custom winter cycle kit

There are few pieces of sporting kit as design-led as the cycling jersey. Cycling jersey design is a cult fashion all of its own, and, like motor racing, sponsors have a big influence on the final product. Cycling has a strong relationship with advertising and it's one of the most sponsored sports in the world. It's also a long relationship that goes back as far as the introduction of the yellow jersey in Le Tour de France.

The organisers decided to introduce a jersey for the race leader, to help him be easier to spot during the race. Oddly enough, bright yellow wasn't chosen for the first customised Tour de France jersey because it's a colour that flatters everyone (because it really doesn't). As well as being a standout colour, it was also the colour that the race's sponsor, the newspaper L'Auto-Vélo, was printed on.

Cycling races and events are growing in popularity, at national and local amateur level, and they're also one of the most popular charity participation events.

Even if you're not a cyclist yourself, you can watch a cycling event, and you don't even have to watch the whole thing - just the part that's riding through your town! This makes it an accessible and cycling sport for everyone and the more spectators a sport has, the bigger the audience for potential sponsors. It's pretty easy to demonstrate to companies, big or small, that their logo on your cycling kit is going to get some decent exposure.

Unless it's Winter.

With the end of Summer, many cyclists are packing away their summer cycling kit, and opting for layers, meaning that all that money and design work is at risk of being covered up - a much harder sell to potential sponsors.

To save your custom cycling jerseys and sponsor branding from being hidden from view, we have a few fixes.

Custom Cycle Waterproof Jacket

A Cycling Jersey For Every Season

As your go-to piece of kit, your custom cycling jersey is definitely the an item you should have more than one of. Our Curzon Custom Cycling Jerseys offer all the benefits of our Summer Custom Cycling Jerseys, but in a heavier fabric.

Breathability is maintained with micro mesh underarm panels and the fabric, while being thicker, is still moisture-wicking.

The Winter custom cycling jerseys are available as short-sleeved or long-sleeved custom cycling jerseys. Long sleeves offer brilliant protection against forearm freeze (that's a real thing and it's painful!), and also, even more room for printing sponsors logos and branding!

Layer It On And Strip It Off

Your body temperature is going to change a lot from when you first get on your bike on a fresh Winter morning, to when you finish that first steep hill climb. This is when layers are your friend.

Instead of piling on a chunky outer layer, opt for a few lighter layers that can be taken off as you heat up.

Even adding a standard base layer over the top of your cycling jersey will make a difference to how much heat you keep in. Our base layers are made from lightweight fabric and offer the same printing options as our cycling jerseys: seam to seam printing, pantone matching and logo recreation. They're perfect to put over your official cycling jersey during warm up while still strutting your sponsorship.

Ride Like The Wind And Get Away From The Rain

One of the major obstacles to Winter cycling (or Summer cycling for that matter) is the rain. With our custom cycling jackets, you can protect yourself from the rain.

Of course, you might already own a standard waterproof jacket, but unless it's a jacket custom designed for cycling, you might be risking your performance. Which doesn't bode well for future sponsorship!

The specific needs of cyclists have been taken into account when designing our custom cycling jackets and weatherproof cycling gilets.

The custom cycling gilets are sleeveless, allowing for maximum freedom of movement, and the personalised cycling jackets are available in long or short sleeve versions. All have rear stretch pockets and reflective tape - essential for cycling in lower light.

They also have micro mesh underarms and option silicon grips for the ultimate comfort.

As well as hindering your performance, throwing on any old weatherproof over your custom cycling gear also means that your sponsorship and club designs are all covered up.

If you're taking part in a charity long-distance cycle ride, you're going to want to be branded up pretty much 24/7, and that means making sure all of your kit has matching branding.

Our bespoke cycling jackets and gilets offer an impressive canvas for adding eye-catching branding. And you don't have to opt for repeating the design of your custom cycling jersey. You're not a russian doll, you don't have to be an exact replica underneath! Designing your cycling outerwear to compliment, rather than replicate, your custom cycling jersey or race suit makes it much more wearable even when you're not on your bike. Choose block colours of your sponsors logo, a la the yellow jersey, and you've got yourself a really useable jacket that your sponsors will be chuffed you're wearing even when you're not on duty.

Your Limbs Are Not Optional Extras

The right custom cycling accessories will make a huge difference to your comfort, and safety, during a Winter cycle ride. Being so exposed to the elements means that your extremities - your hands and arms, feet and lower legs, are at risk. And given that your hands are on your brakes and gears, and your feet on the pedals, they need to be working properly! Gloves and shoe protectors are total heroes when it comes to keeping your hands and feet from getting numb with cold once your core starts trying to hog the heat.

You can also stop precious heat escaping through your head with an under helmet cap. Leg and forearm warmers extend the life of your short sleeve custom cycle jerseys and custom cycle shorts. Have them printed in an accenting block colour to tie the whole look together.

All of our personalised cycle accessories are customisable and all are printable with logos and branding, increasing your available area to display sponsorship!

We deal with orders for thousands of pieces of custom cycling kit each year - you could say we're custom cycle jersey and kit specialists. We know what's important to both cyclists and sponsors and we help local clubs and multinational companies, such as DHL and easyJet, to get the best out of their sponsored cycling jerseys and printed cycling racesuits.

You can create your designs online (just click the ‘customise’ button on each product page) or our design service is free to all of our customers, and our team can show you how pantone matching and seam to seam printing can create you a really impressive sponsored Winter cycle kit.