in the way of a donation is an obvious incentive, but you can go one step further and provide them with matching customised clothing to train and race in.

Custom waterproof jackets are perfect for this - they can thrown them on over their own training kit, ensuring that your branding is always on top. Plus - you've given them a really lovely and useful waterproof jacket - they'll want to do well for you!

You will also reap the benefits of a healthier workforce: healthy staff are better staff. Wellness is a current buzzword, and love it or hate it, the 'wellness' movement does have a few good points. Exercise is a key factor of wellness - not to lose weight to complete, but to boost endorphins, self-confidence and energy levels: all great things for the workplace!

Fewer sick days have got to be good too, right? Of course, your employees and colleagues could do themselves an injury in training, but most jobs aren't hampered by a pulled glute muscle!

Volunteer Your Staff For A Bonding Experience

Combining team bonding with raising money for a good cause and you'll hit your company's feel good targets too!

You won't convince all of your staff that pounding out a 10K race is a good idea, even if it will make them a better team in work. That doesn't mean they don't want to be included, just that they don't fancy the physical strain! Volunteering is a perfect fix. Whatever your business, you will have a pool of valuable skills that can be used for a good cause. Many workplaces now have a dedicated charity or community cause, or even an environmental one to get behind.

Community clean-up walks, public space gardening, fixing up a community centre, helping out a charity event: they're all valuable tasks and will help your team to bond, AND give them a feel-good hit. Designing your volunteering staff a special item of clothing, like a customised long-sleeved rugby shirt, personalised event hoodie, or practical logo printed waterproof jacket or gilet ticks multiple boxes. Personalised clothing incentivises your staff, it's a great way of making them feel like a specialist team, and it makes a great PR photo afterwards too!

The Big Work Day Out - In Matching Work Hoodies!

Shutting down normal operations, closing the doors and getting away from the workplace says a lot to your employees and your team. It says that you're willing to invest this time, which is being paid for, in the happiness and wellbeing of your workers.

A team day out doesn't have to be far flung, or expensive. The important thing is that you're together, so even if it's a big team lunch with the rest of the afternoon off, or a team visit to the Christmas markets, you can guarantee your staff will return jollier, more tightly knit, and having learnt a few things about each other!

It's difficult to think of something to do that will please everyone, but don't let this put you off.

Take paint balling for example; this will be really popular with some members, and the last thing some others would want to do. That doesn't mean you can't take everyone by taking into consideration each team member's likes and dislikes. You can have non-playing staff co-ordinating the events, or watching the action with a cup of tea and a pack of biscuits - it still counts!

Staff hoodies make everyone part of the team

Custom staff hoodies are ideal for a staff day out; have them designed in corporate colours and branding, and they make a great takeaway that your staff will get tonnes of use out of.

Pit Your Workers Wits Against The Competition With A Work Pub Quiz / Trivia Team

You either love pub quizzes, or you hate them. There's no in-betweens. Forming a work pub quiz team is one of the best forms of team bonding we've ever seen - it's regular, it's social (you can't chat too much during marathon training), and there's usually food involved. Plus, everyone, has as particular area of knowledge that makes them feel like King of the World when they get a question right.

Custom rugby jerseys for staff outings

Personalised leisure rugby jerseys are so perfect for pub quiz teams that we should just rename them pub quiz jerseys. You can make them colourful, they're comfy, smarter and warmer than a t-shirt, plus you can add team names, nicknames and company logos to them for a great looking pub quiz uniform! If you are adding your company logo to the sponsored pub quiz jerseys, just be sure you get final approval on the team name. Naming a pub quiz team is one of those things that brings out the dark side in people.