Baseball caps are as American as their namesake sport, but there's no denying their worldwide reach. And their timeless appeal. If you're looking for an easy piece of kit to customise for your brand, or an off-pitch custom accessory for your sports club, look no further.

Trucker caps can be printed in any design

The simple baseball cap has stood the test of time and will always be the ultimate in wearable, stylish head gear. Here's why:

Customised Baseball Caps Suit Everyone

Baseball caps suit all ages

Baseball caps are a bit like jeans; a fashion item understood worldwide. And one that is as at home being functional as it is fashionable.

Baseball caps are as close as you can get to pleasing everyone. Their simple design and functional, sporting history mean that they suit literally everyone!

Custom baseball caps are unisex, look good on any age wearer, and are adjustable to fit any size. Of course, you can use design to make your custom baseball caps more appealing to different age groups, fashion genres and functions, but it is at heart, a unifying piece of kit.

And it's this unifying property that makes customised baseball caps the perfect piece of kit for making your players feel like a team and your supporters feel like they are really part of something.

Baseball Caps Are A Dream To Customise

Add your logo custom baseball caps

The stiff material and structured nature of the cap and peak make customising baseball caps an absolute doddle. And you can pack so much on to the peaked wonder!

Embroidery is the go-to customisation method for baseball caps. It's hard-wearing and can really handle small details well. (Applique is available on order of 100 or more custom baseball caps).

Use the front of your customisable baseball cap to display big logos, whether they be for your sports team or for your company. The back of your made-to-order baseball caps are perfect for more subtle details, like team player nicknames, or a marketing tagline. Embroidery on the front and back of your custom baseball cap adds a real quality detail to the overall design.

For orders of 100 or more bespoke baseball caps, we also offer under peak printing, for a really special, stand out detail.

Custom Baseball Caps That Measure Up, Whatever Your Size

Baseball caps are mainstream streetwear

We know that measuring your team for their team kit is tricky; that's why we have detailed sizing information on every garment we sell. And it's another reason to love custom baseball caps!

There are just two size options when ordering bespoke baseball caps from us: child or adult. And all three designs of cap; baseball, trucker, or snapback; are adjustable to the perfect fit.

Not only does this mean less stress for whoever orders the team kit or marketing swag, but there is a very important financial perk to the one-size approach. Our one-size custom baseball caps can save, or even MAKE you money.

Like most things, especially customised team kit and printed marketing booty, the more you order, the less you pay per item. Custom baseball caps are the easiest item to bulk order, as you do not have to concern yourself with ordering a range of sizes.

For sports teams, this means that you can bulk order custom team baseball caps to sell to your supporters and fans, and create some income for your team. And marketing departments can also take advantage of not ordering a range sizes for promo wear, and really stretch their budget.

The Baseball Cap Is A Master Of Disguise

The peaked cap of the baseball cap was intended to keep the harsh sun off the faces and out of the eyes of baseball players. The shadow it cast, obscuring the eyes from view, was an unintended side effect that has been exploited by those who want go incognito.

Often coupled with dark shades, the humble baseball cap has been employed by celebrities and world leaders alike, as a semi-disguise. And it's so effective, we're surprised Clarke Kent didn't don one instead of his specs.

The magic of the celebrity baseball cap isn't in its face-obscuring properties, I mean, it's not a ski mask after all! Rather, a baseball cap signals downtime; it acts like a wearable Do Not Disturb sign.

The fact that celebrities almost always break out the baseball cap after a scandal has broken only adds to the reputation of the headgear. Presidents and Kardashians alike have been seen avoiding paparazzi flashes in baseball caps; the peak pulled low, blocking eye contact and creating an air of mystery.

Gimme Gimme Gimme A Custom Baseball Cap

Marketing is about creating a desire. And with wearable promo gear, it can be an uphill struggle to create a giveaway product that people desire, without spending a Swarovski-encrusted fortune.

It's a lucky turn of events then for marketing departments across the world, that giveaway baseball caps are a cult fashion sub-style all of their own.

In the 1970s, baseball caps moved off the baseball field and into mainstream streetwear. It wasn't long after this that marketing departments across America saw the unmissable opportunity to capitalise on their popularity, and their practicality.

The mesh back cap originated around this time, and was adopted by farmers, truckers and other workers. The combination of the peak at the front and the ventilated back made the new style baseball cap perfect for keeping the sun out of eyes and keeping heads cool.

The new style of cap had multiple nicknames. Among them was the feed cap, because they were given away by farm feed companies; and the trucker cap, because they were given away by trucking firms. They were also known as the Gimme Cap, because they were more often than not given away as a promo item. Such was the success of the Gimme cap, that they have now become cult wearables and collector's items - a true marketing success story.

Our free design service can help you to create a custom baseball cap for your sports team, for your company uniform, or for your next promotion. Our customisable baseball caps start at just £8.00 each and we can have them to you in as little as 2-3 weeks with our express service.