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Team rugby jerseys have been created in a more modern design for quite a while now, with a sleeker, more form-fitting design and more hi-tech fabrics. But there's still something so appealing about the old style retro rugby jersey.

Whereas the older style, retro rugby jerseys are rarely worn during matches or practice, they are still a really popular piece of clothing for fans, off-pitch backup wear, or just preppy wear with absolutely no rugby affiliation whatsoever.

We love our Invicti Rugby Jerseys, and so do the teams who buy them. But we're certainly not ready to let go of our old favourites, the Watson Custom Rugby Shirt.

Here's why you need both customised rugby jerseys in your life too:

A New Favourite Fabric And An Old Classic Cotton

Our traditional rugby jerseys are created from thick 100% cotton (280 gsm). Polycotton is available on request, but the 100% cotton are our favourites!

It's a super comfortable fabric that wears extremely well and has great longevity. It's perfect as a custom rugby jersey for off-pitch. Whether that's as an off-pitch custom rugby jersey for rugby club players, or a customised rugby fan jersey. We always get a big rush on these before the British Lions tours!

If you're doing an international tour, these look really smart so will take you from the pub to the game, to dinner afterwards. The thicker fabric also means you can leave the extra layer at home.

The sublimate fabric we use to make our Invicti Rugby Jerseys for rugby players are the perfect customisable official rugby club jersey.

Designed to be as light as possible, the dry-fit fabric keeps players cool as the fabric is breathable. It's also tougher for opponents to grab than standard cotton.

Newer Necklines On The Pitch, Stiff Collars For The Pub

The stiff, white collars of retro rugby jerseys are probably the most recognisable feature. It was a feature that remained for decades in professional rugby shirts and it added a striking contrast to colourful shirts. It's still a popular feature on rugby shirts worn for casual wear, and the thick twill fabric makes it perfect for popped collars - so much better than a polo shirt!

The button neckline gave that retro rugby shirt a more open neck so were more comfortable. They have the added advantage of making them smarter too.

The updated necklines were a very popular change with players. The open, rounded neck was less constrictive and the removal of the collar meant one less thing to grab in a tackle!

Our Invicti Rugby Jerseys can be custom made with a shallow 'v' neck, giving the jerseys a slightly more traditional feel, and opening up the neck further. Rugby players do tend to have larger than average necks!

Two Perfect Printing Canvases For Sponsors

customised rugby jerseys

Sponsorship is hugely important in sport and the newer style and fabric of rugby shirts has given rugby clubs a better canvas to offer their sponsors.

Our Invicti Rugby Jerseys are available with seam to seam printing for really effective sponsor designs and logos as big as you dare.

The sublimate fabric is also a huge plus for adding designs to. Dyes are now embedded in the fabric, meaning better colour recreation and minimal fade. Perfect for players jerseys that need to be washed a lot and well, and still look vibrant right to the end of the season.

The retro style rugby jerseys are made from top quality 100% cotton making them the perfect base for embroidery and badges. The fabric won't be dragged down with the extra weight and pulling and as it's not being treated so badly, there's no need to worry about reinforcements.

The original rugby jerseys tended to rely on designs that could be made using different swatches of fabric, so stripes and boxes were popular. Later, these were recreated in the printing process. They're still popular designs now as they're so recognisable as a retro rugby jersey design.

One of the great benefits of having both a rugby players jersey and an off-pitch rugby jersey is that you could potentially have double the room for extra sponsorship, offering various tiers of sponsorship prices depending on which jersey was used.

Two Rugby Jerseys Fit For Two Purposes

retro rugby shirts for fans

Hi-tech fabrics, game analysis, and fashion have turned the classic 'jumper' form rugby jersey into a much sleeker animal.

Form fitting rugby jerseys are now the norm for both professional and amateur clubs, rugby union and rugby league.

The tighter design is more comfortable, lighter and less distracting. It also has the really important advantage of being much more difficult to grab a handful of!

For most professional rugby players, fitness has become much more of a science and the body shape has changed from the 70s heyday! A sleeker jersey also allows them to show off all that hard work!

Long sleeves have all but been eradicated from players rugby jerseys, with players preferring the freedom of movement that short sleeves give.

For the retro style rugby jerseys, we give you the option of short or long sleeves, so you can go traditional (and warm) or a little cooler with short sleeves.

Similar to a polo shirt, the retro rugby jersey is a smarter casual option than a standard t-shirt. The collar and button down neckline add a certain edge that you just don't get with a t-shirt. The classic, long sleeves also make it a great top for wearing in cooler months, and not having to worry about a coat or jumper, or extra layer.

Boost Your Performance With Added Extras For Your Rugby Team Jerseys

The new custom rugby jerseys have certainly come a long way in terms of added extras. Silicone grippers help your rugby jersey stay in place and so stop you from being distracted during a game, and special reinforced panels at the side and neck mean your new custom rugby jersey is given the best chance possible at a long life. Little added extras like that are really important if you want your team rugby jerseys to last a whole season.

If you're in charge of ordering your rugby club's new kit, it's well worth adding a retro cotton jersey as an off-pitch option. The players can still look like a team after the match or for socials, and the fans can choose which replica style they prefer - they may even buy one of each!

Our design team can help you to create designs for both the modern rugby jersey and the classic retro cotton rugby shirt - you don't have to have the same design on each. In fact, the two styles will compliment very different designs, but you can work in your colours, logos and sponsorship to both.