We’ve added something amazing to our range of bespoke clothing: personalised swim shorts and personalised board shorts, and just in time for Summer!

Made from top quality fabrics, our made-to-order swim shorts and board shorts can be printed with any design, colour or any photo of your choice - the options are literally endless. To help you narrow it down, we’ve put together some ideas to make sure you and your shorts stand out from the crowd at the pool this Summer.

Go Big Or Stay Home Go Big Or Stay Home Go Big Or Stay Home

Go Big Or Stay Home

Big, bold images printed across your personalised board shorts are eye-catching and on-trend for this Summer. Little, discreet prints and logos are out! Think bright colours and strong shapes!

What makes our personalised shorts look so striking and bang up-to-date, is the seam to seam printing process. We literally print your image right up to the edge, meaning the design covers the entire shorts: it’s the fashion equivalent of a full wrap for your car.

Surf Inspiration

Take inspiration from top surf brands and use your image as a backdrop for some text, or add stripes, stars and other designs, and then upload the file for us to print!

Don’t shy away from bold, clashing colours either. Anything bright looks good by the pool or on the beach.

Of course, you can choose a solid, block colour for your swim shorts too, but we're definitely preferring bright, block colours printed with a design in a contrasting colour.

Scroll Your Phone

Sometimes, you need an audience for those amazing (lucky) shots, lurking on your phone. Those sunsets across the sea; palm tree silhouettes, or even just those stupid selfies. With our brand new design-your-own swim shorts, you can save your proudest shots from being forgotten in a Facebook album.

If your last holiday was hard to beat, print up your memories on this Summer’s board shorts! Our customised swim shorts make unique mementos of unbeatable times. Something to live up to on this year's holiday!

If you’re not sure how your photo will look on a pair of personalised board shorts, our free, in-house design team can help.

Go Sideways

High street and surf brand swim shorts usually feature tropical, beach, or sea themes. Try a different angle with your own designs: if you’ve got an edgy image of a city skyline, that could well make an unexpected and standout design for your made-to-order swim shorts.

Look Closer

Close-up photos of everything from raindrops on a window, to a repeating pattern in household objects can make great, eye-catching designs.

Once you’ve got the close-up or zoomed in image, you can also tweak the colours to make it even more abstract.

Don’t Be Afraid Of The Dark

Bright, contrasting colours look awesome on personalised board shorts, but black and white can be really striking too. Try changing a photo into monochrome for your shorts design.

Black and white looks really good when used on images of anything industrial and urban: cityscapes for example.

A splash of bright colour across a mostly black and white design adds interest too. If you have a beautiful image of city skyline for example, consider applying a monochrome filter and picking out a single building in a bright colour.

Be Original

Off the shelf swim shorts are fine: shops usually stock a lot of swim shorts on the run up to Summer. They have a decent enough range of designs and you can usually find something close enough to a fit. Off the shelf board shorts are good. Bespoke board shorts are better. You live in your shorts on holiday, you won't regret choosing something you love.

You can usually guarantee that if you’ve bought your swim shorts from the high street that year, you’ll find yourself at least one swim-short-twin at the pool.

Designing your own custom swim shorts or personalised board shorts means no-one else will be wearing them.

Squad Goals

Whether for a lads holiday or a destination stag do, our personalised board shorts are a new solution to showing the world who you're representing. They'll be a welcome change from the standard printed t-shirt, and because they're such good quality, they'll preserve your memories in swim shorts form, for years to come.

Of course, you can have a little more fun when it comes to printing stag do personalised shorts; when else are you going to get to wear selfies on your shorts? You can also combine images and text to really get your message across.

Size Matters

You’ll realise by now that we’ve got the “looking good” part covered, but with our bespoke sizes, our personalised swim shorts and made to order board shorts will also be the best-fitting shorts you’ve ever owned.

One of the best things about our customised shorts being made-to-order is that we’ll never run out of your size, or your favourite design, and they’ll be available all year round too.

Customised gifts, like personalised swim shorts, make THE perfect present for a Summer birthday. The bespoke fit and top-quality fabric ensure that our personalised swim shorts are a luxury gift, as well as having tonnes of novelty and wow factor.

It's not just the big, bold prints that you'll love about your new pair of personalised swim shorts. We've put a lot of thought into the little details too, and it shows.

Front and bag pockets, quality interior mesh, and chunky waist toggles add stand out finishing touches.

Each pair of personalised swim shorts is made to order and we guarantee a top finish.

This is a brand new line for us and we’re really excited to see the designs we’ll get sent for personalising board shorts and swim shorts.

As always, our design team is on hand to help you design the best personalised garment possible, and our customer service team can help with an questions on sizing and ordering.