Choosing to invest a portion of your marketing budget in customised garments gives you the opportunity to spread your brand message via people wearing your customised t-shirt or branded hoodie. Anything you choose to buy to give out as a promotional item will reflect your brand back to potential customers. And no matter how catchy or clever your marketing designs, if the quality is lacking, the message you are spreading is one of poor quality and unwilling investment.

Custom printed t-shirts or company branded hoodies cost far more per unit than other marketing items, such as leaflets, badges, and pens. You need to get the most out of that money, rather than be tempted to skimp on the quality to save money. Budget elsewhere: cancel the Christmas party - always more trouble than they’re worth ;-) !

cancel the Xmas party!

Think of a hoodie as marketing real estate. With every element customisable, you have the opportunity to really get your message across. The back, the front, the collar, the hood linings - they all offer you the chance to add more of your company’s personality. Whether that’s through using your brand’s colour scheme, logo, motto, or even an image printed onto the hood lining. Our in-house design team can help you make the most of all that juicy space!

bespoke lining example


If you’re paying to say it, you want your message to get across, as intended. Off-the-shelf or budget promo wear will limit your colour options, whereas with our mind-boggling array of colours, you’ll be sure to be able to match your brand’s look (or Pantone) as accurately as possible.

Similarly, our professional, high quality customisation service can accurately recreate your logo, be it printed, embroidered or appliquéd. Top quality personalisation means that everything from your custom tote bags, personalised clothing and bespoke accessories will give you a sleek, polished and consistent impression; this really matters.

quality embroidery

If you’ve been asked to lend your voice to a cause in the form of company sponsorship, make sure you have a proper say. Company sponsorship of local sports teams and one-off charity events is on the up. It’s a great way to grow local business and for your company logo to be seen in PR shots. Our top quality fabrics, colour availability and range of specialised sports garments, including custom cycling kit, will all make your company logo and branding look better and stand out more!


Our bespoke hoodies and custom t-shirts are such good all round items, that it’s easy to forget about the other options. Maybe your company’s personality would be better served with promo clothing that has a different feel. Custom leisure rugby shirts or printed henley sweaters work as a smarter alternative and offer all the same customisable benefits of our promo hoodies and t-shirts.

For brands and groups that have connections with the outdoors, supplying staff or customers with padded & waterproof jackets, or gilets, all featuring your company logo, gives a really invested impression. Promo, personalised outerwear is guaranteed to get worn too, and your logo won’t be hidden under other layers!

bespoke jackets

For a younger and edgier impression, we have varsity jackets, caps and even the infamous made to order onesies! They all offer a unique mix of on-trend, super desirable items that are fully customisable.

As you can imagine our products are the perfect answer to customisable workwear. And as we’re a fully bespoke service we can meet your needs on everything, including unit numbers. Whether you’re a small startup or a national organisation, we can supply you with the units you need. Most of our bespoke printable garments have a minimum run of just one, so you can get yourself branded up, even if it’s just you! Smaller accessories such as personalised socks, customisable caps, beanies, and bespoke printed bags have a higher minimum order number.

Quality customised workwear gives customers the impression that they are dealing with a serious outfit, it can also make your company look larger and more established than it is, if that’s what you want.

If you don’t want to go the whole hog, because you’re running a promo at an event for a day or two for example, customised bags or caps printed with your logo make a nice alternative. They can complement your usual staff uniform by matching your brand colours and be printed with wording specific to the event. Also, many companies hire extra staff just for an event and a bespoke company cap or bag identifies them as part of your team, without having to fork out for an entire new uniform, and without forcing them to wear the unwashed kit from the last event!

bespoke caps


The ENTIRE point of purchasing custom promo clothing is to get your message out there. If your promo t-shirts and hoodies are just going to be used once, you might as well have saved your money and bought a leaflet!

Purchasing a budget custom promo t-shirt means that you’re likely to end up with cheap, synthetic materials and stitching that won’t last more than a few washes - in other words, disposable clothing. The fit and detail will also likely be lacklustre, meaning that the recipients of your advertising freebies will be itching (literally) to get it off - if they even put it on in the first place!

Most budget, free t-shirts never see the light of day; the lucky ones might get used for a sweaty gym session, while the unlucky ones spend their lives waiting to be used as cover-up for when you paint the kitchen, or being worn to wash the car. Even worse - being USED to wash the car with: USING IT - dipping your marketing budget into a bucket of soapy water and scrubbing away dead bugs from the windscreen with it.

don't let your clothing end up like this

Give your staff and customers a budget piece of custom clothing and they’ll feel like you’re asking them to do you a favour - to advertise on your behalf. However, if you gift them a top quality, stylish item, they’ll feel like they’ve been selected to be given something special, that actually costs money. Customers will feel appreciated and staff will feel invested in, meaning you stand a better chance of both sticking with you!

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