Dress for the job you want, so the saying goes. But if you supply your workforce with a uniform, you have the opportunity to dress them for the performance YOU want.

The classic work shirt is in fact your secret weapon to getting superhero levels of productivity from your staff. There’s just something about donning a stiff collared, button down shirt that perks you up, straightens your spine, and gets your head in the space getting things done.

Crisp, white shirts and blouses in particular seem to bestow staff with spirit-lifting and motivation-expanding powers that not even a cape and pants worn on the outside of trousers can rival.

Read on to find out about the other superpowers a custom tailored shirt has, and why you should make a custom work shirt part of your staff uniform, today.

a smart customised work shirt can give you superpowers

A Customisable Work Shirt Will Morph Into YOUR Perfect Uniform

The shape-shifting powers of a tailored work shirt are legendary; they are a great fit for any company, in any industry. From accountancy firms to zookeepers; from behind-the-scenes tech support to front-of-house hospitality.  What’s extra special about a customisable workwear shirt is that you can tailor it perfectly to your workplace, and to your workers.

bespoke work shirts for every industry

If you’re in the process of designing or refreshing your company workwear, now is the perfect opportunity to make sure your staff uniform is reflecting your brand.

Customisable shirts and blouses are a great canvas for conveying your company values to customers. Everything from the colour, to the cuff details, can be used to get your message across.

Colour is a really effective tool for workwear - make the most of it! If you’ve paid for your branding to be designed, a lot of thought will have gone into the perfect colour for your company. We offer literally hundreds of shades for cotton work shirts, and for polycotton custom shirts we offer pantone colour matching, so we can recreate the exact colour your brand designer intended.

Colour can also be used to make your workforce stand out - particularly important for staff who need to stand out to customers in retail environments and at events, and for health and safety reasons in manufacturing. A bright, block colour will make it easy for customers to identify a staff member in shops, a representative in a crowded industry convention, or a supervisor on a factory floor.

The Little Magical Touches That Go A Long Way

Like all magic, it’s the subtle, customisable details that make our made-to-order shirts truly shine. Little touches like embroidered initials on the cuffs, button down collars, pleated bibs, stylish pockets, and contrast patterned cuff and collar linings, all ensure that your bespoke staff shirts are more than a standard uniform.

options for custom tailored shirts

Clever personalisation, such as embroidered cuff initials, make your staff members feel valued as individuals. They’re also all ways of helping you to get across your brand, in a more subtle way.

Decision Fatigue Is Kryptonite To Productivity

We bet that while you were at school, you couldn’t wait for non-uniform days and the chance to ditch that uniform. Fast forward to your working life, and shopping for work clothes is generally a chore. On top of that, most workers tend to begrudge spending their own money on clothes that are just for work - most office wear doesn’t serve much of a purpose outside of work hours.

Supplying your staff with a uniform, or even part of a uniform, should definitely be listed as a work perk! Your staff will love you for it.

You’ll be saving them money, hassle, and the bother of making a decision about what to wear for five days a week. Just like kryptonite, decision fatigue is a real thing - make sure your workers save that power for important work decisions - not for wardrobe decisions.

This is a perk that can quickly turn sour if the uniform supplied isn’t up to scratch. Most workers will be content even if the colour isn’t something they would choose themselves. What will make them very unhappy is a hand-me-down uniform, something poorly fitting, or not supplying enough items.  If your staff work five days a week, remember that they’ll need more than one shirt or blouse.

Gain The Power Of Mind Control Over Customers With An Awesome Staff Uniform

This one is so easy, it’s more of a trick than a superpower. In short, customers interpret a staff uniform as an investment in your company, and this will show them that you’re the real deal. They will trust you and give you their money.

This works for businesses of all sizes. If you’re a small handyman firm with just a couple of workers, smart yet hard-wearing shirts with embroidered company logos are going to make you look like a professional outfit. An embroidered shirt worn by all (or both!) of your workers will also make you look like a larger, more established firm.

Awful staff shirts and blouses can also have mind control powers. An ill-fitting, faded, hand-me-down shirt can make your workers look shoddy, and like you have a high turnover of staff: instant red flag!

Transparency - A Good Idea For The Invisible Man, A Terrible Idea for Work Shirts

Transparency is a great attribute for business policies; it implies openness and accountability. For The Invisible Man, transparency is a superpower. For work shirts, transparency is just plain cheap.

A top-quality work shirt or blouse will keep its shape, wash well, and protect your modesty!  These may sound like small accomplishments, but together, they amount to a uniform that is a joy to wear, meaning your workers are comfortable, happy and more productive.

The top quality cotton fabric of our customisable shirts makes them perfect for embroidering detailed logos and brand messages. If a large-scale print works better for your bespoke work shirt design, then our high-end polycotton mix shirts are the perfect printing partner.

Successful Missions Need The Whole Team On Board

A classic shirt has the power to bring your people together. Because it’s at home in every environment - in your delivery vans, in production plants, in retail stores, and in offices, it can be worn by every member of your team.

customised shirts for managers

Your factory workers and delivery drivers may choose to wear their super durable polycotton work shirt with hard-wearing cargos; your retail staff can with their favourite smart jeans instead, and your office team can opt for a 100% cotton shirt with suit trousers. You can tailor your work shirts to different roles, but it’s one uniform for one team.

It’s hard to picture the humble work shirt being able to do all of this, but it’s true. Shirts make your staff feel ready for business, help them feel like a valued part of your business, and offer a canvas for free advertising and brand promotion. Wield this power wisely. It’s a much better option than asking your staff to wear their pants on the outside.

However big or small your team, we’d love to kit them out. We offer work shirts for men and women in a huge range of sizes, from petite to supersized, and all can be tailored to fit. Our customer service team can help with any questions you have about the sizing, or the process, from design to delivery.

Our design team are also on standby, like Mission Control, to help you with the huge amount of options we have to customise your staff shirts to your company, and to your staff. So if what you see on our website doesn’t exactly match your vision, get in touch and we can help!