Sports teams are a social breed unto themselves, unfailingly loyal but ferociously competitive they are a gang formed exclusively out of the fittest and fastest among us. You’re never in doubt as to who’s in the gang because they all get to wear team clothing and walk around looking awesome! But not all of us feel naturally at home with a long stick or a ball in our hands. 

It’s not that we’re less strong or robust that these all singing all dancing sporty types, it’s just that we missed the boat when teams were being picked at school and we’ve been convinced that sport isn’t really our bag ever since. One excuse we always give ourselves for not venturing into the gym or taking a jog round the park is that everyone else is bound to look so sporty. While they’re all working out and looking unflappably cool, we’ll be panting, red faced and sweaty. But in reality the brilliant thing about sport is that anyone (yes anyone) who really wants to can be good at it.

Firstly all these unflappable gym goers aren’t really as unflappable as they make out. They’ve been practicing their no nonsense gym face hard in the bathroom mirror, but if you look closely you’ll see little beads of sweat, just the same as everyone else. Secondly, trust us, that unflappable gym look isn’t so hard pull off as you think. Start with getting your hands on some proper performance training wear. If you dress like a pro, you’ll feel all the more unstoppable for it and soon you’ll be working out like a fully-fledged champ. And thirdly (because good things always come in threes), coaches aren’t the only people who can put a sports team together. Contrary to popular belief anyone can do it. So remember whether it’s a running group in the park, a yoga class in your back garden or a taekwondo workout in the town hall, you are cool, unflappable and totally part of the gang!