Squad goals may be a newly-coined phrase, but team bonding goes back through the ages. Whether you're part of a rowing team, a cricket club, or a rugby squad, you know the power a custom sports kit has to bring you all together.

Custom sports blazers have always been a traditional part of sports clubs, and now, thanks to the preppy fashion revival, even more sports squads and team members are opting for bespoke blazers as part of their official off-pitch kit.

Here's how to make your team blazer your squad's own.

Convey Your Message With Colour

Be Bold With Custom Blazer Colours

An all over colour is strong statement; make sure it's the right one. Blazers began their life as a single blaze of red wool, designed to be seen by spectators from the riverbank, and red is still a very popular colour for sports club blazers.

Nowadays, blazers aren't worn by rowers, cricketers, or tennis players to participate in sport, but instead, form part of the traditional off-pitch kit. Being mainly used for sports club dinners and other social events, there is no longer a necessity to be seen from a distance. That doesn't mean you shouldn't stand out, though!

Block colours work really well in bright, non-neutral colours, to avoid the danger of looking like a mismatched business suit. Unless you're using bold contrasting details (more of that later), it's best to forgo the slate grey, navy or black.

When choosing a block colour for your team blazer, take inspiration from your team colours. If your sports club has a badge, consider picking out one of the lesser used colours as an all-over fabric. That way, your team crest or badge will really pop.

Draw Attention To Your Traditions In A Bespoke Striped Club Blazer

If your team lean towards the traditional and the old school, then only a striped blazer will do.

Whether you're at the Royal Henley Regatta, Wimbledon, or Lord's Cricket Ground, striped sports club blazers are a common sight.

Traditional Custom Club Blazers

Striped rowing blazers are an institution in their own right. The striped rowing club blazers pull as many spectators as the rowing does at the Henley Royal Regatta each year. And the louder the better!

Colours that normally wouldn't be seen together are side by side in traditional cricket blazers too. Members of Lord's home club, Marylebone Cricket Club, are instantly recognisable from their bold red and gold striped blazers, affectionately named 'eggs and bacon'.

And isn't that the squad goal of a team blazer? To be instantly recognisable as your club?

Of course, stripes can be subtler too. Pastel colour stripes convey a summery mood and are often used for tennis club blazers.

Add A Classy Edge With Custom Blazer Piping

Piping is subtler than stripes, but still lets you distinguish your club blazer from a standard jacket. White piping is eternally popular on our cotton twill custom blazers, and our bespoke wool team blazers. It creates a sharp contrast with nearly every other hue, and adds a preppy, sporting edge.

Contrast Piping On Custom Blazers

We also offer double piping, which adds a really stunning quality to all blazers. The extra colour option allows you to put your club's stamp on your club blazers by picking out your club colours in both the overall blazer colour choice, and the two piping colour options. The double piping blazers are particularly popular for national teams as flag colours are effectively represented.

A made-to-order club blazer with piping detail is a great quality investment. Not only will your official sports team photographs look amazing, but the blazers can often be subtle enough to wear outside of official club events too.

The official rugby club blazers which we created for the Tonga rugby team were an absolute showstopper, yet not so outlandish that they couldn't be paired with jeans for a polished smart casual outfit.

Fasten Up The Details With your Choice of Buttons

All of our blazers are two button front with three button cuff, but as we are the leaders in custom sports club blazers, we let you customise even that small detail if you like. Ask our design team if you'd like more options for blazer buttons, or if your sports club has a traditional way with blazer buttons that you would like to recreate.

Add Hidden Meanings In Customised Blazer Linings

Although blazer linings will remain largely unseen, that's not a reason to leave them out of the customisation process.

A personalised lining can have special meaning for your club members, and doesn't need to make sense to the rest of the world.

The standard lining on all of our bespoke sports blazers is black, but you can also choose to have a pattern, image, or photograph of your choice printed on the lining instead. Some of our favourite designs for past customers include a montage of old cub photographs, club mottos, and a group shot of the whole team.

Crests And Badges Make Your Mark On Your Club Blazer

A club badge, or team crest, is a truly traditional and individual touch to add to your club blazer. No other club will have the same logo, badge, or crest as your sports team.

Adding your club patch to your custom blazer is the finishing touch in creating a unique piece of kit for your squad.

Tailored Sizing For Every Team Member

Mens Womens and Childrens Blazer Sizing

Squads come in all shapes and sizes.

Both our Hollands Custom Cotton Twill Blazers and our Hollands Custom Wool Blazers are available in men's, women's and children's sizing, meaning that no matter who makes up your team, we can custom make a blazer for them. Individual tailoring is included in the price of our custom team blazers, meaning that each blazer is fitted to the member's arm and back length.

You also get to choose the fit of your blazers: select from classic, slim, or mighty for Men's Custom Wool Blazers and Men's Custom Cotton Twill Blazers.

Women's Custom Wool Blazers and Women's Custom Cotton Twill Blazers are available in classic and slim fit. You can even have a mixed order of the both, so the entire squad is happy.