Personalising your clothing used to mean sticking those name labels in your pants in school, so you didn't lose them when you got changed for gym class. Whereas this remains a recommended step for careless owners of pants, personalised clothing is now less of practical consideration, and more of a luxury option.

And like all luxury items, personalised clothing and accessories make desirable and appreciated birthday gifts.

If you were ever lucky enough to receive an Easter egg, a chocolate snowman or a giant cookie iced with your name you'll know that it feels a little bit magical. It's no longer an Easter egg, it’s MY Easter egg. Having your name iced on something also makes it official that you don't have to share it!

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Companies like, the personalised greetings card website, upped the birthday game overnight. People loved giving and receiving birthday cards which they'd added their own special touches too. Somehow, off-the-shelf birthday cards just don't cut it anymore!

Birthday presents are following suit. Here are our favourite reasons to buy personalised clothing or accessories as made-to-order gifts for birthdays, anniversaries or just because.

There Is No Such Thing As Someone Who Has Everything

Especially when that something hasn't been made yet, because it's a made-to-order birthday gift especially for them! Most people don’t even know that they want a custom cycling jersey printed with their nickname until they see it.

A personalised birthday present is your chance to show someone that you've put a lot of thought into their gift. You've thought about which colours they like, you've considered which styles look good on them, maybe you've even got a really special photograph to print on a custom hoodie, or personalised it with their birth date.

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A custom made present also makes it look like you've put more work in. I mean, anyone can run out to the shops and pick something off the rack, but placing an order take some effort and time!

And that's the wonderful thing: it looks like it takes time, but really, it doesn't! Our website allows you to create a wonderfully unique, personalised gift in just a few mouse clicks - click here to try it now! You can preview your item as you go along too, so you can see exactly how it's going to look. That way, there's only ever nice surprises! We also send you a shiny professional designer mockup before production just to check everything it perfect.

Life Is Short - Lunch Hours Are Shorter

Nipping out to the shops in your lunch hour to get something that they'll like is tricky. Something they haven't already got, is fun without being tacky, is practical without being boring, and makes it look like you know they're innermost thoughts and desires. The last one is particularly difficult. Without hacking his internet search history, how am I supposed to know what my brother-in-law would want. I doubt I'd even want to know!

With a personalised birthday gift, it's easy to create them something that fits all of the above criteria, and without being a mind reader. It's pretty easy to work out things like their favourite colours, or which sports they play, or if they would wear a hoodie or a polo shirt. With those little nuggets of information, you could create a customised hoodie, in their favourite hard-to-find-in-the-shops colours. You could surprise them with a new can't-wait-to-wear-to-the-gym base layer, printed with their favourite motivational quote.

Protect Yourself From Re-Gifting

When I give someone a birthday present, I usually say something like: "If you don't like it, just take it back and swap it. I don't mind." Or more recently: "If you don't like it, just re-gift it. I don't mind!" I am lying. I do mind!

These statements tend to accompany gifts that have been panic bought. When I've run out of lunch hour, I'm hungry and I can't find anything suitable. I reach 'I don't care as long I've got something to wrap' mode. If someone re-gifts one of my presents, I feel like I've failed.

It’s really, REALLY difficult to re-gift a personalised gift! Firstly, it’s a present that features their name, or another personal detail, so they’d have to find a very specific recipient. Also, we guarantee that they won’t want to!

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The combination of tailoring and gorgeous fabrics make luxury blank canvases to create your personalised gift with. Put that together with an endless array of customisable elements and we really can create anything you can dream up! And if you’re lacking in the dreaming-up department, we even have a free design service who will guide you in creating something with total wow factor.

Get REAL Personal

Those details that people sometimes like to keep close to their chests: the year they were born, nicknames, etc . . . we like to put those details big and proud on bespoke garments!

For the big birthdays; the 18th, the 21st, the 40th, a personalised birthday present isn't just a gift, it's a souvenir! Retro tops, like preppy varsity jackets and custom cotton rugby tops, look fantastic with big digits printed on the back.

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And personalised gifts aren’t just for birthdays. Anniversaries, wedding and leaving presents all get the made-to-order treatment with us. If you’re looking to create a personalised present, start by checking out which elements you can customise, because we guarantee you’ll be inspired. Photo-printable hood linings are one of our most popular bespoke elements; available in our luxury hoodies, they really help to add a super-personal touch.

Be A Trend-Setting Gift Giver

As we mentioned, personalised greetings cards are now the norm, but gifting personalised clothing is still quite sparkly-new and novel. It's usually only thought of as team sports kits (which we do, by the way), or other bulk order items. We've invested in the latest software and technology which makes it possible and affordable to print single or short run, personalised items.

Lucky recipients of our personalised gifts (and envious onlookers) usually react with "OMG! Where did you get that?" Of course, we'd appreciate it if you told them all about us, but we do understand that you might want to keep us all to yourselves, as your gift-giving secret weapon!