Even those lucky worker bees who look forward to heading off to work each morning experience a dip in enthusiasm as the weather turns cooler. With the darker days and drop in temperature, you need to give your workforce every encouragement to get out of their warm beds and in to work.

Any working environment, be it an office, a warehouse, a shop, or outdoor building site, will be affected by the oncoming Winter blues. Making sure your staff have a seasonally appropriate uniform to keep them warm in the mornings, and throughout the rest of the day, will help. And if you don't already have a uniform, now is a great time to change that.

Uniforms don't have to be boring and purely functional either. You can add plenty of personality and company ethos into your new uniform so that your staff don't just look forward to wearing it because it's warm, but because it's stylish too.

Have a look at our most popular customised workwear options and get inspired - your staff will really thank you for it!

Personalised Leisure Rugby Shirts Make Casual Uniforms That Everyone Loves

Adored for their total acceptance by everyone, the custom leisure rugby shirt will look good on all your staff. Its retro -inspired design makes it more stylish than your average long sleeved t-shirt, and the stiff collar and long sleeves mean it's leagues ahead of a standard work t-shirt, or even polo shirt, in the smart stakes.

Warm Workwear Rugby Shirts

Leisure rugby shirts are brilliant for warehouse staff, delivery drivers, or anything hands-on actually. It's super comfortable cotton construction means it's easy to move in and it can be layered with some other items for the perfect Winter uniform.

Company details can be printed in big designs across the back, or how about the extra personal touch with company logo embroidery to the chest, and individual staff names across the back?

Our leisure rugby shirts have substance as well as style. The luxury cotton fabric is top quality and hardwearing, and is happy to be worn and washed regularly.

Smarten Up The Place With Custom Workwear Jackets and Shirts

Smart workwear blazers with your company logo

For an office, sales, or shop floor environment, you can't get smarter than a shirt and blazer. A dedicated workwear blazer is a surprising touch to a uniform, yet your staff will be grateful for the extra insulation. That's not the only loveable thing about our custom workwear blazers; a work uniform jacket makes life, and more importantly - mornings, easier. A neutral-coloured custom blazer will coordinate with most of your staff members' existing wardrobes, and helps to take decision-making out of their morning routine!

Our men's customs wool blazers and women's customised wool blazers are especially suited to cooler weather, and look smart without looking bulky, thanks to the traditional wool fabric.

The fantastic tailoring options are super smart, and flattering too. We offer a huge range of sizes, as well as fits: classic and slim, and an extra 'mighty' fit option for men too. On top of that, we also tailor each custom blazer to individual staff back and arm lengths!

We can create you a workplace blazer in any colour you please, so make the most of the colour options. You can go bold with a bright, blazing red, or if you feel your staff would rebel at that idea, incorporate your bright branding colours in eye-catching contrast piping instead.

A special touch that will have everyone in agreement is personalised printed jacket linings. Our completely customisable photo print linings allow you to add any colour, design, or even photograph to the lining of your workwear blazer. It can be used to add a flash of colour to subtle coloured jackets, or it can incorporate something like a company logo, or photograph of your place of work.

Our bespoke custom work shirts are a smart, but lighter and less formal uniform option. Available in plain cotton, twill cotton, or oxford fabric, the smart uniform shirts can display your company logo in print, embroidery, or applique. You have control over every detail: the cuffs, collar, buttons, and colours - so you get the perfect custom work shirt for your brand.

Get Your Branding On Top With Customised Waterproof Jackets And Gilets

Perfect for just about everyone, a workwear waterproof jacket can be put over any existing uniform, or your workers' own clothes, to give a really warm and practical workwear item.

Customised company gilets are especially useful in some office environments during the air con/central heating wars. The unbulky design keeps in the heat and doesn't get in the way of tasks.

Waterproof and padded gilets keep staff warm and free to work

A company branded waterproof outer layer has huge benefits for your business. If you do have an existing uniform, it means that it won't be overshadowed with your workers own coats and instead, they'll be on brand all the way into work and back again, and if they have to go outdoors as part of their job. This also means LOADS of extra advertising for you company, and even when they're not on duty.

It's not just contractors who will benefit from customised waterproof workwear, lots of smaller business and artisans spend a good chunk of time outdoors in the run up to Christmas to promote their businesses too, at Christmas markets, for example. Our jackets and gilets have a minimum order amount of just one, so small businesses and sole traders can keep warm and on brand too - no missing out to the big boys!

The custom design options on our customised waterproof jackets and gilets are endless - seam to seam printing and Pantone matched colours mean you can create attention-grabbing designs that will set your set your advertising alight in the colder months!

Give Your Staff A Cuddle With A Customised Workwear Hoodie

Put your company's branding on a go-to favourite to keep your staff warm and fire up your company's profile.

Printed hood linings make attention grabbing workwear hoodies

A customised hoodie is the ultimate layering apparel; it looks great with jeans, shorts (maybe not in Winter) work trousers etc. Our huge range of design options mean that you can completely change the look and message you put out there with your uniform hoodie.

A zip-through hoodie looks smarter than a pullover version, and is more practical for being worn with collared shirts and even ties. And the colour is oh so powerful with a hoodie.

For example, a zip through hoodie in a black or navy and in loopback fabric will have a completely different look and feel than a sherpa faux fur lined pullover hoodie in a bright colour with a big printed design.

Personalised loopback hoodies are ideal for smarter environments, and can be worn as a cardigan or casual jacket of sorts. It really suits embroidered or appliqued logos, and with the finishing touches, like optional hoods and bespoke collar linings, you make a really smart piece of workwear that will keep your employees warm in the office.

For more casual or hand-on environments: contractors, gym staff, nursery school teachers (the list is endless!) a cosy bespoke cotton hoodie is a lifesaver. As with the loopback hoodie, you can choose a neutral colour and discrete branding, but you might as well get more bang for your buck and double up your workwear as an advertising billboard.

Bright colours, contrasting stitching, and big printed logos make your uniform standout, and get your business attention of the right kind.

Hoods are a must if your workforce is outdoors at all, and as well as keeping them that little bit warmer, your hood lining is extra advertising space too! Our printed hoodie linings are such a special extra: take any colour, pattern, design or photograph, and have it recreated on your hood lining.

Cleverly designed workwear can be a huge asset to your business. As well as keeping your staff comfortable, and giving them a work uniform they look forward to wearing, customised workwear is one of the best marketing tools you can invest in!

Our in-house design team is here to make your life easy. The free of charge service can take your company branding and incorporate it in to your chosen workwear, for the best results. Get in touch and see what they can do for your business!