Wherever you are in the world right now, it's that awkward in-between season. In the northern hemisphere, it is Autumn; days are getting shorter and darker, temperatures are cooling and we're facing down a lot more wind and rain.

Similarly, the southern hemisphere is emerging from hibernation, and having to decide whether to risk leaving the house without a coat.

Autumn and Spring are those awkward in between seasons that bridge the gap, not too much of this, not too much of that - a total headache when it comes to choosing what to wear.


Custom Leisure Rugby Shirts get it spot on, easing you from the depths of Winter, through Spring; or helping you come to terms with the Summer and get ready for Winter. The choice of long sleeves mean you won't be too chilly (and you can always roll them up), and the stiff collar means you can turn it up against the wind. In short, custom leisure rugby shorts give you options, and all in one flattering garment!

Here are our favourite uses for a leisure rugby shirt in those awkward in-between months.

Customised Leisure Rugby Shirts Keep You Warm On The Sidelines

Spring and Autumn don't just spell change for the seasons; they're also the seasons that school, college and university sports teams are getting back together and having try outs, and, of course, it's also the time to be ordering new team sports kits.

As well as a playing kit, an off-pitch kit helps new teams to gel together, and customised leisure rugby shirts make an ideal custom off-pitch top, whatever your sport. We love that there are fewer rules with an off pitch kit, so you can really go all out with the personalisation on your bespoke rugby-style top. Your off-pitch team tops can pay homage to your team kit by incorporating your team colours (and we can create them in a huge range of colours), nicknames, player numbers and team badges.

The longer sleeve option and heavier cotton mean your players can stand on the sidelines and keep warm, and the stiff collar makes the leisure rugby shirts smart enough for team socials.

Personalised Leisure Rugby Tops Make Your Mates A Squad


Whether you're following a favourite sports team, going on a mates weekend away, or celebrating a birthday at a festival, a leisure rugby shirt makes you an official squad.

From loyally trailing after your local rugby side, or travelling the world after the British Lions, a customised leisure rugby shirt is the obvious fans-on-tour top! The rugby styling and comfortable cotton combine to be a nod to your favourite rugby team, while being smart and wearable at the same time. Perfect for going from the pub to the match.

The retro styling of our bespoke leisure rugby shirts means that they're not just perfect for rugby fans, but are also ideal for any group get together. Stag dos, group holidays, team building weekends - a personalised rugby-styled shirt is the perfect squad uniform and memento.

The personalisation on our customisable rugby jerseys is second to none, so you can go all out or keep things subtle and stealthy. Our ready made templates range from simple block colour, to hoops, diagonals and squares, and you can add more colour in the collar and contrast stitching too.

One of our favourite things about our personalised leisure rugby jerseys is how great they look with big, bold printed designs. Nicknames, of course, are a popular choice - mandatory even! And holiday destinations, or event dates mean that your personalised rugby top doubles as a great souvenir too.

Club Together With Customised Retro Look Rugby Shirts


It's important to be social. Despite online 'socialising' via social media taking over our lives, the benefits of getting together in real life, like, out of the house, properly face-to-face, are well documented. And clubs and societies make it easy to get out and get social.

Whatever you're common interest, we help you to design a rugby shirt to keep you all clubbed together. If you want to shout about club allegiance we can create you a bright coloured custom rugby shirt with your club name printed all over the back or front, or embroidered or appliqued too.

Or if you want to keep your society on the down low, a customised rugby style shirt has you covered. I mean, it's nobody else's business if you like to get together with a group of like-minded people and re-enact Starship Troopers as a musical every third Thursday evening, but some people might to keep that quiet. This is where custom printed collar linings come in handy: choose any text, design, pattern or photograph and we can print it on the collar lining. Classy and stealthy!

Give A Customised Retro Rugby Shirt; Get A Tonne Of Free Marketing


We're big believers in a little more investment in promo wear and not just because we're selling it. Because we KNOW it works. A high-quality promo t-shirt will get some love, get worn to wash the car for example, but something a little more heavy duty will get you proper exposure!

A good quality retro look rugby shirt will be the perfect go-to when it's still too warm for a jacket, meaning your promotional rugby style shirt becomes outerwear. And with promo wear, it's whats on the outside that counts.

Our warm, luxury cotton rugby style shirts simply don't get covered up as much as a promo t-shirt for example, meaning that your marketing message and product promo is on show so much more.

Whereas a basic promo t-shirt might see some action, even a customised short-sleeved rugby top is too warm to wear to the gym, so it's going to get saved for better things like popping to the shops, or a walk to the pub where it will get a much wider audience.

With clever design, your customised rugby shirt can be a promo item that gets a lot of wear. The trick is actually not to scream your marketing message all over your custom rugby top, but rather to ignite some curiosity. If your design is attractive, wearers won't mind using your product one little bit!

If you want to see what clever design can do for your customised leisure rugby shirt, get in touch with our free design service. They can help you create something perfect for your club or campaign, or they can rework an existing design to give your sports team fresh look.

And if you want your promotional rugby tops pronto, we can deliver them worldwide in three weeks or less with our Express Service!