Are you a team thats going places, literally? Or maybe you're a club with a penchant for chasing the good weather. Of course, we're talking about sports tours. It's one of the best reasons to be part of a sports team, or club. From Winter rugby tours, to foreign cycling breaks, most sports teams will have some away play at some point, even if it's just for a weekend.

Comfortable custom club hoodies

Going on tour with your team not only lets you play against other sides, get extra training and explore somewhere new with your mates, most important of all, it pulls you together and forces you to bond as a team. The shared experiences, the hours travelling together on the tour bus and evenings spent socialising after a ride, the team photos, and the other antics that go along with a club tour all work to gel you to each other. And it's not just about the memories (although they tend to be amazing); a gelled team play better - it's a fact!

Each club has their own vibe, and therefore, a different touring style. Have a look below at what style best suits your team's touring style, and what personalised kit will do the job!

As You Were - For Chilled Out Tour Buses

If your sports team has a relaxed attitude to touring, you need a relaxed off-pitch kit to go along with it. Think personalised club hoodies in subtle colours with simple nods to your club allegiance. These can be worn over your normal casual wear, thrown on over your kit after a game, or put on for the post-match analysis at the pub. They're great for when you're back home too, making attractive and useful tour souvenirs. Personalised faux-fur lined sherpa hoodies are really popular for Winter rugby tours - players really look forward to putting them on and they do away with the need for a warmer coat too.

Even for cycling club holidays escaping to Winter sun, a lightweight personalised hoodie makes a great throw-on top for the cooler evenings in the hills.

Still not chill enough? How about some personalised tour onesies for the tour bus, or club hotel? You can go as silly or as sensible as you like with the designs, and you'll still feel like a team! Team colours and logos can all be incorporated into the all over design, and nicknames and player numbers make them part of the official kit!

Personalised onesies for the tour bus

Wild West - For Tours That Are The Social Highlight Of Everyone's Year

Counting down the dates to your hockey tour? And most of what you're looking forward to off pitch? If your club has a WhatsApp group chat called "What Goes On Tour Stays On Tour", then you're going to need an off pitch kit that can handle the pace. And handle getting washed a lot.

Personalised leisure rugby shirts are a great choice. They're retro aesthetic suits everyone and they fit firmly in the smart casual category, so you'll be happy to wear them out. And you won't take them off like you would a hoodie or jacket, so you can't leave them in a club you can't remember the name of. You can also have them printed up with the tour details - locations and dates, and also individual nicknames. And of course, they look great in group photos too!

Do Your Mum Proud - Club Tour Blazers For A Well Turned Out Team

Customised tour blazers for all sports clubs

Does your mum tell everyone about your burgeoning sports career? Does your football team group photo take pride of place on her mantlepiece? Then no doubt she'll be as excited about you going on tour as you are. Do your mamas proud and get kitted out in some very smart team blazers. Customised sports blazers are usually used as rugby club blazers, cricket club blazers and rowing blazers; but they look so good, other sports clubs are getting a bit of blazer action too!

Of course, as well as your Mum, you should always be looking to do your team proud too. Formal blazers for sports teams are the pinnacle of touring style; they look great at formal tour dinners, in official group photos, and even when stepping off the tour bus.

A customised club blazer makes you feel really part of something bigger. If you're blazer official, you've properly made it! Sports blazers are hugely popular for longer, more formal tours, where you'll be meeting far flung teams. They can be crafted in team colours, and can be worn by non-playing members too, giving your team a really polished look. Stepping off the tour bus in bespoke club blazers will intimidate and breed envy in the opposing team too, which can only be a good thing!

We Bring Back Up - Customised Off Pitch Club Kit For Your Extended Team

Customised club waterproof jackets and gilets

Do you go on tour like an army. Prepped to the teeth, bringing your own coach, medic, chef, and guru, as well as your loyal swarm of supporters? If so, you're going to want to get EVERYONE kitted up too, but not necessarily in the same kit.

Extending your squad's official custom off-pitch kit is a great way to include the extended team in the tour.

Customised club waterproofs are perfect for this, especially if you're on a Winter tour, or touring in a wetter climate. As your support team aren't running about the pitch, or cycling up the mountains, they're going to need a little more in the way of coverage and warmth. Custom waterproof gilets and jackets are ideal, as they can be worn day after day, over their own clothes, and serve a very practical purpose of keeping your extended squad dry.

The hi-tech, waterproof shells are also a dream to design eye-catching customisation for. Big, seam to seam prints and Pantone colour matching turn your touring party into a tour de force of PR and support. If they're milling about a far flung town in club outfits, they're going to be welcomed as VIPs. It's also great for social media, for your tour photographs, and for making you feel like a bigger team than you are!

Whatever your touring style, customised clothing adds the finishing touches to your club tour. From a new official touring kit for players, to an off-pitch souvenir top, we help you tour with some added flair!

Our in-house design service can pull together all the elements: your club colours, your team badges, and your tour details to create memorable designs that will get you excited about going on tour, and have some great memories to look back on when the tour is over.

And if your designs look fantastic, it's really easy to get sponsors interested in adding their own logos to your personalised club kit and and off pitch gear or supporter wear, in return for some tour funding, of course!