The humble polo shirt - a ubiquitous item of clothing that, along with jeans and hoodies, is timeless and can be worn by literally anyone due to its practical nature.

Because of this, you can pick up polo shirts everywhere, from design houses like Ralph Lauren to budget supermarkets, like Lidl and Asda. There is of course a world of difference between these two articles, and it’s not just a horsey logo and a bigger price tag!

The same is true of customised polo shirts - they are definitely not all created equal.


There’s school of thought that says that you should spend more on a pair of jeans than you should your wedding dress. While this is extreme, the point has some merit. You’ll wear a wedding dress for a day, not even that, and pay close to a grand. You’ll wear a favourite pair of jeans a few hundred times and pay about £30 for a high street pair. When you work out price per use, the difference is huge!

Polo Shirt

It’s all about a good return on your investment. Supermarkets and budget brands will solely focus on making a polo shirt as cheaply as possible as that’s their huge selling point. If you’re buying in bulk, this becomes especially attractive!

However, if you’re wearing a polo shirt regularly, you’re going to be wishing there would have been more attention paid to fit, fabric and longevity.

Polo shirts for school uniforms, polos for sport clubs and corporate uniform polo shirts are worn regularly and while trying to perform tasks. Wouldn’t it be better to get more for your money with a polo shirt that fitted well, was flattering and comfortable, and didn’t distract you from the job in hand?

Shopping for custom polo shirts is a similar experience, with some of the main, bulk suppliers offering custom polo shirts for as little as £2.75! This is a truly astonishing price, but maybe not so shocking when you realise how many corners have been cut.


Unfortunately, you get what you pay for: lower cost and quality fabric, less attention to detail, lower quality manufacturing process and a one-size-doesn’t-really-fit-anyone tailoring.


We can offer you a better investment; yes more buck, but a lot more bang too! Our top priority is quality - we’ve even got an award to prove it!

Our customisable polo shirts are available in three different top-quality fabrics: Cotton Pique, Cotton Jersey, and Active DryFit. This means that you can choose the best fabric for your purpose.


If you’re after a custom polo shirt to be worn by a sports team, then active dryfit is perfect! This high performance fabric features sweat-wicking and anti-bacterial properties - definitely a couple of steps up from your standard, poly-cotton custom polo shirt.

Pique cotton polo shirts and cotton jersey polo shirts are both perfect for anything off pitch. From customisable catering uniforms to a casual polo shirt for the classroom; they’re endlessly practical and the fabrics are high-quality, super comfortable, and durable to boot.

Picking the perfect fabric is just the first step; you can customise the colours and design on your polo shirt using our easy online tools, and you can even select the style of collar you prefer - click here to give it a go!

We offer a preppy-style wide collar, like those found on Abercrombie & Fitch polo shirts, and a slim collar with button-down detail in the style of Ted Baker polo shirts. If you're not sure which you prefer, you can see what your finished custom polo shirt will look like on-screen before you buy.


What really sets us apart from cheap custom polo shirts is the fit. We know that getting the right fit will make the wearers look and feel fantastic in their polo shirts - which is really important if you want them to have a long-lasting relationship with their made-to-order polo shirt!

Our bespoke polo shirts are available in sizes for men and women, and in a classic or slim fit for each too, so you can get exactly the look and function you're after. We even offer kid's sizes for children's custom polo shirts too.


Given how eternally practical they are, we're not surprised by the range of people and organisations that order our custom polo shirts. From individuals to large, multinational companies; from community sports teams to luxury service providers.


We worked with the yacht staff of Roman Abramovich's luxury vessel to custom design the perfect polo shirt for their needs, developing the stub collar style just for them. You know you're doing something right when people who are used to getting exactly what they want are thrilled by what we offer; and we're happy to offer the same level of service and attention to detail to your sports team or small business too!


You could have your new, luxury, customised polo shirts in as little as three weeks, with our express service, or six weeks with our standard service.

Our polo shirts are manufactured by our happy and experienced staff: we don't cut any corners here either!

Our online customising tools make designing your new, bespoke polo shirts quick, easy, and really good fun. You may already have brand or team colours, in which case we can match them for perfectly accurate colour reproduction. Or, you can use our online tools to test different colour and pattern combinations.


We even have a free design service if you're in need of some guidance and inspiration too! And don't be put off if you can't see what you're after on our website; just contact us with ideas about the kind of custom polo shirt you want and we'll get back to you with some amazing options.

Customised clothing and accessories is all we do, so we have the skills, materials and enthusiasm to bring your ideas to life!