Weddings used to be a local affair, not any more! Increasingly, they’re being held a good distance away from the home town of the bride or groom, or even abroad. This means that it’s a much bigger deal for guests, with them sacrificing more of their time and money to attend a wedding. A 2015 survey found that wedding guests spend an average of £377 EACH for the pleasure of being a wedding guest. And that’s a wedding in the UK, and without factoring in the cost of attending a hen or stag do!

L plates

If you have family or friends attending your wedding from far away, it’s a lovely idea to gift them a custom goodie bag as a show of appreciation, and to make them feel at home. They’ll feel that their effort has been recognised, especially if it’s a high-quality gift they can use again.

From personalised gifts such as personalised socks or personalised tote bags to something they can wear like a personalised hoodie a made-to-order gift for your wedding guests will make them feel special. Have something else in mind? Just ask us as we specialise in customised accessories and personalised clothing!

If you have lots of friends and relatives who have yet to meet your soon to be spouse's side, colour-coded, personalised gifts make a fun ice-breaker and practical way to spot who’s with the wedding!

Motivate your maids

The wedding party, your bridesmaids and groomsmen, are there to keep you sane both in the planning stages and on the day itself. Show them they’ve been marked out as a big deal for the events with custom wedding party presents! Present your squad with custom polo shirts or bespoke hoodies printed with ‘Bridesmaid’ or ‘Best Man’ on the morning of the wedding and they’ll feel really appreciated.

custom boxer shorts

It’s a great way to add an official feel to the getting ready process, and practical too - you won’t have to get into your official getup too soon and risk getting it dirty. And for the girls, personalised zip hoodies mean that they can get their hair and make up done and not ruin it by pulling a t-shirt over their heads, or being cut out of one (it happens a lot. A LOT!) Plus, custom wedding party hoodies make for brilliant getting ready photos.

And as they’re such great quality, you can always don your His n Hers or Bride and Groom hoodies around the house or to the supermarket for years to come, to remind you of your special day - you'd look a bit odd doing that in a wedding dress. Women who do that get called names.

Don’t ruin a boutique wedding with off-the-shelf details

Nothing says 'Event of the Year' like some made-to-order wedding waistcoats - every wedding is unique, with individual colour schemes and design themes. When you’re talking about something that special, you don’t want to order something off the rack and try and make it fit. Whether its personalised shirts, bespoke wedding waistcoats or custom blazers our made-to-order wedding items have so many custom elements that you can tweak to your heart’s content.

personalised waistcoats

Whether you’re having an intimate affair with just a few guests, or you're aiming to rival the Royal Wedding, the devil is in the detail. Our custom waistcoats and personalised hoodies are available to order on a short run or by the lorry load.

Fancy hens and strutting stags

Of course, the most obvious use for bespoke wedding goods is for the hen and stag parties. Gone are the days when this meant a night out in your local town – hen and stag dos are now major events that often involve whole weekends of activities and travel. Get the mood going from the very beginning with everyone in made-to-order stag and hen clothing.

With all the expenses already involved in stag and hen dos, it’s understandable that you’d want to save where you can. However, cheap custom t-shirts for hen and stag dos are a false economy. With all the inevitable photos your girls and guys are going to want to look and feel good – that's hard to achieve in sweaty polyester.

Our custom t-shirts, personalised hoodies, embroidered polo shirts for hen and stag parties are top-quality and come in a full range of sizes for men or women - far more flattering than a one size fits all off-the-rack hoodie.

The added benefit of buying high-quality custom hen and stag apparel is that it's durable, so it's an instant, awesome souvenir too. Your friends will still be wearing their custom hen hoodies or personalised stag polo shirts well after the party's over (depending on what you get printed on it, obviously!)

personalised waistcoats

Let's face it, weddings are a little competitive, and if you've clinched the role of Bridesmaid or Best Man, then the pressure is on to outperform those that went before you. Our in-house design team can help you to come up with something really special, using all the customisable elements of our hoodies, polo shirts and other customised clothing. Our made to order hoodies even feature hood linings that you can have a photo printed on to - just think carefully about what you want to commit to fabric forever!

One of our made to order clothing categories that is rocketing in popularity is bespoke loungewear. Our made-to-order custom pyjamas are such a sophisticated choice for a more chilled hen do - the relaxed weekend in a cottage breaks that more and more hens are opting for. The soft pyjamas can be made in any colour imaginable, and printed to match your theme. They can even double up as group loungewear for the morning of the wedding, allowing you to all get ready in a relaxed yet photogenic and colour-coordinated style.

And then there's the custom onesies - just imagine it - stag party onesies and hen party rompers (or vice versa!) all made to order with your colour scheme and personal printing or embroidery. Contact us with your ideas and we will work with you to bring them to life!