Even if you didn’t know what it was called, you will be aware of what’s set to be the biggest (and most practical) fashion trend of 2017.

Athlesiure is the term used to describe “casual, comfortable clothing designed to be suitable both for exercise and everyday wear.”

The idea behind double-duty clothing has two extremes: going to the supermarket in your pyjamas at one end, and wearing heels to the gym at the other. Athleisure sits in the middle!

Old School

Athleisure, per se, isn’t new. Ever since their invention, people have been wearing tracksuits when they're not in the gym or playing a sport. The latest athleisure trend has been ramped up a notch though, with serious performance fitness clothing being worn together with glamorous and unsporty accessories.

Collaborations Across The Nations

Collaborations between sportswear brands and music and fashion icons are heading up the current athleisure wave. Kayne West has recently teamed up with German firm, adidas, to design a range of activewear, building on the brand’s historic collaboration with Stella McCartney on their chic women’s athleisure range. Rhianna is also in on the act, designing a range of Fenty footwear with Puma.

Kanye West

There is a huge difference between the two women’s athleisure ranges however: whereas Stella’s range gives a stylish edge to high performance kit, Rhianna’s is vice versa. Her footwear features wedge and stiletto shoes, styled like trainers. Not one to let a bit of impracticality ruin her day, Mariah Carey was recently pictured in the gym in a pair of the athleisure shoes, worn with fishnet tights! She’s my hero.

All of the extra focus on design means sportswear is now becoming too stylish to confine to the gym, and is breaking out to be worn as on-trend street clothing.

Athleisure Will Buy You Time

For me, getting changed more than once a day is enough to put me off going to the gym. As well as the hassle (yes, it is possible to be THAT lazy), it’s the time consideration. I absolutely LOVE the idea of getting dressed once in the morning and leaving it at that!

To make athleisure work for you, you’ll want to have a think about the day ahead. The dress code in many offices leans more towards smart casual, doing away with formal business two-pieces. This makes is much easier to blend athlesiure clothing into your day. But make sure there’s no external meetings, presentations, or interviews on the agenda. Many jobs will still require you to smarten it up a notch for more official tasks.


For women, our base layer leggings in plain black, worn with a long line top and some smart flats would fit right into a workday wardrobe. You can even wear a drift crop top underneath and spend next to no time in the changing room before your class.

It’s maybe not a trend that’s compatible with all fitness training - swimming, or a super-sweaty spin class for example. But for something like yoga, or a lunchtime HIIT workout, athleisure is definitely your friend.   Athleisure is efficient and liberating; you’ll cut down on outfit changes and wardrobe needs, and you won’t have to cart a gym bag on the bus to work.

Athleisure Is An Investment

If any trend got loads out of your investment, it’s this one. Your athleisure staples can be worn at work, for exercising, traveling, and socialising! As they’re such hard-working pieces, it’s wise to spend a little more to get good quality garments.

Take our custom sweatpants - both the cotton fleeec loopback fabrics make easy, comfortable bottoms to wear whilst traveling, and the classic look makes them a desirable fashion choice. For guys, the loose leg bottoms are being worn with a fitted tee and blazer, and the cuffed jogging bottoms are being worn with sharp stilettos for a bang-on trend look for the girls. Of course, the classic personalised tracksuit bottoms can also be worn for a workout.

That’s a lot of wear out of one garment, and investing in quality will mean that your garments will last longer, and look better for longer. The athleisure trend is not a reason to look like a slob! No sagging, or see-through areas please!

The key to keeping the athleisure fashion on trend is to not go the whole workout hog - mixing it up is definitely the idea. Workout leggings teamed with a leather jacket, a dryfit yoga top and a maxi skirt, or tracksuit bottoms with a denim jacket. The contrast between utility and glamour is what makes it stand out.

If you're the sort who saves up old personalised t-shirts so you can kill them in the gym, the athleisure trend is going to take some effort to get your head around. Of course, you don’t HAVE to wear your athleisure gear to the gym, but isn’t it great to have the option?

Athleisure Likes Accessories

Clever accessories will change up your whole outfit. Again, contrast is key. A really casual, sporty sweatshirt, teamed with some chunky or blingy chains changes your outfit from something you just threw on, to something you thought about. The same goes for grooming: polished hair and make-up show the world this is an intentional look.

Layering up your athleisure look can soften it, as well as being extra practical. An item of athletic outerwear is an easy way to turn any outfit into an athleisure, fashion forward ensemble.  Varsity jackets are eye-catching and a good blend of preppy style and athleisure wear. To make it real edgy, wear with something extra glamorous, like an evening out dress. A slim-fitting loopback custom sweatshirt works in the same way for guys, worn under a tailored suit.   The athleisure trend, for those who need a wearable version, has more to do with the fit and the fabrics than it does the bright colours. A classic colour, like black, will always be a firm favourite, and the most practical. Other neutral colours, such as grey, will coordinate with lots of other colours in your wardrobe and you’ll get the most wear out of them.


If you really like to make a statement, a bright or neon flash of colour on a personalised base layer top, or custom leggings, bumps up the trend stakes.   There really is something for everyone with the athleisure trend - whichever age group, or style subset you fall in to, you can pull of the athleisure look.

Our favourite candidates for the athleisure treatment are our casual or base layer leggings (so much wear out of them), dryfit crop tops or training tops, and classic jogger bottoms. We especially love our custom track jacket in bright colour combos, for a striking, urban athleisure jacket.

What’s even better, is that you can design your own look. With our clever website, you’re just a few clicks away from creating your own capsule wardrobe of bespoke athleisure clothing. In other words, you can do a Kayne, or a Stella, and form a style collaboration with us!

And if you’re going to do a Mariah, we want pictures as proof!

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