When you think of a piece of bespoke clothing, what springs to mind? A tailored suit from Saville Row? A wedding dress? A bespoke or tailored garment is usually reserved for a special occasion, or for those with money to burn - it’s something you wear when you want to look your very best.

Our tailored sportswear brings together bespoke sizing, with high-performance sports and team clothing, so you can look you best representing your team, on and off the pitch.

Key Dimensions

Each garment has a sweet spot or two where, if you get the correct measurements, the whole garment looks like it was made for you.

That’s why we’ll give you the key dimensions for each of our garments - the sweet spots for you to make sure you get bang on, so that your bespoke team blazer, or tailored polo shirt, looks the best it possibly can.

On a custom polo shirt, for example, getting the torso length correct will make the whole garment fall into place. Likewise, perfecting the chest measurements on a personalised team blazer is the surest way of having a sports blazer that looks sleek and polished.

Key dimensions help you to pick the correct size for each member of your sports team, putting an end to team custom polo shirts that ride up and personalised team blazers that won’t button up.

Sneaky Tweaks

Even with our extensive range of sizes, sometimes, a little tweaking is needed to turn a really good fit, into a bespoke fit. And the great news is, we’ll let you tweak for free!

Bang-On Blazers

Customised team blazers, an old-school favourite, are making a huge comeback. The super-smart blazers form an integral part of your off-pitch club kit; they’re especially popular for touring teams.

Team blazers are likely to be an investment, as they are higher priced than a t-shirt or polo shirt. To make sure you get more bang for your buck, bespoke is the way to go.

Gone are the days of your only choice being a plain, navy blazer, appliquéd with your team badge (unless that’s what you want, of course). We offer bespoke team blazers in an unbeatable range of colours and designs, letting you create something truly eye-catching.

For stand-out designs, a perfect fit is even more important. Our blazers are available as slim-fit blazers, classic-fit blazers, and mighty-fit blazers - so you’ve got a range of fits to choose from, even before the custom tailoring takes place!

Once you’ve chosen which fit is most suitable for your key shoulder, chest, and waist measurements, we will individually tailor each blazer to the perfect body length and sleeve length for each team member.

You simply won’t find a more bespoke team blazer!

Perfect, Personalised Polo Shirts

Sports team polo shirts are one of our best-selling, custom sports garments. In fact, polo shirts are one the most popular sports garments, worldwide.

Off the rail polo shirts are usually available from XS to XL, but outside of those sizes, there aren’t any other measurement choices.

To give you the best-looking custom polo shirt possible, we let you choose between classic fit, or a more tailored, slim-fit polo shirt. Next, you can choose from a selection of waist measurements, so you can be sure your custom polo shirt is as roomy, or as tight, as you please.

Choosing the correct polo shirt length doesn’t just ensure it sits exactly where you want it to, but it’s actually a very practical consideration. Custom polo shirts aren’t just worn as part of a sports kit, they’re also the perfect solution for a school or work uniform. If you’re using your custom polo shirt for sport, you’ll want to make sure it isn’t so short that it rides up and distracts you from your game.

As part of a school or work uniform, you’ll want to make sure that your personalised polo shirt is the perfect, smart length; not halfway to your knees and looking like a hand-me-down.

When ordering your custom polo shirts, you’ll also have the choice of short or long sleeves, giving two very different looks.

Demand Your Perfect Dress Length with Wilton Custom Netball Dresses

Whereas custom polo shirts are an all-purpose garment, our Wilton Custom Netball Dresses are a niche item; they do one job and do it really well.

The one-piece netball kit helps members of your netball team to run, jump and pivot without restriction, in a lightweight and breathable sports dress.

The netball dresses have many customisable options: DryFit or Lycra fabric, skirt hemming, velcro for position patches, contrast pleats and stitching, and of course, bespoke sizing options. Not to mention the endless choice of colours and printing options.

Your netball team kit can be classic fit or slim fit and as the dress length is the all important key dimension for custom netball dresses, ours are available in four different lengths.

A team of netball players will typically feature a range of different heights, as different heights benefit the different playing positions. To help each member of your netball team get the perfect custom netball dress, your order can include mixed lengths.

Bend-Over-Backwards Flexible

At the heart of buying any bespoke item, is the desire to get EXACTLY what you want, and that’s what we want to give you.

To make that happen, we’ll give you all the help and information you need to make the right sizing choices. We offer a huge range of sizes and fits, and if possible, we’ll tweak your custom sports kit to your exact measurements.

We also understand that a team is a group of individuals, with different body shapes and sizes. That’s why, where possible, we let you mix sizing options and fits in your order of custom sports kit.

If you’re looking for a new team sports kit, get in touch with us and we’ll help you keep everyone happy.

Get started today - view and customise our custom leisurewear or bespoke sportswear range online - order online or submit a design enquiry (it's free!).