Making the team is a great feeling. And being part of a team or a society is undoubtedly one of ex-student's most treasured memories from their university days. Joining a team or society is a surefire way of getting yourself a brand new social circle and starting the bonds of lifelong friendships.

Pulling on your new team's official kit for the first time should be another great feeling. But sometimes, it just doesn't live up to the hype (especially when forced into using a less than perfect supplier the Union have got a little too cosy with!).

The people choosing your club kit have a tough job - there's usually a lot of people to please, and not a lot of money to do it with. This is even more so the case if your university sports club or local sports team are funding the kit.

But there's nothing to say you can't have a second kit; an alternative side kit, so to speak, that is used for socialising or training. And if it's your money, it's your rules.

Here are our favourite pieces side kit for your sports team.

Create The Perfect Customised T-Shirt For Your Sports Club

Creative Printed Team T-Shirt

To complete the team bonding experience, it's good to have a training uniform too. Not an essential part of an official sports team kit, but definitely a desirable one. Top teams, like premiership football teams and national rugby teams, all have training kits. It comes from the ethos of taking training seriously, rather than turning up in whatever didn't smell too bad off the floor. Much in the same way that freelancers who work from home will get up and dressed as if they were going to work in an office, a training kit puts you in the right frame of mind to get the job done.

Training kits are your chance to be a little more creative with kit designs. There may be set rules about the official playing kit, but your customised training kit can be a little more out there!

Custom printed t-shirts are the obvious go-to for training and we offer 3 different styles of t-shirt to help you get something perfect. Classic cotton t-shirts are great all rounders and dry-fit t-shirts are perfect for serious training sessions. Both can be made with your own designs - logos, names, patterns. And because it's not part of the official kit, you can afford to go a little bit 'extra'.

Custom cotton t-shirts with a henley button collar are one of our all-time favourite looks. They're cosy, the button collar looks instantly smarter, and they're perfect for printing mottos and slogans on.

Custom team t-shirts with sports slogans are also a fan favourite and will be a guaranteed sell-out to supporters!

Retro Rugby Shirts Are The Perfect Pub Partner

Keep the hi-tech sublimate fabric for the pitch and invest in something a little more wearable for your off-duty activities.

Our custom cotton rugby shirts are popular all year-round, and not just for rugby clubs. Modelled on retro style rugby jerseys, they're a classic design that doesn't age.

Casual enough to wear to the pub after a game, or to support your team from the sidelines or on off-duty days, yet still sporty enough to give a nod to your team.

We love our retro rugby shirts for their style and flattering fit - they really do suit everyone, so a definite team pleaser. We offer custom men's rugby shirts and custom women's rugby shirts in a huge range of sizes, as well as a choice of classic or tailored fit. We also offered customised children's rugby shirts, so they can join in the team bonding too!

Our retro rugby shirts look fantastic customised with team names, player numbers, and embroidered badges. It's a nice way of recreating your more modern official team kit, with something very wearable for socialising.

Be As One With Your Team In Custom Team Onesies

Custom Team Onesies

It's not the obvious garment for a university sports club kit, but a brilliantly fun and memorable addition to your off-pitch bag. And, surprisingly versatile . . .

If you want to pull something completely different out of the bag, suggest a team onesie! Tiger onesies are extinct and unicorn onesies are dead; the future of onesies is definitely in customised club onesies. 

If your sports team travels a lot on coaches or stays away from home for games, onesies will keep you a united tribe for the entire time! And how intimidating for the competition; imagine watching your opposition march off the team bus in club colour onesies? You'll send the message that you work together, play together . . . and nap together. Boom!

Customisable onesies are also perfect for sports club fundraisers or special nights out (or in!) providing great photos for social marketing, and attention grabbing on a night out to boot. Customised onesies are a different take on fancy dress nights too, and you can use them afterwards, whereas there'll be limited uses for that Bruno thong.

Printed Sports Accessories To Upgrade Your Official Sports Team Kit

Of course, if you've had to pay out for an official custom team kit already, you might not want to spend even more on a second team outfit.  This is where printed sports accessories save the day!

They're an affordable add-on to official custom kits and they're often one size, so you can order in bulk in case of new joiners or for supporters.

Team headbands and custom team sweatbands can be produced in team colours, and with logos or slogans. Sweatbands have moved on from their 70's tennis heyday, and are now available in practical lycra - perfect for keeping your fringe or your man bun out of your face. And if you do happen to want that throwback look, we offer the team headbands and team sweatbands in the much-loved terry cotton too!

Printed Sweatbands and Printed Headbands

Hats are another super easy accessory and a great add-on to a team kit. Custom baseball caps are perfect for any sports team and a team baseball cap suits pretty much everyone!

If your team or club is strapped for cash, a small customised accessory, like a customised club baseball cap, makes sense instead of a more expensive printed team hoodie or customised club t-shirt.

We offer three types of customised baseball cap to suit your club or team look: classic baseball, modern trucker or sporty snapback. Our team baseball caps start at just £8 each, including customised printing or branding.

Custom Beanie Hats

For winter months, we have the best selection of customisable beanies you've ever seen; we even have bobble hats. Custom team bobble hats definitely put you in the 'extra' league.